3.26 New Age and the false prophets

Τhe New Age era represents cosmic wisdom found through various sources, including astrology, astronomy, alchemy, and all the various philosophies for obtaining wisdom. Wise people from western and eastern tradition will meet on common ground – symbolically the «Byzantium» – to help develop philosophies that will progress towards world peace:

God, the heavens, all the divine words in the waves,
carried by seven red-shaven heads to Byzantium:
against the anointed three hundred from Trebizond,
will make two laws, first horror then trust. (VΙΙ-36)

The «anointed three hundred» represents that there are a great number of philosophies through which one could find enlightenment. Through the history of civilization when the church is in power it makes laws against all the other philosophical systems. «The law of trust» then represents people opening up and finding spiritual wisdom and working with world peace.

Throughout the ages there have been false prophets and false teachers. But there are never so prevalent as just preceding the Anti-Christ. During the 20th century they reach an all-time high. They will reach massive amounts of people through the wonders of modern technology, and hence are able to rake in massive amounts of money. Such a rotten soul is described in the next quatrain:

Because of the gold, the life, fate and death of an unworthy sordid
man: he will not be the new Elector of Saxony.

From Brunswick he will send for a sign of love,
the false seducer giving it to the people. (Χ-46)

Scandals will be taking place in the religious communities bursting the one after the other. The «goblet tried» refers to the fact that they are no longer in touch with the true source. Their mixed loyalties between what they are supposed to be doing and their desire to obtain more money are described in the following quatrain:

Feet and hands bound between two boats,
the face anointed with honey and touched with milk.
Wasps and flies, fatherly love angered,
the cupbearer lies, the goblet tried. (VI-89)

He will present himself as being very fair to look upon, and very good but his soul will keep dark secrets and lies.

Some of the most learned men in the heavenly arts
will be reprimanded by ignorant Princes;
punished by an Edict, driven out as scoundrels and put to death
wherever they are found. (IV-18)

This quatrain should be very obvious. It refers to the debasement of astrology after my time. Astrologists used to be highly respected and an absolute necessity for a physician. It’s tricky being an astrologer in my time period, because if you’re good you can predict many events but the church frowns on it because the church wants power. It wants the power.

The law of the Sun contending with Venus,
appropriating the spirit of prophecy.
Neither the one nor the other will be understood;
the law of the great Messiah retained through the Sun. (V-53)

This quatrain is allegorical and refers to the development and fall of Christianity. It shows how Christianity lost its spirit and emotions. Unfortunately one of the contributing factors to the time of troubles is the balance being altered where the evil forces seem to have the upper hand. But the forces will swing back the other way and things will balance again after the time of troubles.