3.15 Little dictator leader in France

The river that the newborn French heir attempts;
there will be great discord among the empire.
The young prince, because of the ecclesiastics
will remove peace from crown and scepter. (VI-3)

A deranged person, a man of small stature with brown hair and glasses comes to power in France. It seems as if he’s trying to do a great deal of separating and acting as if French are above reproach, superior and unique. He has almost Hitleresque attitude. Religion - «the ecclesiastics» - will be used as a front, as an excuse to people who will be manipulating it and make it acceptable to themselves. 

In the year that France has a one-eyed king
the court will be in very great trouble.
The great man from Blois will kill his friend,
the kingdom put into difficulty and double doubt. (III-55)

The «one-eyed king» with a lazy or weak eye does not refer to Henry II as the translators thought. A French President will arise who will damage France’s economy; many people will be persecuted during this time.

The French nation will be in great grief,
vain and lighthearted, they will believe rash things.
No bread, salt, wine, nor water, venom nor ale,
the greater one captured, hunger, cold and want. (VII-34)

«The greater one» is «captured» by himself in the ruin he’s brought upon his country. There are various problems with the manufacture and the industry involved in France.