1.5 The "magic" mirror

“Initially”, Nostradamus continues, “I concentrate with the help of a few breaths and visualize a candle flame in my mind. Quite suddenly it explodes, floods with light and that’s how
I see the future events within it. Every time I communicate through a vehicle I tell him to mentally picture the mirror because that helps to open up the path.

The vehicle kept seeing a strange glass or mirror. “I’ll try to give the measurements, too”, she said. “I see an oval, I’d say about fourteen inches long and about … four and a half, five inches wide. An oval of … I want to call it “glass,” but I’m not sure. It’s not glass, it’s obsidian. It’s like a volcanic stone, but it’s so shiny it’s almost glass.

It’s kind of like a surface between two dimensions. One side of the glass is on our dimension and that side looks kind of milky white. And when you flip it over and see the other side, which is connected with the other dimension, you see nothing, a void, black. Maybe occasionally a little bit of shimmer if the light hits it just right. But there’s just nothing there because the other side of this glass is not in this dimension. Like a window or a doorway of something.

And I see a man’s face kind of floating, suspended, with no particular background. He’s good-looking.
His forehead is kind of straight, and his hair goes back from his forehead. He has a beard and a mustache that is flowing and real pretty. And he has piercing eyes. I seem to associate him with some sort of laboratory, things cluttered up, instruments, junk
like that.

But the main thing that fascinates me personally is the concept of this glass oval of whatever it is with two dimensions. I don’t know what kind of technology or knowledge would produce such a thing, but it’s interesting to try to conceive the civilization that would have instruments like that”.