4.6 Anti-Christ's thought system

The following quatrain is linking up the future changes of the political balance caused by the Anti-Christ with the development of communism.

Long awaited he will never return
in Europe, he will appear in Asia.
One of the league issued from great Hermes,
he will grow above all other powers in the Orient. (Χ- 75)

 «The one who never appears in Europe», refers to the philosophy and thought system of Marx and Engels, who developed the theoretical basis of communism. The Anti-Christ, though from the Middle East, will take advantage of the aspects of this philosophy that allows complete control of a population. He will develop a thought system of his own based on communism. But he will be able to work it in such a way that he will rise in power and take over to unite the entire Asian continent before setting out to try to take over the rest of the world. He will be influenced by certain old customs that have been somewhat forgotten. They’re still known of in literature but they’re not followed anymore.

There are many people who will follow the philosophy system as thought out by Marx and Engels, and they will all believe they have true interpretations of what these men envisioning in their political system. They will consider these two men to be their own, their prophet, and they will believe in their system. Their writings will communicate to them - therefore making them «great Hermes» -, the Greek god who was in charge of communication. The name is used metaphorically to refer to the founders of the philosophy these people will be following. One man amongst all these many (the Anti-Christ) «will rise up above them» and come into power due to his own particular manipulations of different institutions in political power.

A female (sex) captive as a hostage
will come by night to deceive the guards.
The leader of the camp deceived by her language
will leave her to the people, it will be pitiful to see. (ΙV-41)

This quatrain contains a great deal of symbolism. One aspect of the Anti-Christ will be the perversion of philosophy, represented by «the sex captive coming by night». With this perversion of philosophy he will try to weaken his opponents from within. This particular campaign of his will be very effective because his perversion of philosophy will deceive those (the guards) who are on the lookout for it.

And after «she» has deceived the guards, «she» is able to get to the «leader» of the guards. The leader is also «deceived by her language», by soft words flowing like honey. There are already good examples of this in existence in this time, in the form of some of the television preachers.