2.8 Diplomatic contacts of United States and Communist China

One day the two great leaders will be friends;
their great power will be seen to grow.
The new land will be at the height of its power,
to the man of blood the number is reported. (II-89)

This refers to the event of President of the USA R. Nixon establishing diplomatic contact with Communist China - two men of power, «two great leaders» that «will be friends». At that time the «new land» - that is, the United States - was at the «peak» of its military «power». Economically, monetarily, the United States dollar was still very powerful on the international market.  «The number being reported to the man of blood», are the final numbers of the casualties from the Vietnam War being reported to President Nixon after he ended the American involvement in that conflict.

President Nixon is called «the man of blood» even though he was not the most responsible for it. That lies on the shoulders of the president preceding him, President Johnson. But they call him «man of blood» because he was Commander-in-Chief during the bloodiest years of that war, even though he was successful in ending openly admitted American involment in that conflict. We know for sure that secret organizations of American control are still involved and never became uninvolved in that conflict. It is still going on like a quiet war. That is why there are sporadic discoveries of American prisoners still being held over there.

For even though the United States has supposedly stopped its involvement and the American public is not aware of the secret organizations that are involved, the people over there are aware that they are American organizations. So they consider it right and proper for them to hold American prisoners.