10.7 Space explorations

When the downfall of the lunar ones is close
they will not be very distant from each other.
Cold, drought, danger around the frontiers
even where the oracle had its source. (ΙΙΙ-4)

This quatrain refers to the establishment of space stations at the L-5 points in relation to the moon and the Earth. Space travelers must watch out for deep vacuum conditions in space, - «cold, drought, danger around the frontiersRegardless of their best preparations, even with the information from the computers, referred to here as the «oracle», they will still be unprepared for unexpected aspects of this environment.  The L-5 point is the point between the moon and the Earth where the gravitational pull is equal from both directions.

Less fuel is needed to keep the stations in position there since gravity will be doing the majority of the work. There will also be astronomical observatories being constructed on the lunar surface itself. It will be a joint project between the United States, Russia and England. The United States and England will be involved because they have the scientific information needed and Russia because they have the best scientists.

Then, after the eclipse of the two great stars
which will occur between April and March.
Oh, what a loss! But two great good influences
will help on all sides by land and sea. (ΙΙΙ-5)

The quatrain refers to the future, in the time period of 2000 or 2100. After the formation of the world government we will unite with other countries to have joint space explorations. It also represents a time when we might have intelligent contact with extraterrestrials, - «good influences will help on all sides by land and sea» – working with them to build space stations and colonize space.