he Council of Elders

Human Fear of Judgment and Punishment
Not long after souls return to their spirit groups they are called before a gathering of wise beings. A step or two above our guides, these ascended masters are the most advanced identifiable entities my still-incarnating clients see in the spirit world.
Finally, I came to the realization that going before a council has many facets. The Elders are like loving but firm parents, managing directors, encouraging teachers and behavioral counselors all rolled into one. What souls feel for their council is reverence. Actually, souls themselves are their own severest critics. I find evaluations by our soul group companions to be far more acerbic than any council Elder, although our peers do lace their criticism with humor.

The Elders have a way of making the souls who come before them feel welcome almost at once. One of the most obvious differences between a courtroom on Earth and a spiritual gathering of grandmasters is the fact that every one in the chamber is telepathic. Thus, all in attendance know the whole truth about every aspect of our conduct and the choices we made in the last life. Deception is impossible. There is no need for rules of evidence, defence attorneys or juries. So that they can properly plan for our future, the Elders want to make sure that we totally understand the consequences of our actions, particularly toward others.
The Elders ask us how we feel about major episodes in our life and our courses of action. Desirable actions and those that were counter-productive are discussed openly with us without acrimony or finger pointing. Regardless of the number of times we continue to make the same mistakes, our council has enormous patience with us. We have much less patience with ourselves. I believe if the councils of all the souls from Earth I have worked with were not so indulgent, the average soul would simply give up and not come back. Souls have this right of refusal to return to Earth.
The Elders probe for answers of how we think our host body served or hindered development. The council is already considering our next potential body and future environment. They wish to know how we feel about another incarnation. Many subjects have the sense that their council has not yet made up their minds about future lives for us. Nothing about this meeting appears to be rubber-stamped.

Our intent in life is of utmost importance at council meetings. The Elders know all about us before we appear, but during the deliberations how our soul mind interfaced with a human brain is carefully analyzed. They know our past record with other host bodies. This includes the control, or lack of it, we exercised over the baser natures and negative emotions of bodies on Earth. Compulsions, illusions and attachments are never offered as excuses by souls for their conduct. I am not saying souls don't complain about their difficulties in front of councils. However, rationalizations about life's trials are not substituted for brutal honesty.
The council is looking to see if the inner immortal character of our soul maintained its integrity in terms of values, ideals and action during incarnation. They want to know if we were submerged by our host body, or did we shine through? Did our soul effectively merge as a partner to the human brain as one harmonious outward human personality? Council members question souls about the use of power. Was our influence positive, or corrupted by the need to dominate others? Were we led by the convictions of others, demonstrating no personal power, or did we make original contributions? The council is not so concerned about how many times we fell down in our progress through life, but whether we had the courage to pick ourselves up and finish strong.

Appearance and Composition of the Council
The very young soul, who has been to Earth less than five times, sees their council differently than all my other subjects, as the following quote illustrates:
"There are four of us who play a lot. We do silly things when our teacher, Minari, is not around. My friends and I hold hands when it is time to be taken to see two important people. We go to a place which has bright colors everywhere. There is a man and woman sitting in two highbacked chairs with big smiles on their faces.
They have just finished with a small group of kids who wave at us on their way out. This couple are in their early thirties, I would guess. They could be our parents. They are loving and kind and beckon us forward. They just ask a few questions on how we are getting along and what we would like to do in our next life. We are told to pay close attention to everything Minari tells us. It's like Christmas in a department store with two Santas."

The fact that more than one soul would appear before a council meeting is a dead giveaway that my subject is still considered a "child soul." I learned that this individual had only been to Earth once before his current life. In my experience, somewhere between the second and fifth life this sort of council scene is altered. One client who had just made such a transition exclaimed:
"Oh, how things have changed! This meeting is more formal than last time. I am a little anxious. There is a long table and I am being asked by three older people to describe my progress to them. It's similar to having just finished an exam and now it's time to find out how you scored."
The typical client sees between three to seven members on their council. An advanced soul might have from seven to twelve Elders. This is not a hard and fast rule by any means. However, as souls develop and become more complex they appear to require more specialists on their panels. I do find that less-developed souls are frequently unable to differentiate between individual council members, except for their chairperson and perhaps one other Elder at the table. These two Elders seem to be most engaged with the case while those Elders who are not directly questioning the soul are rather hazy in the background.

When I am told by a client that a member of their council has just reappeared on the panel after an absence involving a number of lives, or if a new member has appeared, I take notice. A male client told me:
"After my last life I saw a new female member on my council. She was not unkind, but gently critical of my continued insensitivity to women in my past lives. She is here to help me develop a plan to overcome my tendency to shut women out of my life. This is hindering my development."

Apparently, specialists come into our panels at certain times to lend their expertise if we continue to fall into the same ruts. While facing three Elders a subject remarked:

"Only the director in the center speaks to me. The Elder on my left emanates warm, benevolent energy toward me while the one on the right sends me serenity. It is as if I needed tranquillity at this moment because we are talking about my coping with angry emotions in life." Another client of mine explained what had been happening at her recent council meetings in this way:

"After many of my recent lives, my council has changed from three members to four, then back to three, then four. I noticed this fourth member appears to be a bright silver color while the others have deep hues of violet. I call him my counselor for confidence. Invariably, when I see him sitting on my panel I know I am going to get a lecture on my lack of confidence. He tells me I'm a reticent soul, afraid to push myself with others even when I know I'm right. I tell him how fearful I am on Earth and he gently explains that when I extend myself I become greatly loved and appreciated. I am afraid of confrontation and lives of adversity. He says, "We never give you more than you can handle; keep extending yourself, you have much to offer."

This subject chose to be a woman of small stature and ordinary features in her current life, rather than accepting a tempting offer of another body choice as a dazzling beauty. She told me there was the expectation that this silver counselor of confidence would be happy with this added challenge, along with her also accepting a life with parents who belittled and devalued her while she was growing up. I asked this client what single statement from the silver council member was most sustaining to her over the last few centuries. She replied, "That which you gain from each difficult life, you gain for all eternity."

Where a personal guide will review how we prioritized our objectives and analyze each step after a life, our Elders ask more overview-type questions. The council just doesn't inquire into our most immediate past life. Lines of questioning follow across the sum of all our lives and cover the larger picture of our progress toward self-fulfillment.

Case 38
Dr. N: Do you see any new faces on your council since the last time you went before them?

S: (with a sudden gasp, then a deep sigh of pleasure) AT LAST! Rendar has come back. Oh, am I glad to see him again.

Dr. N: Who is Rendar?

Note: Subject is shaking and does not respond.

Dr. N: Now, take another deep breath and relax for me so together we can discover what is going on. Where is Rendar sitting?

S: To the left of center at the table, (still musing) It's been so long ...

Dr. N: How many Earth years have passed since you last saw Rendar?

S: (tearfully, after a long pause) Some ... 3,000 years ...

Dr. N: This must represent a multitude of lives for you-why has Rendar been away so long?

S: (still tearful, but regaining composure) You don't understand the significance of his coming back on my council. Rendar is very old and wise ... he is so ... peaceful ... he was with me before my Earth cycles (past lives) had numbered so many. Rendar told me I was showing great promise and developing rapidly- I was receiving assignments of importance-and then ... (subject stops, choking up again)

Dr. N: (softly) You are doing fine. Please go on and tell me what happened to you.

S: (after another long pause) I ... fell from grace. I fell into the traps that so many of us do here. I grew too confident with my power. Assuming positions of authority over others was fun. It didn't matter what kind of body I had. I became self-indulgent and selfish in life after life. Rendar warned me about slowing down my progress and I made promises to him I did not keep. So many lives ... wasted ... I squandered away opportunities ... and corrupted my knowledge and power.
Dr. N: Well, obviously you have turned things around recently or Rendar would not be here?

S: I have been working so hard to improve in the last 500 years. To care about others-to engage in service to others-to feel compassion-and now my reward. Rendar is BACK! (subject begins to shake violently and cannot talk)

Dr. N: (after a break where I do my best to compose this client) What does Rendar first say to you at the moment you see him after his long absence?

S: He gives me a warm smile and says, "It's good to be working with you again."

Dr. N: Just like that? That's it?

S: Nothing else is necessary. I feel the power of his great mind and know that once again he has confidence in my future.

Dr. N: What do you say to him?

S: I vow not to slip back again.

Rendar's color was reported as a phosphorescent violet robe. As pure energy, Elders have deep shades of purple but the colors of their robes may be different. The symbolism of wearing robes confers dignity, honor and a sense of history in the minds of people who report on them. People associate robes with the fields of law, academics and theology in human society.

There are many clues a therapist can gain from questioning hypnosis subjects about the colors of the robes worn by each Elder on their council. These robes appear for the edification of souls from Earth.

White and purple are the most common robe colors seen by my clients. Since they are at opposite ends of the color spectrum this may seem incongruous. However, as case 31 explained, white is receptive energy to beginners while it is also a color of transference or intervention by advanced senders of thought. The white energy of younger souls denotes a process of continual self-cleansing and renewal. For the more advanced, it signifies purity and clarity. The reason white robes are seen so frequently on council members-and with guides at the gateway to the spirit world-is that here white represents the transmission of knowledge and wisdom. White energy robes, or white as a halo aura on an enlightened being, signifies harmonizing and aligning thought with universal energy.

Purple is the color of wisdom and deep understanding. Council members with purple and violet robes reflect their ability to govern the affairs of the souls who come before them with benevolence and love born out of vast experience. The next case is a level I soul who has just entered the council chamber after his last life ended in 1937.

Case 39
Dr. N: How many Elders do you have on your council?

S: I prefer to call them the Wise Ones. There are six sitting at the table.

Dr. N: Explain to me what each Wise One is wearing and give me your impressions of what you see.

S: (pause) Well, the one in the center is wearing a purple robe and the others are white mixed with purple ... ah ... except the one on the far right ... she is mostly white with a touch of yellow. She is more animated toward me than the others.

Dr. N: What do all these colors mean to you?

S: It kind of depends upon the life I have just lived. The Wise One in white on the right wants me to see things more clearly. The yellow-robed person ... has something to do with my giving and receiving support ... but I don't know what that has to do with me right now. I remember someone else was in her place two lives ago who wore a crimson robe. That was when I returned home (to the spirit world) after being physically crippled.

Dr. N: What did you think of when you saw her red robe two lives ago?

S: It's physical-a body-oriented color. The crimson One dealt with karmic influences involving that body. I was really worn down and angry after that life. There was a Wise One wearing green then, too, which I don't see now.

Dr. N: Why green?

S: They are skilled at healing ... mental and physical.

Dr. N: And do you usually see all these colors in the robes worn by the Wise Ones?

S: As a matter of fact, no. Mostly, I see them all wearing about the same purple color tones. This time I'm supposed to be getting some special messages.

Dr. N: Let's talk about the purple-robed being in the middle. Do you think this is someone important?

S: (laughs at me) Hey, they are all important!

Dr. N: Okay, someone more significant to you than the others.

S: Yeah, he's the leader. He sort of directs things.

Dr. N: Why is that, do you think?

S: Because the others seem to defer to him. He conducts things. Mostly, the others seem to speak through him.

Dr. N: Do you know his name?

S: (laughs) No way! We don't circulate in the same social circle around here.

Dr. N: How does the meeting open for you?

S: The director says to me, "Welcome, we are glad to have you with us again."

Dr. N: What do you say?

S: "Thank you"-but I'm thinking, "I hope this goes all right."

Dr. N: What kind of thoughts do you pick up then from the chairman who seems to be running things?
S: He doesn't want me to feel the Wise Ones are so superior that I can't talk to them. This meeting is for me. Then he says, "How do you feel about your progress since we saw you last? Did you learn anything new we can talk about?" (pause) This is the way these meetings open. They want to hear what I have to say.

Dr. N: Do you feel more relaxed now?

S: Yeah.
Dr. N: Give me an idea of how things proceed from here?

S: (pause) We start with what I did right. I had a successful company which employed many people in my past life. I'm turning this over in my mind. I want to make a good impression by telling them about my charity contributions-you know, my good acts, (pause) Then things drift into the way I ran my company ... my inability to avoid conflicts-disagreements and anger with my employees, (subject grows agitated ) It's so frustrating ... and I'm working on this ... but then ... (stops)

Dr. N: Please go on. Does your guide assist you in any way with this?

S: My guide Joaquin speaks from behind me. He sums up the main parts of my life and my objectives to contribute to society by employing people during the Depression.

Dr. N: Sounds good to me. Are you happy with the manner in which Joaquin is presenting you to the Wise Ones?

S: Well, yes. He states what I wanted to do and then what actually happened. His tone is even. Joaquin does not defend or praise me- he simply relates my participation in the events during a bad time in America.

Dr. N: Do you think of Joaquin as your defense attorney?

S: (abruptly) No, that's not the way things are here.

Dr. N: Is Joaquin objective in his summation of your life?
S: Yeah, but we've hardly started. I'm forming my thoughts about how well I provided for my family but this kind of gets mixed up with my professional life ... I can't get how I treated my employees out of my mind. This really bothers me. Joaquin is quiet now - he doesn't want to interfere with my thoughts.

Dr. N: Then let's stay focused with the thoughts between you and your council of Wise Ones. Please continue.
S: I'm trying to anticipate their questions. I know I enjoyed accumulating material possessions in my life. They want me to tell them why and I say that it made me feel valuable as a person, but I stepped on people. Then they bring up similar actions on my part from former lives ... and if I feel I am doing better.

Dr. N: Do you think their thought probes about your past are jeopardizing the summary of your current life in some way?

S: No, there is no harsh edge to their questions. I'm okay with this but now my mind is racing and I think of my charity work again as something I should stress ... then ... (stops)

Dr. N: (encouraging) You are doing just fine with this, tell me what happens next.

S: The Wise One in the center ... his powerful mind envelops me.

Dr. N: What does he communicate to you exactly?

S: (slowly) This is what I hear in my mind: "Emmanual, we are not here to judge you, punish you, or to override your thoughts. We want you to look at yourself through our eyes, if you can. That means to forgive yourself. This is the most challenging aspect of your time with us because it is our desire that you accept yourself for who you are with the same unconditional love we have for you. We are here to support you in your work on Earth. Toward that end, we would remind you of the bus stop incident."

Dr. N: The bus stop incident-what does that mean?

S: (pause) I was confused myself when he said it. I look back at Joaquin for assistance.

Dr. N: Explain what happens then, Emmanual.

S: The Wise One in the center ... his thoughts come to me once more: "You do not remember this incident? The woman who you helped one day while she was sitting at the bus stop?" I said, "No, I don't." Then, they wait for my memories to kick in and someone sends a picture into my mind. I'm beginning to see ... there was a woman once ... I was walking toward my office with my briefcase. I was in a hurry. Then I heard this woman crying softly to my left. She was sitting at a bus stop next to the sidewalk. It was during the Depression, people were desperate. I stopped. Then on an impulse, I sat down next to her and put my arm around her, trying to comfort her. This was a very unnatural thing for me to do. (pause) My God, is this what they are interested in? I was with this woman for only a few minutes before the bus came. I never saw her again.

Dr. N: How do you feel now about the Wise One bringing up this incident during your hearing?

S: It's so crazy! An entire lifetime of giving money to charity and they are interested in this! I gave this woman no money, we only talked...

As my client and I evaluated this meeting I reminded him why I thought the smiling female council member on the far right wore a robe of yellow. This might be to acknowledge his spontaneous act of support to a stranger at the bus stop. Less developed souls standing in front of their councils often have entanglements of memory as they purge themselves. While they are self-absorbed, they may miss what is important.
Emmanual felt sorry for the woman at the bus stop. Although he was in a hurry to get to his office, he sat down next to her. His brief, compassionate gesture did not last long. Yet in those moments, I learned that Emmanual reached her pain, looked into her eyes, and told her she was going to make it through her troubles because he was confident she could be strong. She stopped crying and when her bus came she stood up and told him she would be all right. Then he hurried off and forgot this brief act of kindness for the rest of his life.

The bus stop incident in this case appears to be a small thing when stacked up against a lifetime of other acts. It was not a simple act to the council. As we move through life, there are many gestures between people that are uplifting. They may be so momentary that we are not conscious of them at the time. In the spirit world nothing is insignificant. No act goes unrecorded.

There are no hard and fast rules about the meaning behind every color the Elders might choose to show the souls who come before them. For instance, the red robe worn by the council member in the last case related to the need of Emmanual to sustain the passion for life within a broken host body in a former life. Red is the color of passion and intensity and Emmanual saw a crimson robe after one of his lives with physical disabilities.
The Presence

"When you take people into the spirit world, do they see God?" This is a question I am frequently asked about at lectures and there is no short answer. I can say my subjects do feel the Source of their origins all about them in the spirit world. The more advanced explain that all souls will eventually coalesce back into conjunction with the Source of purple light. However, is there some place in the spirit world where a being superior to the Elders is evident to the still-incarnating soul? The answer is yes, at council meetings.

During the time we are meeting with the Council of Elders there is the overwhelming feeling of an even higher force which is simply called "the Presence." Many subjects state, "This is as close to God as we get." My more advanced clients, who are nearing the end of their regular incarnations, indicate that they don't think the Presence is God, exactly. To them it is a deified entity, or entities, with capabilities immensely superior to those on the council. Everyone agrees that the Presence is there to assist the work of the council.

Typically, people who come to me do not like to use the word God in describing a higher Presence, which they feel more than see in the spirit world. They prefer to use such words as Source, or Oversoul, because the word God has been too personalized on Earth. As many souls approach the more advanced stages of development, the Presence may become pluralized in their minds as a part of the many divine forces in the spirit world with infinite knowledge. They feel this higher force does influence council meetings but might not be the ultimate Creator. My subjects see the greatest evidence of the Presence at council meetings. Even so, the Presence is equated with a larger omnipotent and omnipresent energy force in the spirit world.

After reviewing hundreds of case notes describing the Presence, I decided to offer a few of them in a series of quotes. In their sessions, each subject speaks of the Presence in just a few sentences. I hope the list of quotes I have selected will capture the flavor of what the average soul feels about this aspect of their council meetings:

"I do not actually see the Presence, but feel it as the ultimate energy. It is there for the council, but mostly for me. The Elders don't serve as intermediaries between myself and this Source of power. I feel a direct connection with the divine purple light."

"When I am in the council chamber the Presence oversees the Elders with its pulsating violet light. Sometimes it turns to a bright silver to calm and purify my mind."

"The Presence is above and in back of the council. Only with difficulty can I look up at this power. I feel its sanctity so strongly that I don't think I should try to look at it directly during the council meeting. If I did, I could not stay focused on the Elders."

"The council seems to acknowledge the Presence without being too deferential to it in such a way as to slow down the proceedings. I think it intended that my council and I pay attention to each other. Still, I have the impression that the magnitude of all this combined intelligent energy is designed just for me at this moment. My guide, the Elders, and the Presence are keepers of the wisdom behind my experiences."

"The Presence represents a purity of energy which assists the council on my behalf. I believe that the council needs the help of the Presence because it has been so long since they themselves incarnated in biological form. The pure wisdom of this energy allows both the council and myself to see more clearly where we all should be going."

"The brilliance and drawing power of the Presence is a calling ... an eagerness ... directed at everyone in the chamber for all of us to join it someday. It is like a parent waiting for us to grow up and unite with it in adult understanding."
"When you stand in the council chamber and feel the Presence it is like a penetrating resonance in your mind. Even my master guide encounters the sense of bliss that I do. I know this is why she really enjoys coming to council meetings with me. It is a fountainhead of love and understanding. When my time with the council is over and I leave the Presence ... there is such a yearning to go back and be close to it once more."
People have asked me if I have ever had anyone who could shed some light on what it is like to be a council member and be closer to the Presence. I have had very few subjects with such experience who are in transition from level V. However, one individual stands out in my mind.

Chinera was one of the most advanced clients I have ever had. No one has taken me closer to the Presence than this soul. Chinera trained in another dimension before coming to Earth several thousand years ago. Today, this client is an acupuncturist who practices a variety of healing arts.

Case 44
Dr. N: When your work as a personal guide is completed, do you expect to be assigned to the Council of Elders?

S: No, this won't happen yet. I must become a master teacher working with younger teachers ... helping them get in touch with their students on many levels.

Dr. N: How do you know this?

S: Because I am still in training here (incarnating), learning more about Earth's biological life forms.

Dr. N: Chinera, it is my belief we are together today to help each other understand certain things. Let's begin this part of our discussion by my asking you about your relationship with the Elders on your council. Begin by telling me how many you see.

S: I have twelve members on my council right now. After my last life, the four in the center of the table were the ones who questioned me about becoming more centered on Earth. I still have some blocks which need adjustment. The four on the right-hand side are from my original dimension. They are here to assist in the better utilization of the energy I brought with me into Earth's universe.

Dr. N: What about the last four members of your council?

S: The four on the left-hand side of the table act as stabilizers of universal light and sound between all the dimensions around the Earth universe. They act as a pivotal point to ground me in a physical world.

Dr. N: Can you give me some idea of what blockages are hindering your progress on Earth?

S: Primarily, the council wants me to enlarge my influence with more people. I have been resistant to extending myself. I complain to them that it would dilute my power. They disagree with my arguments about spreading myself too thin.

Dr. N: I know the feeling. Do you accept this evaluation?

S: (long pause) I know they are right but I still feel sometimes I am an alien on Earth.

Dr. N: Tell me, Chinera, have you ever appeared with members of your council to discuss certain students you work with?

S: Yes, I have briefly.

Dr. N: Then perhaps you can help me understand the progression of soul advancement. Where would you classify yourself?

S: I'm working on being a master teacher.

Dr. N: Would the next elevation above this level of a guide be a position on the council?

S: Not necessarily. There are many other choices for specializations. One might not be suited to be on a council.

Dr. N: Let's say you were suited and were given a seat on the council and were effective there. Where could you go next as a soul?
S: (hesitates in responding) To the place of the Oneness.

Dr. N: Is this represented by the Presence at council meetings?

S: (vaguely) Into that essence, yes.

Dr. N: Describe the Oneness-is it an oversoul?
S: I believe it is many who are One ... it is the creation center as I know it ... it is where the creators of new souls shape light energy for certain functions.

Dr. N: Chinera, please describe this process further for me.

S: I ... can't tell you too much ... it is where the energy of new souls is sparked off the oversoul. Where we help the young ones grow, to find their unique identity.

Dr. N: Is the Oneness what we call God?

S: It is a divineness.

Dr. N: Since you have said this divinity could be composed of many who are One, are they the ultimate deity of all universes and all dimensions connecting these universes, including our spirit world?

S: (long pause) I don't think so.

Dr. N: Where do you think the essence of the Presence comes from?

S: (faintly) Everywhere ... (stops)

Dr. N: How do you know of these things?

S: I have a mentor on the council ... we talk a lot ... my friends and I have flashes of thought ... and we ask questions about the ultimate reality.

Dr. N: When you talk to your mentor and your friends of a force that might be above even the Presence, what have you heard and felt?
S: It may be the same force of which the Presence is a part, I don't know ... it is ... massive, but soft ... powerful ... yet gentle. There is a breath ... a whisper ... of sound ... so pure ...

Dr. N: (placing the palm of my hand on the subject's forehead) Stay with these thought fragments, Chinera. Float with them as far as they will take you toward the sound, (speaking in a whisper myself) Is this sound created by some sort of light energy?

S: No, the sound creates all ... including light and energy.

Dr. N: Move closer as if you were floating without effort-closer toward the origin of the sound, (a command) NOW, WHAT DO YOU SEE AND HEAR?

S: I'm at the edge ... I can't ...


S: (quietly, with great difficulty) I ... with my friends ... when we have unified our minds to the sound we see pictures in our minds ... they are ... geometric designs ... aligned in patterns ... (stops)

Dr. N: (now softly coaxing) A little further ... just beyond ... what is there?

S: I ... feel ... the sound holds this structure ... and ... makes it move ... shifting and undulating ... creating everything. It is a reverberating deep bell ... then a high-pitched pure humming ... like an echo of... (stops)

Dr. N: Reach in, Chinera, one last effort. An echo of what?

S: (a deep sigh) A mother ... full of love ... singing to her child.

I pushed Chinera hard for information because I knew, in my life-time, I probably would never have another client to quite match her. This individual, and other highly advanced subjects, have indicated that the Council of Elders exists within a reality of deeper meaning beyond the conception of souls still coming to Earth.

The Chain of Divine Influence
To many of my clients, the Presence seems not to be a "Who" but that which "Is." For others, the Presence is an entity who functions as an equalizer, harmonizing the greater awareness of Elders to the lesser awareness of the souls who come before them. This effect causes the council chamber to breathe with synchronized energy. A handful of my level Vs have actually had the chance to briefly participate as members of a council as part of their guide training. When I asked one of them what this experience was like, I received the following response:
"When I sat on a panel it was like being inside the soul in front of you. What you feel is much more than empathy toward someone who has just come back from a life. You are really in their shoes. The Presence gives you the power to feel everything the soul feels at the moment. The prism of light from the Presence touches every council member in this way."
Does the same Presence move from council to council, is there more than one entity, or is "It" simply God, which is everywhere? These questions, of course, I cannot answer. Despite the overlapping of jurisdiction between soul groups, how many councils must exist who are responsible for all the souls just from Earth? This too is impossible for me to gauge, but the numbers must be immense. If it is true that other worlds in our universe have souls needing councils and other universes that the spiritual masters must manage, their task is beyond conception.

Processing Council Meetings
There comes that time during a hypnosis session when the subject tells me their council meeting is over and they are ready to leave the chamber and return to their soul group. It is a moment of intense reflection and together, we will evaluate the information received. Above all else, appearing in front of our spiritual council involves matters of accountability for the life just lived and I want to use the relevant portions of this evaluation in my client's current life.
Within the texture of any soul evaluation by one's council there runs the thread of divine forgiveness. The Elders provide a forum of both inquiry and compassion and display their desire to bolster the confidence of the soul for their future endeavors. One departing soul had this to say:
"When the Elders are finished with me I feel they told me much more about what I did right than where I went wrong. The council knows I have had critical meetings with my guide about my performance. They don't patronize me, but I think part of their job is to raise my expectations. The council says they foresee great things from me. The last thing the Elders said was to stop looking to others for selfvalidation. When I leave them, I feel they have absorbed all my self-doubt and cleansed me."

People ask me if souls feel remorse both during and after the council meeting if they were involved in acts of cruel wrongdoing. Of course they do, but often I must remind those who ask this question that accountability for wrongdoing frequently comes with the selection of the next body for the payment of karmic debts. Souls are directly involved with this selection process through their council because this is what they want for themselves. Although karma is associated with justice, its essence is not punitive but one of bringing balance to the sum of our deeds in all past lives.
There is another follow-up question I am asked about regarding the conclusion of these council meetings. "Is it all sweetness and light for those souls who have not been involved with cruel acts, or do some souls come away unhappy with the general temper of the meeting?" I answer these queries by explaining that I have had a few clients who left the council chamber a little unsettled. These are souls who feel they could have presented themselves a little better to a particular Elder. There are other uncommon cases, especially with young, rebellious souls, where I have had the impression they are fighting what they call "an act of contrition" by standing in front of the Elders. The following quote is an example:
"I get a little upset with the All-Knowing Ones. They lull you into complacency because they want you to spill your guts out to them. Sure, I made a lot of mistakes but it's their fault in sending me to Earth in a body that got me into trouble. When I complain about Earth they don't level with me completely. They are stingy with information. I tell them that life makes you take risks, and my director talks to me about moderation! I said to him, "That's all very well for you to say sitting here safe and comfortable while I'm fighting to survive down in a war zone."

These immature souls do not realize that to be on a council, an Elder has survived many war zones. By contrast, the next quote comes from an old, advanced soul nearing the completion of her incarnations on Earth:

"As my session with the council comes to an end, the Elders stand and close around me in a circle. Once in position, they raise their arms-outstretched like a giant bird- enfolding me with wings of unification. This is their accolade for a job well done."

I don't believe I have ever had a client come away from visualizing themselves attending a council meeting without some sense of awe, penitence and the need for atonement. They carry these sentiments back to their soul groups. For this reason, I was unprepared to learn about the Law of Silence.

I will cite a case excerpt involving privacy of the mind which extends not only to soul groups but also to my own questioning of clients about council meetings. There are aspects of council meetings that are out of the scope of current reality for my subjects. For a variety of personal and spiritual reasons, people are unable to recall all the details of these meetings. Some parts of this blockage can be deliberate on the part of the client. In case 45, the subject evidently knows what he wishes not to tell me. With other subjects, they don't know why they can't remember.

Case 45
Dr. N: I now want to move forward to the most significant part of your discussion with the Elder sitting to the right of the chairperson on your council.

S: (uneasy) I'm not comfortable with this.

Dr. N: Why?

S: I don't want to break the Law of Silence.

Dr. N: You mean with me?

S: With anyone, including members of my group.

Dr. N: Don't group members exchange information on everything?

S: Not on everything, especially with very private and personal communication from the council. The Law of Silence is a way of testing us to see if we can hold the truths of that which is sacred.

Dr. N: Could you be more specific here?

S: (laughing at me) Then I would be telling you!

Dr. N: I don't want to violate anything you consider too sacred to discuss but, after all, you came to see me for a reason.

S: Yes, and I have gained much. It is just that I don't wish to share with you all that I am now seeing in my mind.

Dr. N: I respect that. However, I find it curious that you don't wish to share this with your soul companions.

S: Most of them have a different council than I do, but there is another reason. If we share all our knowledge, it can create havoc if that person is not ready for certain things. The profound may be improperly used and thus by violating the Law of Silence we generate interference with another soul.

Dr. N: I understand, but does this law also have to apply to our conversation about your growth and personal aspirations?

S: (smiling) You just don't give up, do you?

Dr. N: If I was easily dissuaded from asking questions about life in the spirit world, I would know very little and would be less effective in helping people.

S: (sighs) I won't talk to you about certain sacred things which pertain to me.

The larger implications of what this case had to say about mental privacy between souls in groups has been corroborated by others. It seems very odd to me that souls would not want to compare notes with their friends about all that happened to them in council meetings. Perhaps this is one reason why members of the same soul group are rarely given the same council. Here is another example of privacy:

I don't discuss my panel with anyone other than two of my friends. Even the three of us are careful about discussing what transpired at our meetings. We talk in a general way, like, "I know I need to do this or that because an Elder said so-and-so about me."

Considering that our life between lives is in a telepathic world, early in my research I wondered how souls could keep any thoughts hidden from each other. I found that young souls have great difficulty in masking thoughts from the more experienced souls, especially their guides. By level III, mental telepathy becomes an art form, and this includes blockage for privacy. Without the emotional restrictions of the human body, such as shame, guilt and envy, there is no motivation for subterfuge. In a telepathic world, the paramount consideration between souls is their respect for personal privacy. Souls live in communities with intense group socialization where they work on their own lessons and those of others. They open their minds to each other to such an extent it seems impossible to conceal intent. This fosters complete openness on karmic matters which affect those souls who will be connecting on Earth.

How are telepathic souls able to engage in selective mind screening and blockage? This is a process I know little about but I have discovered a few details. From what I can gather, every soul has a distinctive mental vibrational pattern, like a fingerprint. The pattern is similar to a tightly woven basket with interlocking energy strands surrounding an individual core of character. The strands are motion pictures of thought where transference is voluntary to the soul. These involve ideas, concepts, meanings, symbols and personal distinctions particular to that soul. With experience, the soul has the ability to mask any picture frame at any moment. Thus, while nothing is hidden in a general way, no strand opens to the core to release a fine distinction of thought unless a soul wishes another to enter.
Everyone respects the sanctity and wisdom of their council. The information is considered privileged and very personal. Upon returning to their individual groups from these meetings, souls don't want their peers to be tempted to second-guess certain meanings derived from the Elders. One client told me, "It would be like cheating on an oral exam to tell my friends. They would be unable to resist their own interpretations of the meeting in order to help me." On the other side of the council table, the Elders encourage silence because they know that if privacy is honored this insures greater openness with the souls who come before them. Undue interference by group peers later, however well-intentioned, might skew the Elders' messages. The one exception I see to the Laws of Silence involves more advanced souls, training in specialized groups. They appear to enjoy sharing what they consider to be "guild information" from their council meetings.
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