The ring of destiny

The Screening Room of Future Lives
The place of future life selection is seen as a sphere containing highly concentrated force fields of glowing energy screens. People call this procedure scanning the timelines, and the more advanced tell me they can control the array of events in front of them with their minds. The sequence of events can, to some extent, be regulated in stop action for parts of a future life the soul may wish to consider more carefully.
During viewing, the screens ebb and flow like a film of water. One woman used a suitable metaphor to represent her feelings about the experience when she said:

"As the screens come alive they resemble a three-dimensional underwater aquarium. When I look at a life it's like taking a deep breath and going underwater. People, places, events-everything floats by you in a flash before your eyes as if you are drowning. Then you come back to the surface. When you are actually sampling a scene from the life they show you, it reflects the time a person is able to stay underwater."

This chapter contains one final soul specialty that I will add to my list. These are the Timemasters, who are coordinators engaged with past, present and future timelines of people and events. Timemasters are the highly adroit experts who give the impression of actually directing the presentations in our theater-in-the-round. These master souls are members of an entire fellowship of planners that include guides, Archivists and council Elders, who are involved with designing our future.

A large percentage of my subjects never see Timemasters in the screening room. Some clients feel they are alone in the Ring except for a "projectionist." Others will enter the Ring with a personal guide, or perhaps an Elder, who is the only advisor they are aware of helping them during life selection.
Case 62
Dr. N: Please give me a picture of what takes place as you enter the sphere of life selection.

S: There are two beings who come forward to work with my guide, Fyum. He seems to know them well.

Dr. N: Do you see them in this place before every new life?

S: No, only when the next life is going to be particularly difficult- which means a number of hard body choices.

Dr. N: Do you mean more body choices than usual, or more complex individual bodies?

S: Mmm ... usually I get only a couple of body choices and that makes it easier for me.

Dr. N: Do you know the names of these two specialists who talk to Fyum?

S: (jerks in chair) Never! That's just not something I would know. There isn't any ... easy familiarity here with these masters of time ... that's why Fyum is with me.

Dr. N: I understand. So do your best to give me an idea of what these Timemasters of your life offerings are like.

S: (more relaxed now) Okay, number 1 is masculine-appearing and he is rigorous in his demeanor. I know he is inclined toward having me choose a certain body-the one which will be the most useful. This body will give me the maximum experience I need in my future life.

Dr. N: Oh ... from all I have heard, the Ring directors are rather quiet, unobtrusive beings.

S: Well ... yes, that's true, but during the choosing, there is always a preferred body choice that the planners feel is best. This body is given a prominent presentation, (pause) Everyone knows this is the first time I have seen these choices-and they want my choice to be fruitful.

Dr. N: So I have heard. Why don't you tell me about number 2?

S: (smiling) She is feminine and softer ... more flexible. She wants me to accept the body which will be pleasurable to be inside. She leans to moderation and turns to 1 and says there is plenty of time to learn my lessons. I have the feeling there is a deliberate juxtaposition between them for my benefit.

Dr. N: Sort of like the good cop, bad cop routine during an interrogation?

S: (laughs) Yeah, maybe, so I will have an advocate in both camps with Fyum taking the middle road.

Dr. N: So Fyum is kind of a referee?

S: Mmm ... no, that's not true. Fyum is neither lenient nor severe in attitude as I deliberate my choices. It is made clear to me that the body choice is mine alone because I am going to have to live with it. (a burst of laughter) Hey, I made a pun!

Dr. N: I think you did. We really do have to live with our choices. Why don't you explain what choosing the body you had in your last life was all about before we go further.

S: In my last life, I chose a difficult path with the body of a woman who would die within two years of marriage. My husband in that life needed to feel the loss of someone he loved deeply for a karmic debt from the life before.

Dr. N: So there was a high probability that this particular body was going to die young and the main question was would you be the soul who would elect to choose that body?
S: Yes, that's about it.

Dr. N: Well, please go on and tell me the circumstances surrounding your death as a young woman in that life.

S: In the screening room I saw I had three choices of death during a narrow time span involving my life on a ranch near Amarillo, Texas. I could die quickly from a stray bullet during a gunfight between two drunken men. I could die more slowly after a fall from a bucking horse. And I could die by drowning in a river.

Dr. N: Was there any chance you might live?

S: (pause) A slight one, but that would defeat the purpose of my joining with that body.

Dr. N: Which was what?

S: My soulmate and I chose to be husband and wife on this ranch because he needed the lesson. I rejected the other body choices. I came to help him.

Dr. N: Tell me what was on your mind as you looked at the three choices in the screening room.

S: I chose the bullet, naturally. The manner of my death was not about these choices as much as the meaning behind my dying young.

The reader may wonder about the connection of the laws of karma to future possibilities and probabilities. Karma does not only pertain to our deeds, it is internal as well, reflecting our thoughts, feelings and impulses-all relating to cause and effect. Karma is more than taking proper actions toward others, it is also having the intention to do so. While the timeline for the Amarillo woman had a high probability of being short, her early death was not chiselled in stone. One of the variables here was the type of soul that would occupy that particular body. Even with the soul who elected to take this body anticipating a short life, there were elements of free will to be considered.
I learned that it was not 100 percent ordained that this woman would die young by the stray bullet that hit her while she was standing across the street from the saloon where the gunfight took place. When I asked if she might have avoided going into Amarillo for supplies that day my, client said, "Yes, but something impelled me to go into town right when I did, and I almost didn't go without knowing why." Another soul might not have gone at the last minute without knowing why either.

Timelines and Body Choices
Although time has little relevance outside our physical universe, we see ourselves and everything around us aging each day. We live on a planet around a star, which is also constantly aging in chronological time. The cycle of life involves movement of time and the timelines of our dimensional reality appear to be influenced by advanced beings who allow reincarnating souls to study the past and see into the future. In libraries and spiritual learning centers we can view other possible actions we might have taken in former lives to explore the "what ifs" of our past. In our universe, when the past is over, these events and the people involved with them become eternal and are forever preserved in spiritual libraries.

The planners deal in the "what ifs" of our lives. Events which have not yet taken place in the grand scheme of things are known by Timemasters and others for their greater or lesser potential of happening. We do not simply study alternate timelines of future events in the Ring. Rather, we examine the alternative bodies offered us that will exist within those events. These bodies will be born into roughly the same time frames. Watching the most probable series of events linked to those bodies under consideration is like previewing advance promotional scenes from a movie.
One thing I have noticed in the selection of bodies is that the more advanced souls are able, to make insightful comparisons between the bodies offered them within the time periods that are presented. I also see many less-advanced souls accept the body they know they ought to choose as the best course of action. They trust the selection process more than themselves. A client said, "For me, getting a new body is like trying on a new suit of clothes off the rack which you want to buy and hope it won't need alterations."

Only once every few years does a Timemaster in training come my way. When I recognize one, they are a resource to be treasured. Since there are other specialties associated with timelines I must guard against making early presumptions in the hypnosis session.

For instance, the Archivist Souls assist souls in searching out their past histories and alternative timelines to those events. Thus, they function more as historians and chroniclers than as Timemasters who would track timelines of the immediate future for bodies under consideration in the life selection room. As with the other soul specialties, I'm sure there is overlapping here, too, with many masters working on time coordination for souls in need of their services. This is why my clients often lump them all together in their minds with the label of planners.

Follows the case with a soul called Obidom, who is an engineer in his current life. I will begin the dialogue at a memorable point in our session.

Case 63
Dr. N: Obidom, can you tell me what you do between lives that represents your greatest challenge as a soul?

S: I study time on the planet Earth.

Dr. N: To what end?
S: I wish to be a master of this art ... traveling the timelines ... understanding the sequences with people living in a physical world. To help the planners assist souls in their life selections.

Dr. N: How is your program progressing?

S: (sighs) Very slowly, I'm such a beginner I need many mentors.

Dr. N: Why were you chosen for this training?

S: It is very difficult for me to tell you because I don't think I am very worthy of this art. I suppose it all began because I enjoy manipulating energy and became rather good at it in my classes.

Dr. N: Well, isn't this true of many souls who make things by energy manipulation in their creation classes?

S: (beginning to warm to my questions) This is different, we don't create ... in the same way.

Dr. N: What is different about your work?

S: To work with time, you must learn spatial manipulation. You start with models and then go to the real thing.

Dr. N: What sort of models?

S: (dreamily) Oh ... a huge vaporized pool... of swirling liquid energy ... thinning in those gaps where scenes are simulated for us in minibites ... the gaps open ... you see neon tubes of fluctuating light ... ready for entry, (stops) It's really hard to explain.
Dr. N: That's all right, Obidom. I would like to discuss where you are now working, who teaches you, and something about the practical art of becoming a Timemaster.

S: (quietly) Time training is conducted at a temple, (grins) We call it the Temple of Time-where teachers instruct us in the application of energy sequences for events.

Dr. N: What are sequences?

S: Timelines exist as energy sequences of events which move.

Dr. N: Tell me how you manipulate energy in the timelines.

S: Time is manipulated by compressing and stretching energy particles within a unified field and to regulate its flow ... like playing with rubber bands.

Dr. N: Can you change events in the past, present and future? Is that what you mean by manipulation?

S: (long pause) No, I can only monitor the energy sequences. We operate as... highwaymen who enter and exit the sequences- which we consider roads-by speeding up and slowing down. Condensing our energy speeds us up and expansion slows us down. It's the same thing with events and people who appear on the sequences as points in the roads. We don't create anything. We intersect as observers.

Dr. N: Then who created the time sequences in the first place?

S: (exasperated) How can I know that? At my stage I am only trying to function within the system.

Dr. N: Just asking, Obidom. You're being very helpful. Tell me, to what purpose do you function as a Timemaster in training?

S: We are given one-event assignments ... the human choices around that event all have meaning. The practical applications of what we do involve human streams of thought and actions that join in a river of time.

Dr. N: I would call these occurrences passages of action and memory of that action.

S: I would agree. Particles of energy do involve memory.
Dr. N: How?

S: Energy is the carrier of thought and memory within the sequences and these never pass into oblivion. The conduit by which time is perceived begins with thought-the shaping of an idea-then the event and finally the memory of the event.

Dr. N: How is all this recorded into the sequences?

S: By the vibrational tone of each recorded particle of energy. This is what we recover.

Dr. N: Can the sequences exist in all sorts of alternate realities?

S: (pause) Yes ... overlapping and interlaced ... this is what makes the search interesting if one has the skill to find them. All things can be observed and retrieved for study.

Dr. N: I need more direction here, Obidom.

S: There is a lot I can't tell you. The particles of energy which are part of the causation for the setting up of events in time involve vibrational patterns with many alternatives. We view all this human history as useful for future incarnations of people.

Dr. N: Tell me how you feel about alternate possibilities to events.
S: (long pause) We study what is productive. Events-poor, better, best-are played out until they cease to be productive, (sighs deeply) Anyway, I'm still very new at that. I study the past scenes of what has taken place.

Dr. N: So are you saying everything that can exist in time does not necessarily exist if there is nothing for human beings to learn from its existence?

S: (pause) Ah ... yes, similar situations of decision-making call for slightly different solutions and after a while the differences are so small they would be non-productive as lessons.

Dr. N: From all you have told me, Obidom, I have the feeling you are not much engaged in future time just yet. So how do you see yourself?

S: I think of myself more as an archaeologist in time. My assignments are studying people and events of the past and present. The future is murky ... the sequences unclear ... no, I'm an archaeologist with time right now.

Dr. N: Where did your studies really begin in this field?

S: When my class was assembled for training at the temple.

Dr. N: How many souls are in your class?

S: There are six of us ... (pause, adding) I didn't know anyone before we got there.

Dr. N: Obidom, tell me about your initial training. Certainly, this must be clear in your mind.

S: I was sent to the world of Galath. It is a physical world similar to the geography of Earth. This world once had a great civilization, highly technical, and the Galathians were able to travel to other planets, which led to their undoing. Galath now has no highly intelligent life forms.

Dr. N: I don't understand why you were sent to a dead world?

S: It's not dead as much as vacant. When we arrived for training we assumed a transparent form which resembled the humanoid appearance of the old Galathians. (laughs)

Dr. N: Tell me about them.

S: I was just thinking ... they were yellowish-green people, very tall and willowy, without apparent joints ... they had large, multi-faceted insect eyes ...

Dr. N: What were they like as a people?

S: The Galathians were wise but foolish-like the rest of us. They came to believe in their invincibility.

Dr. N: But what is the purpose of coming here? Isn't everything gone?

S: Don't you see? Their timelines still exist. We are here to practice intersecting with the old history of this place. This is kind of an exotic world with beat-up space platforms still circling the planet. On the ground there are huge spheres of habitation which are now empty and falling apart ... plants growing in their ancient halls of learning, decaying vestiges of this once-great civilization are scattered about ...

Dr. N: Just what do you and your five classmates do, Obidom?

S: We beam out our energy ... and float through the corridors of their past time. One of the teachers helps us adjust our vibrations to intersect with certain periods of Galathian history. It is fragmentary because of our lack of skill ... but certain scenes of their power are vivid.

Dr. N: So nothing of the past is ever really lost?

S: No, although the Galathians are gone, everything they did, in a sense, still lives ... their triumphs ... their decline ... we can study their mistakes. I can retrieve people talking at certain moments ... what they were thinking before they were conquered by another race and assimilated into their culture away from here. The Galathians had a musical language which flows around their broken ships of space and deserted streets.
Dr. N: What is your ultimate goal, Obidom?

S: When I become proficient I will serve as an advisor for the planners who wish to design certain situations for people ... help the library researchers ... assist in coordinating selections in the sphere of life (i.e., the Ring)-that sort of thing.
Dr. N: Obidom, I have a personal question for you. If I was a soul with some time off between lives, could I come back to my hometown as it existed when I was a boy and see myself again with my family and friends in scenes from the past? I don't mean recreating all this in the spirit world, but actually coming back to Earth in a disembodied state, as you did on Galath.

S: (smiles) Sure ... although you might need some help with a talented teacher before you got the hang of it. Just don't expect to do any tinkering around with the original to make alterations, (sardonically) Remember, you would be a ghost.

Free Will
At one of my lectures in Vancouver, B.C., a distraught woman rose and cried out loudly, "You New Age gurus tell us on one hand we have free will to make choices in our life and on the other that we are predestined to follow a certain plan because of past life karma. Which is it? I have no free will in my life because I am at the mercy of forces over which I have no control. My life is one of sorrow." After my talk I sat down next to this woman for a few minutes and learned that her nineteen-year-old son had recently been killed on a motorcycle.

People have the idea that free will and destiny are opposing forces. They do not realize that destiny represents the sum of our deeds over thousands of years in a multitude of incarnations. In all these lives we had freedom of choice. Our current life represents all past experiences both pleasant and unpleasant, and so we are the product of all our former choices. Add to this the fact that we may have deliberately placed ourselves in situations that test how we will react to events in our current life, which are not perceived by the conscious mind. This too involves personal choices. We occupy a particular body for many reasons. The young motorcycle rider, by his mother's own admission, lived for speed and essentially got a high from the dangers of his obsession.
Because my last section on time opened the door to future probabilities and possibilities, it is appropriate to examine the ramifications of free will a little further. Reincarnation would mean nothing if all life was predetermined. In my remarks about timelines, I suggested that the future may exist in many realities. People who have premonitions about the future may be right or wrong. If someone saw themselves being killed in a certain place and time and it didn't happen, this potential causality could mean it was only the most dire of alternative possibilities.
I have a short but very graphic example of free will that reveals how even discarnate souls can be surprised by a sudden decision which can change the probable outcome in life.

I had a client who was killed at the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863 as a newly recruited Union soldier. His name was John and he lived in a small community near Gettysburg. Although just sixteen, John and his sweetheart, Rose, had begun to talk of marriage in the future. The night before the three-day battle began, a Union officer rode into John's area looking for a young non-combatant who could ride a horse well to deliver dispatches. John had no plans to enlist in the war because of his age and the fact he was needed on his mother's farm. The Union officer found John and hurriedly explained his urgency, promising that John's enlistment would end when the battle ended. John was a fine horseman and he impulsively agreed to ride for the Union because "I did not want to miss out on a chance for the grand adventure." He had to leave immediately without saying goodbye to anyone. John was killed the next day.

Even as he floated above his body, John could not believe he was seeing himself lying on the ground dead. Upon returning to his spirit group, John was met by Rose-that portion of her essence she had not taken to Earth. At the moment Rose saw John she cried out, "Why are you back here? We were supposed to be married!" These soulmates quickly realized that John had abruptly chosen a path that deviated from his probable life. Even so, each path has karmic benefits of some sort, as was the case with John's brief Army experience.

I asked this client if he had been shown scenes in the screening room of what was going to happen at Gettysburg. He replied, "No, I accepted what they showed me up to the age of sixteen because I knew they had good reasons to reveal only what I needed to know before that life. I have faith in the decisions of my guides." John, the boy soldier, was not shown the possibility of his death at Gettysburg and this is very typical with such cases. Yet what about those cases where an untimely death is such a high probability in life that there is a necessity for the planners to give us the opportunity to volunteer for these bodies as a matter of personal benefit from the experience?

I know past life regressionists who have had numerous cases of heroic souls who volunteered to participate in the holocaust in Nazi Germany. I certainly have. Perhaps this is because so many of these souls from the death camps are now living new lives in America. There are options for all kinds of disasters. For the bad ones, sometimes souls are prepared for what lies ahead for them by attending pre-life rehearsals, as illustrated by this statement from a client:

"I remember passing by a large group of souls in a preparation class who were gathered in an amphitheatre structure. They were all listening to a speaker tell them about the value of life even though they were only going to Earth for a short time. They had all volunteered to be in some sort of disaster where they would be killed together. They were told to get mentally prepared and to make the most out of the time they had and that if they wished their next lives could be much longer."

Case 64
This is a case of euthanasia involving a subject named Sandy. She provided me with another example of an instance where a death scene was shown to the principals of a future life. As is so often true with souls who must witness their death in advance of a life, volunteering is part of the contract. During my intake interview, I learned that Sandy was closely bonded to her brother, Keith, and that they were members of a large family. As his older sister, she had taken care of him like a mother while they were growing up. Keith was hot-headed and in his teenage years he lived on the ragged edge, driving fast cars and getting into numerous scrapes with the law. Sandy told me Keith lived as though he had a death wish. She added that Keith had hurt some people along the way with a capricious life style, but he had a good heart and his zest for living each day to its fullest was contagious.
Sandy always had a premonition her brother would die young. Keith was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) at age twenty-seven and died two years later. ALS is a degenerative disease of motor movements that progresses into muscle atrophy within a couple of years. Toward the end, many patients must be on a respirator to breathe and they receive large doses of morphine to combat agonizing pain.
When Sandy reached her spirit group during our session, we discovered brother and sister were companion souls. Keith was the fun-loving prankster in their group and over many previous centuries he had been rather careless of others' feelings. In consultations with his guide and members of the group, Keith recognized it was essential that he learn humility in order to advance. Being a soul of temerity, Keith asked for a life where he would be given a potent challenge toward acquiring humility rather than have this lesson strung out over many lives. He was warned that accelerated lives can be very rough. Keith said he was ready. It was a bitter pill in the Ring to discover he would have to volunteer for an athletic body which would be immobilized by ALS. Sandy said that there was a point in the life selection room where her brother almost backed out. I will pick up her narrative at this place in our session.

Dr. N: Please tell me as much as you can about Keith's reaction to the body he was offered.

S: (solemnly) He was shown the worst-his body before and after the illness struck. How his independence would be taken away to make him dependent upon us. They kept nothing from him. Keith saw in the beginning of the disease there would be much self-pity and remorse, then terrible anger, but if he fought he would learn.

Dr. N: (switching back and forth from current time to the spirit world with Sandy) And did he learn?

S: Oh, yes. Near the end Keith grew calm, accepting and appreciative of what we did for him.

Dr. N: Do you have anything you would like to explain about how Keith prepared for this life with you?

S: (after a long pause my client's face takes on a look of acquiescence) I will tell you. It will be good to talk about this ... I have told no one before, (begins to cry and I work on keeping her in focus)

Dr. N: We don't have to do this if it is too painful.
S: No, I want to. (takes a deep breath) As we prepared to come forward into this life, I was to be the oldest child in our family so I came first. We had a long discussion just before my time. Keith said he was prepared to suffer but when he reached the point where he was totally incapacitated-when he couldn't take any more-I was to shut off his life support system and free him.

Dr. N: You were going to do this in a hospital?
S: We planned for that in the spirit world but then, thank God, he was sent home during his last seven weeks and that made our plan easier.

Dr. N: Is this about pain? Certainly Keith must have had pain killers.

S: Morphine can only do so much. The last seven weeks were terrible even with the respirator and pain killers. His lungs were so affected he could not move or talk near the end.

Dr. N: I understand. Tell me about the plan you and Keith devised in the spirit world before your lives began.

S: (sighs) We began our drill by creating a bed and the life support system Keith saw in the screening room. He had every detail in his mind. Then we practiced because I thought I would be dodging doctors and nurses. I worked with the machine and studied the advance warning signs of his illness. In the drill, we went over the signals Keith would give me which would show he was ready to be released from his suffering. Finally, he asked for my promise to stay strong and let nothing deter me in the final moments. I gave him this promise willingly.

After Sandy regained full consciousness we discussed her role in the death of her brother. She said when there was a particular smell, or "death odor," from Keith's throat area, she knew it was time to get ready. I should add that this body sign did not necessarily mean Keith was going to die right away. Almost without thinking, Sandy spoke in her brother's ear, "Keith, are you ready to go?" Then came the prearranged signal. At this moment Keith squeezed his eyes open and shut three times for the "yes" response. Calmly, she detached Keith's life support system. The doctor came to the house later, found the life support system reattached, and pronounced Keith dead.
For the rest of the day, she felt no guilt. That night, lying in bed, a doubt crept into Sandy's mind about her automatic reactions, and she questioned herself. After tossing and turning she finally fell into a fitful sleep. Soon Keith came to her in a dream. Smiling with gratitude, he conveyed to Sandy that she had done everything perfectly and that he loved her. A few weeks later Sandy was meditating and had a vision of her brother sitting on a bench talking with "two monks dressed in robes." Keith turned, laughed at her, and said, "Hang in there, Sis!"

To a devout religionist, this man's life did not belong to himself, but to God. While it is true that we are given our bodies by an act of divine creation, everyone's life belongs ultimately to them. The right to die is a hotly debated topic in legal circles today, especially as it pertains to doctor-assisted suicide with the terminally ill. Knowing what I do about how our souls choose life, with the free will to make changes during that life, I believe we clearly have the right to choose death when no quality of life remains and there is no possibility of recovery. It is not intended that a degradation of our humanity be prolonged.

Souls of the Young
The Loss of a Child

The Ring represents a cycle of life, death and rebirth. For the soul, children play a vital role in their regeneration of life. What are the spiritual implications when this highly functional organism dies before it hardly got started? There have been grieving parents who have written me inquiring about the meanings surrounding the untimely death of their children and these letters are always difficult to answer.
Those of us who have not gone through the agony of losing a child can only imagine the pain suffered by these parents. Some people who lose a child jump to the wrong conclusion that their terrible loss is the result of a karmic debt they must pay because of some transgression in a former life involving child abuse.
If the lost child was a teenager, or older, the karmic forces that led to the death customarily relate directly to the young person and not so much to the parent. Moreover, even when the death of a younger child does karmically involve the parent, this lesson does not automatically mean the parent was a perpetrator of mistreatment to children in a former life. The lesson could have been the result of many other elements, including that of indirect action. One of my clients who came to me about a year after the death of her eight-year-old daughter related the following story to me during her session.
"I was a wealthy matron in London in the nineteenth century. I paid little attention to the suffering of the young waifs on the street around my townhouse. I callously disregarded their plight because they were not my children; to my mind they were the responsibility of their parents or the state and had nothing to do with me. I looked the other way even though I had plenty of money to support an orphanage and a safe house for young unwed mothers nearby. I knew these services were struggling to make ends meet and I did nothing. Between lives I decided to correct my superficial ways. I agreed to experience the anguish of loving my own child and having her taken away. God, what pain, but I am learning compassion."

Souls are not assigned to babies at random. When a mother loses her child for whatever reason, I have found the odds are quite high that the soul of this baby will return again to the same mother with her next child. If this mother does not bear another child, the soul may return to another close member of the family because that was the original intent. When a life is short, souls call these filler lives and they too have purpose for the parent. Here is an illustration:
"I joined a fetus at four months for a three-month existence. During this time my mother needed to feel my soul energy to know that giving and losing life is very profound. I did not wish to let the sadness of losing me prevent her from having the courage to try again. We knew this fetus was not going to term, but there was a good probability of a second child after me and I wanted that partnership with her. She doesn't realize that I was once her son and now I am her daughter. I think I was able to soften her bitterness and grief by sending my mother comforting thoughts in the stillness of all the nights between her two pregnancies."
When babies and young children die their souls typically do not rise into the spirit world alone. Spirit guides, caretakers of the young, or a member of the child's soul group are frequently involved with meeting these souls right at ground level. If a parent is killed at the same time as their small child, they stay together, as the following quote demonstrates:

"After my son and I were killed by bandits (Sweden, 1842), I comforted him as we rose together. Because he was so young, he was disoriented and confused at first. I held my son close and told him how much I loved him and that we were going home. As we rose together, I said that we would soon be met by our friends and then parted for a while, before being reunited once again."
New Body-Soul Partnerships
The soul is now ready to embark on another reincarnation adventure with hopes and expectations for a fresh new role in life. The partnership between the physical and etheric minds that usher a whole human being into the world can be smooth or rocky in the early adjustment stages of childhood. Even so, it is the end result and how we finish the course we travelled that counts the most.

During our lifetime, the soul and the body are so intertwined that the duality of expression may confuse us as to who we really are. The complexities of this association between body and soul represent an alliance of long evolutionary development going back perhaps to the late Pleistocene era when hominoids on this planet were originally considered suitable for soul colonization.
The oldest divisions of our modern brain still remain in place as survival mechanisms. Some people, such as the soul Kliday in case 36, acknowledge touching primitive sections of the brain when they enter a fetus. These are the areas that control our visceral, physical reactions, which are instinctual and emotional rather than intellectual. Some of my clients have said that a few brains they have joined seemed more primitive than all the others.

Ego has been defined as Self, conceived as a spiritual substance upon which experience is superimposed. It is this functional organism-created before the soul arrived-that the soul must join in a mother. In a sense, there are two egos at work here and this is most evident to me during regressions when I take my subjects to the Ring and later when they join a fetus. It is in the fetus where the body-soul partnership really begins.

The soul and brain of a new baby appear to begin their association as two separate and distinct entities and become one mind. Some people are bothered that my two-entity position, or duality of body and spirit, means that while the immortal character of the soul lives on, the temporary personality of the body dies. Yet it was the soul, in concert with the mind of a body, which created a unique personality of a single Self. Although the physical organism of the body will die, the soul who occupied that body never forgets the host which allowed them to experience Earth in a particular time and place. We have seen how souls can remember and recreate who they were in certain timelines.

Every physical body has its own unique design and the concepts, ideas and judgments of any human mind are directly related to the soul who is occupying that body. Physiologists do not know why intense emotion may cause irrational behavior in one person and logical coping actions in another. For me, the answer lies in the soul. When the body-soul partnership is underway in the fetus of a client's current body, I do hear evaluations from many of them about brain circuitry being fine-tuned or a bit jumbled in the new baby. The remarks from a level V soul about entering a body are instructive in terms of attachments:
"No two brains are constructed in precisely the same way. When I initially enter the womb of my mother, I touch the brain gently. I flow in ... seeking ... probing ... searching. It is like osmosis. I know immediately if this brain is going to be smooth or rough sailing for our mutual communication. I will receive my mother's emotional feelings during pregnancy more than her clear thoughts. That's how I know if the baby is wanted or not, and this makes a difference in the baby getting a good or bad start.

When I enter the fetus of an unwanted baby, I can make a positive difference by energy engagement with this child. When I was a young soul, I would get caught up with the alienation of a parent and both the child and I felt a separation. I have been working with babies for thousands of years and I can handle whatever sort of child they give me so we are both fulfilled by coming together. I have too much work to do in life to be slowed down by a body match which does not happen to be perfect for me."

When a soul reaches level III, most are able to make rapid adjustmentsonce inside a fetus. A subject told me bluntly, "When a complex, highly advanced soul combines with a sluggish brain, it is like hitching a race horse to a plow horse." Usually my clients express this sentiment about bodies in a more deferential manner. There are karmic reasons for all body-soul matches. Also, a high IQ is no indication of an advanced soul. It is not a low IQ but the disturbed, irrational mind that poses problems for the less experienced souls.

As for body matches with the soul, our options are offered to us in good faith for a variety of life designs. Body choices in the Ring are never used to trap us into something unsuitable for our development. The planners have no interest in sandbagging some unsuspecting soul with a "poor-quality" body. There is purpose for both egos behind every body-soul match. While the body delights the soul as a means of both physical and mental expression, it is capable of bringing great pain. The lesson of this merger is to forge a harmonious unification of body and soul so that they function as one unit. I have two perspectives that illustrate this collaboration:
"I am a volatile soul with hasty inclinations and I prefer aggressive bodies with temperaments which complement my own inclinations. We call this sort of combination of mirror images a double-double. I can never slow down. I must admit the quiet bodies with noncombative minds do calm me, but then I tend to become very lazy and complacent."
"I am comfortable with emotionally cold hosts. I also love analytical minds so we can take our time before committing to things. Inside Jane it's as though I'm on a rollercoaster ride. She is so reckless, jumping into situations- I mean I try to drag her back-but she gets so out of control ... she brings us a lot of pain. Yet, there is much joy too-it's all overwhelming, but what a wild ride!"

Certain body matches do produce lives of frustration and very difficult challenges. However, only a couple of times in my entire career have I ever had a soul who admitted they asked to be replaced in a fetus it found impossible to adjust to in any way. In both cases, another soul took its place before the eighth month. A prenatal exchange due to incompatibility is an extremely rare occurrence because this is what the life selection room is all about.

In chapter 3, where I discussed people who engage in wrongdoing, I explained how our inner soul Self might not be in harmony with our body. I also said that no soul is innately evil when it joins a fetus. Still, the soul does not enter with a blank slate either. A soul's immortal character is influenced by all the attributes and temperament of the brain, which challenges the soul's maturity.
I have said there are souls who are more susceptible than others in falling prey to negative influences in life. Most of the cases in this book, reflect souls who struggle in opposition or work in harmonious conjunction with their bodies. Souls combating the need to control may not blend well with a body ego disposed to confrontation. On the other hand, a cautious, low-energy soul could choose a rather passive, introverted body temperament in order to institute boldness in concert with its host.
When a soul joins with a new baby, I can be fairly sure the partnership will address both the soul's shortcomings and a body-mind who needs this particular soul. The planners choose bodies for us which are intended to combine our character defects with certain body temperaments to produce specific personality combinations. From clients who are medical doctors and physiologists, I have been given brief anatomical glimpses about souls entering the developing brain of a fetus. Case 66 is an example. Posthypnotic suggestions have enabled subjects in these professions to sketch out simplified diagrams of what they were trying to say about these linkages while under hypnosis. This has helped my understanding.
Dr. N: What do you see in the future for the brain with continued evolution and the influence of souls as a stimulus?

S: Mental telepathy.

Certainly, I have had younger souls who appear to be more inactive after body entry than case 66. This is a far sight better than agitating the child by ineptness from overzealous, inexperienced souls. The average soul probes their new host for information but in a way that has been described as "tickling the child to give it pleasure." Essentially, this is an important time for integration between body and soul with the mother also mentally entering into this process of getting acquainted. By no means is the seat of the soul limited to the brain. Soul energy radiates throughout the whole body of the child.

Case 66 is a medical doctor. My next case comes from a non-medically oriented client about the union of two entities to form one whole as a new life begins. Each soul has its own preferences about when and how they wish to enter the fetus. The following case gives us an indication of the procedures used by a very considerate, evolved soul.

Case 66
Dr. N: I would like to know if the initial transition into the fetus is always about the same for you?

S: No, it is not. Even though I might have had x-ray vision into the mind of the child during life selection, my entry can still be ragged.

Dr. N: Give me your most recent example of a difficult entry.

S: Three lives ago, I joined with a very stiff, unreceptive brain. It felt my presence was invasive. This was unusual because most of my host bodies accept my presence. I'm ordinarily considered to be a new roommate.

Dr. N: Are you saying this particular host body felt you were an alien presence that it should reject?

S: No, it was a dull mind of dense energy pockets. My arrival was an intrusion on its lack of mental activity ... there was ... isolation between compartments of the brain ... creating resistance to ... communication. Lethargic minds require more effort on my part. They resist change.

Dr. N: Change of what?

S: Of my being in its space, requiring some reaction to deal with this fact. I caused this mind to think and it was not a curious mind. I began pushing buttons and found it did not want to be summoned by me.

Dr. N: What did you expect?

S: From my review in the sphere (the Ring), I saw the end result of an adult mind but I didn't see all the difficulties with the baby's mind ... when it was new.

Dr. N: I see, and you are saying this mind considered your intrusion as a threat?

S: No, only a nuisance. Eventually, I was accepted and the child and I adapted to each other.

Dr. N: Let's go back to your statement about pushing buttons. Please explain to me what this means to you with a standard entry into the fetus of your choice?

S: When I enter a developing brain am accustomed to joining around the fourth month-our guides give us some latitude here-but I never enter after the sixth month. When I enter the womb of the mother I create a red light of tight energy and direct it up and down the spinal column of the baby-following a network of neurons to the brain.

Dr. N: Why do you do that?

S: This tells me about the efficiency of thought transmission-the sensory relays ...

Dr. N: Then, what do you do?

S: Play my red light around the dura mater-the outer layer of the brain ... gently ...

Dr. N: Why red light?

S: This allows me to be ... especially sensitive to the physical feelings of this new person. I meld my energy warmth to the gray-blues of brain matter. Before I get there, the brain is simply gray. What I am doing is turning on the lights in a dark room with a tree in the middle.

Dr. N: You lost me. Explain about the tree.
S: (intensely) The tree is the stem. I park myself between the two hemispheres of the brain to get a ringside seat as to how this system will function. Then I move around the branches of the tree to investigate the circuitry. I want to know how dense the energy is in the fibers around the wheel of the cerebral cortex folding around the thalamus ... I want to learn how this brain thinks and senses things.

Dr. N: How important is energy density or the lack of it in the brain?
S: A mind that has excessive density in certain areas means there are blockages which inhibit the bridges between efficient neuron activity. I want to make some adjustments in these road blocks with my energy if I can-you know-while the brain is still forming.

Dr. N: You can make a difference in how the brain develops?

S: (laughs at me) Of course! Did you think souls are passengers on a train? I stimulate these areas ever so slightly.

Dr. N: (deliberately obtuse) Well, I thought you and the baby ... are both in miniature by the way you exhibit intelligence in the beginning.

S: (laughs) Not until birth.

Dr. N: Are you saying that you can improve brain wave function with all these activities you have described?
S: That is our expectation. The whole idea is matching your vibrational levels and capabilities with that of the natural rhythms of the child's brain waves-their electrical flow, (with exuberance) I think my host bodies are grateful for my assistance in improving the speed of thought over bridges, (stops and then adds) Maybe this is wishful thinking.
Case 67
Dr. N: Tell me what it is like to enter the mind of a baby and when you usually enter.

S: In the beginning I think of it as a betrothal. I entered my current body in the eighth month. I prefer to enter on the late side when the brain is larger so I have more to work with during the coupling.
Dr. N: Isn't there a downside to entering late? I mean, you are then dealing with a more independent individual.

S: Some of my friends feel that way, I don't. I want to be able to talk with the child when there is more mutual awareness.

Dr. N: (being dense to elicit a response) Talk-talk to a fetus-what are you saying ...?

S: (laughs at me) Of course we interact with the child.

Dr. N: Take me through this slowly. Who says what first?

S: The child may say, "Who are you?" I answer, "A friend who has come to play and be a part of you."

Dr. N: (with deliberate provocation) Isn't that deceitful? You haven't come to play. You have come to occupy this mind.

S: Oh, please! Who have you been talking to? This mind and my soul were created to be together. Do you think I am some sort of foreign intruder on Earth? I have joined with babies who welcomed me as if I were expected.

Dr. N: There are souls who have had a different experience.

S: Look, I know souls who are clumsy. They go in like bulls in a china shop with their over-eagerness to get started with an agenda. Too much frontal energy all at once sets up resistance.

Dr. N: In your current lifetime, was the child at all anxious about your entry?

S: No, they don't know enough yet to be anxious. I begin by caressing the brain. I am able to immediately project warm thoughts of love and companionship. Most of the babies just accept me as being part of themselves. A few hold back-like my current body.

Dr. N: Oh, really? What was unusual about this fetus?

S: It wasn't a big deal. Its thoughts were, "Now that you are here, who am I going to be?"

Dr. N: I think that's a very big deal. Essentially, the child is acknowledging that its identity depends on you.

S: (patiently) The child has begun to ask itself, "Who am I?" Some children are more aware of this than others. A few are resistant because, to them, we are an irritation to their inert beginnings- like a pearl in an oyster.

Dr. N: So you don't feel the child senses it is being forced to give up something of its individuality?

S: No, we have come as souls to give the child ... depth of personality. Its being is enhanced by our presence. Without us they would largely function as unripened fruit.

Dr. N: But does the child understand any of this before birth?

S: It only knows that I want to be friends so we can do things together. We begin by communicating with each other with simple things such as an uncomfortable body position in the mother's womb. There have been times when the umbilical chord was wrapped around the neck of the baby and I have calmed the child where otherwise it might have squirmed and made things worse.

Dr. N: Please continue with how you assist the baby.

S: I prepare the child for birth, which is going to be a shock when it happens. Imagine being forced out of a warm, comfortable, secure womb into the bright lights of a hospital room ... the noise ... having to breathe air ... being handled. The child appreciates my help because my primary goal now is to combat fear by soothing the brain with assurances that everything will be fine.
Dr. N: I wonder what it was like for children before souls came to help them?

S: The brain was too primitive then to conceptualize the trauma of birthing. There was little awareness. (Laughs) Of course I wasn't around in those days.
Dr. N: Are you able to calm anxious mothers in any way?

S: We must be proficient. During much of my existence I had little or no effect on my mothers if they were frightened, sad or angry during pregnancy. You must be able to align your energy vibrations with both the child and the mother's natural body rhythms. You have to harmonize three sets of wave levels-which includes your own-to soothe the mother. I might even have the baby kick the mother to let her know we are all right.

Dr. N: Then at birth, I supposed the hard work of the merger is over?

S: To be honest, the merger isn't complete yet for me. I talk to my body as a second entity up to the age of six. It is better not to force a full meld right away. We play games as two people for a while.

Dr. N: I have noticed a lot of young children talk to themselves as if they were with an imaginary playmate. Is that their soul?
S: (grinning) That's right, although our guides enjoy playing with us as young children too. And have you also noticed the elderly talking to themselves a lot? They are preparing for separation at the other end in their own way.

Dr. N: In general how do you feel about coming back to Earth in life after life?
S: As a gift. This is such a multifaceted planet. Sure, this place brings heartache, but it is delightful too and incredibly beautiful. The human body is a marvel of form and structure. I never cease to be awed by each new body, the many different ways I can express myself in them, especially in the most important way-love.
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