2.4 President Roosevelt

Nostradamus, as Cannon writes, commented on the major figures that were involved in World War II. Strangely, when he referred to President Franklin Roosevelt he painted quite a different picture than people, who were alive at that time in the United States, saw. Personally, Cannon says, I had always considered Roosevelt a great man who brought us through the war. 

On the contrary, Nostradamus referred to him as a man who was able to manipulate his presidential powers to be almost a king. (VIII-74).He did serve more terms in office that any other president, and there was talk at the time that he might become similar to a king. It was at that time Congress limited the number of terms a president could serve. He also referred to Roosevelt manipulating to get the country involved in the war. In CENTURY I-23, the «leopard» represents England and the «boar» is the Nazis because they were a piggish bunch. America is referred to as the «eagle playing around the sun», indicating that they were supposedly neutral.

This quatrain mentions a time, «the third month at sunrise» which is not astrological but referred to the time that England began to feel threatened by Germany and was trying to get the United States involved in the war. Nostradamus indicated that Roosevelt had to find a way to enter the war with the people’s support. Research proves this to be accurate. In March 1941, Roosevelt offered all aid "short of war" to England. His most powerful opponents accused him of preparing the nation for a declaration of war in order to help the economy.

In CENTURY I-84, Roosevelt was described as «the great one hidden in the shadows holding a blade in the bloody wound». This meant that he did things to provoke Japan. England is referred to as «his brother» in this quatrain. There were several other instances where Nostradamus refers to England as the brother of the United States.

Roosevelt is again referred to in CENTURY II-9 as the «thin man who has a peaceful rule for nine years before developing a bloody thirst». He was elected in 1932 and United States entered the war in December 1941. Although these nine years encompassed the Depression era, they were relatively peaceful. There were several other quatrains, but these are enough to show the way Nostradamus saw Roosevelt and the entry of United States into the Second World War.