10.9 Animals are taught sign language

When the animal tamed by man
begins to speak after great efforts and difficulty,
the lightning so harmful to the rod
will be taken from the Earth and suspended in the air. (III-44)

Scientists teach monkeys, gorillas and other primates how to talk by using sign language. This represents a spiritual advancement to a degree. Man is now trying to understand the animal kingdom by trying to communicate with it. I’m also seeing some type of military laser apparatus – «the lightening» - and also how lasers can be directed at the Earth to supply energy to different areas.

Note: This seemed to be a strange prediction, but when I began my research I found that it had already happened in our time. Some of the advances being made in conversing with primates are discussed in the October 1978 issue of «National Geographic». In the 1960s Keith and Cathy Hayes worked with a chimpanzee for six years and succeeded in teaching it to orally speak several words. Then, R. Allen and Beatrice Gardner perceived that the chimp’s difficulty in acquiring language was not stupidity, but rather an inability to control lips and tongue.

They then decided to attempt to teach them the American Sign Language (AMESLAN) which is used by deaf Americans. With incredible patience they succeeded in teaching a chimpanzee to effectively communicate by using sign language. In 1972 Francine Patterson of Stanford University of California, began a similar project with a gorilla. The scientists were surprised to find that the gorilla was calmer and more deliberate in communicating than the chimpanzee. The apes are not only able to converse by use of sign language, but are now using computers with speech synthesizers.

This was all totally unexpected and considered quite awesome because, by all accepted concepts of animal and human nature, the apes should not be able to do any of this. Traditionally, such behavior has been considered uniquely human. It would seem that Nostradamus was correct in defining this as a tremendous breakthrough in man’s relation with the animal world.