3. The Present Time and the Near Future

The events that take place in our time period – 20th century – and those that will happen
in the future are leading to conflicts and preparing for the coming of the time of upheavals. During that period, the war won’t be openly declared but a sequence of events will lead up to the Third World War. For instance, many events considered as individual will have happened prior to the Third World War but later the connection they had with each other will become clear and be nothing but a sequence of events that led up to this war. So there is a similar situation. When the time of troubles ends and we consider the events in retrospect, the connection between them will be obvious.

3.1 The fall of the Berlin Wall

The royal bird over the city of the sun
will give a nightly warning for seven months;
the wall in the East will fall, thunder and lightning,
in seven days the enemies directly to the gates. (V-81)

«The wall in the East» is what you call the Berlin Wall. The first picture I got was the wall being torn down. There will be some upheaval –«thunder and lightning» before the wall is taken down. «The seven months» symbolizes a cycle of time, from beginning to completion; from the beginning of the takedown would be a cycle of seven. I saw «the bird» and «the sun» being symbolic of peace and sunshine. Moreover, the «royal bird» refers to the communication; I saw that a time of coming together of East and West was at hand.

Note: At the time (early 1989) it seemed doubtful, but the prophecy came true within a matter of months.