3.24 The AIDS

The great plague in the maritime city
will not stop until death is avenged
by the blood of a just man taken and condemned for no crime;
the great lady is outraged by the pretense. (II-53)

Before and during the time of troubles there will be many diseases going around and many epidemics and plagues. Particularly the one you have labeled "AIDS". It will spread out from the cities and grow like wildfire over the whole country, and it will affect a goodly portion of the population. Unfortunately there will not be a cure for it in time for this plague. Death will just have to run its course.

Note: Whenever he uses the phrase «the maritime city», sometimes he’s referring to London and sometimes he’s referring to New York.
Because they’re both, in our time anyway, two of the major cities on earth and they’re ports.

Three foists will enter the port of Hades
carrying the infection and pestilence, not the faith.
Passing the bridge they will carry off a million,
the bridge is broken by the resistance of a third. (VΙΙΙ-21)

This disease will wipe out a lot of people – «a million people», so to speak – before a cure is found. The virus was formulated in a U.S. lab by three scientists, the «three foists» that «will enter the port of Hades carrying the infection and pestilence, not the faith», for the purpose of annihilating people. «Passing the bridge», - i.e. human lives – «they will carry off a million». «The bridge is broken by the resistance of a third», that is by the scientist that finds a cure unfortunately too late.

The damage was supposed to be localized, by being introduced into a certain part of a country during times of war, but it spread worldwide. It was developed in 1960s for the war in Southeast Asia, but it never was successfully used for that purpose. The purpose for creating the drug was an experiment. The end result was annihilation.
You must understand, scientists create in a laboratory out of a sense of duty of their country. They have no idea what the end result of their creations will be. This is apparent when you look at the atomic bomb, and many types of chemical warfare.

The virus was introduced here in the United States to people who sell their bodies for experiments. This government has been doing that for decades. The virus spread slowly at first and then rapidly, as with most viruses.

When one sees the holy temple plundered,
the greatest of the Rhone profaning their sacred things;
because of them a very great pestilence will appear,
the king, unjust, will not condemn them. (VIII–62)

The «great pestilence» we’ve unleashed is AIDS, which is actually the father of an infinite number of mutated biological entities. The «holy temple plundered» is the heart and mind of man. We’ve gotten very screwed up in our emotions and our way of dealing with humanity and all living things. We’re also the ones who created these biological mutations. Yes, we men created AIDS.

It is a mutation of an existing virus that was not consciously done. The original intent was not to create killers but to help strengthen or determine a new vaccine for an already existing virus. In the process, a large number of paid volunteers who were tested with a new chemical they thought would treat hepatitis got the disease.

The younger son of a great and hated prince
will be greatly marked by leprosy by the time he is 20.
His mother will die of grief, very sad and thin,
and he will die when the cowardly flesh falls (from his bones). (IV-7)

The son of the President of the United States – «of a great and hated prince» – will die of AIDS. He won’t be even «twenty». That event will surely spur the search for a cure like nothing else.