3.17 Tragic war incident between France and England by mistake

The blue leader will inflict upon the white leader
as much damage as France has done them good.
Death from the great antenna hanging from the branch,
when the king will ask how many of his men have been captured. (ΙΙ-2)

This refers to events that will take place during the time of upheavals. There will be an accident, a great tragedy. It will start out as plans for a war game, plans for an "in case of" incident. Like "in case thus and such happens, this is the defensive measures we’ll take". In this particular war game, the teams are labeled the white team and the blue team with «a white leader and a blue leader», as in the manner of military strategy and planning.
The various sides are labeled with colors so there’ll be a generic situation.

Great Britain will be involved with this, and the leaders will be running this war game in the computers.

There will be a malfunctioning circuit in the computer that will misfire in such a way that it will cause the computer to think that it is a real life situation instead of a war game. Hence the computer will set off the defenses and the weapons involved, and will start dropping real bombs on the areas involved and cause a tragic international incident. This particular incident will throw Europe into chaos, trying to figure out what happened and why. 

This incident will basically involve European troops. The only U.S. troops that will be involved will be those stationed in that part of the world at the time. Extra U.S. troops will not be called in at that time. Because the action of what takes place is so senseless and so bizarre, it will be obvious that either a madman got loose with the weapons or that it was a freak accident. After the dust starts to settle, so to speak, some peace-keeping troops may be called in to help reestablish civil order.

«Death from the great antenna hanging from the branch»
: on the one hand it refers to a new type of weapon that will be developed; a type of radio wave that at certain frequencies and intensities can be lethal. It can cause intense pain in the nerve endings and destroy certain portions of the brain. At the same time it also refers to their orders being broadcast by radio from the computer. The «branch» refers to that part of the computer which malfunctions and it branches off in a different direction than it should have.

The two countries mainly involved will be Great Britain and France. Great Britain will be aggressive toward France for no apparent reason, and France will be hurt very badly by this, physically as well as economically and politically. The relations between France and Great Britain will be very strained until it is figured out what went wrong.