1.6 The verification test or else, the quatrain VΙΙ-14

"The burning question of the whole process", Dolores confesses, "was: how would I know that it was really Nostradamus who was talking each time? How could he persuade us that
it was true and authentic contact with Nostradamus himself each time, especially considering that for 10 years I worked
with him through several people, in fact changing innumerable channels throughout
our communication?"

Nostradamus suggested a test to perform with various subjects to see if we were
in contact and verify that we had a true contact: He said if they gave the same translation to a quatrain chosen by me –not word for word, but the same concept - then I would know
it was a true communication. Needless to say he passed the test he had imposed upon himself.
Personally, from the moment we started the process, I felt that I was actually
in communication with him and I didn’t need proof. The similarity between the information given by all involved can only be marveled at. There were no contradictions, only extra pieces added to the growing puzzle. He bombarded me with so much more information
and similarities that I needed that I knew it couldn’t be a coincidence. For the sake of my readers and for all the skeptics reading this text I cite the quatrain and its interpretation:

He will come to expose the false topography,
the urns of tombs will be opened.
Sect and holy philosophy to thrive,
black for white and the new for the old. (VII-14)

This is another quatrain that has more than one interpretation since it refers to more than one event. One interpretation refers to the man who will rise as an antidote to the Anti-Christ, the Great Genius. The phrase " he will expose the false topography" means he will show that the way things are looked upon, they have a false appearance; that the philosophies and sciences have been built upon mistaken premises, thereby building a mistaken picture of the universe.

What the Great Genius discovers and what he develops will help people come closer to the true appearance of the universe, of how it really is, in relation to the life force that permeates everything. A lot of this knowledge will affect the philosophies in religions, but it also help explain discoveries of old documents that had been shunted aside due to people’s way of looking at things.

Various documents, such as those found in some
of the tombs of Egypt and at Qumran, and various
other documents that will be found are examples of this. They will be linked together in a cohesive manner to explain earlier versions of major religions that will seem totally topsy-turvy in the way they’ve been interpreted through the years, thereby black appearing to be white. The new interpretations of these, based on the new understanding of old writings that had been obscure before, will make so much more sense to people it will replace the old way, the narrow-minded way, of looking at things. Simply because this discovery that is initially pictured as being a discovery in science will be more metaphysical than is first realized. And it will make clear the connections between the physical universe and
the metaphysical universe as dealt with by religions.

But the major event that I think is important to the well-being of mankind is the coming of the Great Genius. The developments he makes and the effects it will have upon
the world and the population in general will be those foretold by people envisioning the Age of Aquarius. As a result of this, world-wide peace will be imminent. People will be able to free their inner selves and open themselves up to the higher powers and the higher levels of the universe. In effect, it will make every person a philosopher as they will be open to these things, whereas before only philosophers were. As a result, the sects and religions that embrace these newly-discovered true principles will be very widespread as people will want
to get together and share their experiences in exploring
these upper regions.

A minor event this quatrain refers to as well, is an event that has already taken place. In the early 19th century there was a man who came into possession of some Egyptian documents of ancient times that were discovered in some tombs. And this man had
a trace of psychic ability. Through this he gave an interpretation of these documents that was partially correct and partially incorrect. But he used this interpretation of these documents
in the founding of a new Christian sect. Some of the beliefs
of this sect disagreed with the prevailing beliefs at the time
and made the followers of this sect very suspect.

Note: I believe it refers to Joseph Smith and the beginnings of the Mormon church in the 1800s. That sect is supposedly based upon the discovery of ancient writings.