7.7 Greece-Turkey : a brief war

The alien nation will divide the spoils.
Saturn is dreadful aspect in Mars.
Dreadful and foreign to the Tuscans and Latins.
Greeks who will wish to strike. (I-83)

«The alien nation» represents the country you know as Turkey because Turkey will contain so many internal factions – «will divide the spoils»; that’s why it will start a war with Greece so people will concentrate on the war rather than the internal problems that are taking place within their country. While Turkey will have the support of the Russians, Greece will not have the support of other countries. It will ask for help from Italy, the United States and other countries, but they will all stay neutral.

«Saturn in dreadful aspect in Mars» refers to the fact that this war will happen when Saturn will be in its ruling position of Capricorn, and Mars will be in Aries. The war will only last for a couple of months. There’ll be fire in the great city of Athens but they are not going to burn the Parthenon.

The great Satyr and Tiger of Hyrcania;
gift presented to the people of the Ocean:
the leader of a fleet will come forth from Carmania
and land at the Phocea of Tyre. (III-90)

During the Turkish-Greek war, the Greeks will be outraged by Turkey’s desire to control a lot of the Greek islands in the Aegean Sea. The «Tiger» represents Israel, and the «Satyr» represents the glory of ancient Greece. They will make an alliance and this will bottle up the Turks and Arabs who are trying to destroy Israel.

An alliance will be created between Greece and Israel against Turkey, and their ceremonies will be conducted on the water - «gift presented to the people of the Ocean». You can research the historical name Hyrcanus and the history of ancient Tyre in order to understand these references.

Near the Douro closed by the Cyrenian sea
he will come to cross the great mountains of the Pyrenees.
The shortest hand and his opening noted
he will take his followers to Carcassonne. (III-62)

The «Cyrenian Sea» refers to the Anti-Christ’s invasion of Europe through Spain and Greece. The Anti-Christ will take possession of Cyprus away from the Turks when he first rises to power. He will also take over the ancient town of «Carcassonne» which is in southern France. He considers it to be a strategic point.