3.9 The Geneva conventions, Keynes economic system 

The people of Geneva will dry up with thirst and hunger,
hope at hand will come to failure;
the law of the Cevennes will be at breaking point,
the fleet cannot be received at the great port. (II-64)

As the political situation becomes more confusing, the less effective diplomats will be at their Geneva conventions. World economy is going to be quite shaky.

 «Cevennes, whose law will be at breaking point» is an anagram for the name of John Maynard Keynes a well–known economist who developed the basic economic structure that your economy is currently based upon. And as with all such constructs, it has its faults. World economy will reach «breaking point» and a new economic and banking system will have to be constructed; but even at that, it will be only a temporary solution.

After the Anti-Christ is subdued and the great genius comes, that problem will be solved and will no longer apply because the way of doing things in the world will be so much different than they are now.