2.6 Hitler, the 2nd Anti-Christ

There are many quatrains referring to Hitler. Many of these could be accurately translated, especially when Nostradamus used the anagram «Hister» to refer to Hitler. The following three quatrains are not so obvious.

Burned, apoplectic but not dead,
he will be found to have his hands gnawed;
when the city will condemn the heretic who,
it seemed to them, had changed their laws. (ΙΙΙ-36)

I’m referring to Hitler's suicide and death and consequent remains being discovered there in the bunker. «His hands» appearing to have been «gnawed» is symbolic of his once great power crumbling about him where he does not have the far reach that he had earlier. And the allies were, so to speak, chewing away at his borders.

«Popeyed with rage» is someone who is struck down with a cerebral accident due to high blood pressure, possibly caused by the losing of temper. This man (Hitler) could not control his emotions or passions, and would be carried away. He would start talking about a subject that would upset him and let his emotions carry him away to the brink of nervous breakdown.

The city had always been saying, «Heil Hitler», and emulating him and saying how he was perfect and everything. But it was very quick to condemn him after his death, for he had changed the way of doing things from a democracy to a dictatorship: «when the city will condemn the heretic who, it seemed to them, had changed their laws.»  

Hitler did die in that bunker. The bigwigs of the Nazi party who survived and escaped to South America and other locations kept that idea circulating to help them keep control of what was left of the Nazi party. And also to give hope to the followers that were left that they would once again rise to power and glory.

Where a king is (chosen) against his people
a native of Blois will subdue the League.
Mammel, Cordoba and the Dalmatians;
of the seven then a shadow to the King, new money and dead ghosts. (Χ-44)

«Of the seven then a shadow to the King» refers to the advisers of Hitler’s predecessor. One betrayed his predecessor in the process of election, so that Hitler was brought to power through treachery. The «new money» refers to Hitler’s scheme for paying off Germany’s payments and the «dead ghosts» refer to the old leaders from the Weimar Republic who wanted to get Hitler out of power.

In three chimneys the young Nero
will make the living pages thrown out to burn.
He is happy who will be far from such happenings;
three of his family will ambush him to death. (ΙΧ-53)

Actually, the «young Nero» is Hitler and the «three chimneys» refer to the death camps. Hitler never went anywhere near the death camps, but he was very pleased with the job they were doing. I referred to people as «living pages» because I believe that each person’s life can be a thought of as a book in the process of being written.