The Advancing Soul

There comes that time in a soul's existence when it is ready to move away from its primary soul group. My next case comes from a soul who recently attained level III after thousands of years of incarnating on Earth. This subject became very excited by the images in her mind of this recent event in the spirit world. In her current life she is a teacher of children with learning disabilities.

Case 54
Dr. N: You seem very blissful about appearing in front of your council.

S: Yes, I have scrubbed off the last of my body armor.

Dr. N: Body armor?

S: Yes, my protective armor-to avoid being hurt. It took me centuries to learn to trust and be open with people inclined to hurt me as an outgrowth of their own anger. This was my last major hurdle.

Dr. N: Why was this so difficult for you?

S: I identified too much with my emotions rather than my spiritual strength. This created self-doubt in my relations with others whom I perceived to be stronger and more knowledgeable than myself-but they were not.

Dr. N: If this last major hurdle involved self-identity, how do you see yourself at present?

S: Finally, I used a rope of flowers to swing over the abyss of pain and hurt. I no longer give away too much of my energy unnecessarily, (pause) Physical and mental hardship has to do with self-definition. In the last 1,000 years, I have improved upon maintaining my identity in each life ... under adverse circumstances, and to honor myself as a human being who could not be superseded by others. I no longer need body armor to achieve this.

Dr. N: What does your council say to you about your positive actions involving self-definition?

S: They are satisfied that I have passed this difficult test-that I did not let the adverse circumstances of these many lives dictate my vision of myself-who I really am. They are very pleased that I have reached a higher level of my potential through patience and diligence.

Dr. N: Why do you think you had to go through so much in your lives on Earth?

S: How can I teach others unless I have gone through fire myself to become strong?

Dr. N: Well ... (subject interrupts me with something which has appeared in her mind as a result of my last question)

S: Oh ... they have a surprise for me. Oh, I'm so HAPPY!

Note: At this moment my subject breaks down with tears of joy and anticipation of the scene unfolding in her mind. I pull out my trusty box of tissues and we continue.

Dr. N: Move forward and tell me what the surprise is all about.

S: (bubbling) It's graduation time! We are gathering in the temple. Aru, my guide, is here along with the chairman of my council. Master teachers and students are assembling from everywhere.

Dr. N: Can you break this down a little for me? How many teachers and students do you see?

S: (hurriedly) Ah ... some twelve teachers and ... maybe forty students.

Dr. N: Are some of the students from your own primary group?

S: (pause) There are three of us. Students have been brought from other groups who are ready. I don't know most of them.

Dr. N: I notice some hesitation on your part. Where are the others of your own group?

S: (with regret) They are not yet ready.

Dr. N: What is the core color of all these students around you?

S: Bright, solid yellow. Oh, you have no idea how long it has taken us to arrive here.

Dr. N: Perhaps I do. Why don't you describe the proceedings for me?

S: (takes a deep breath) Everyone is in a festive mood, like a coming-out party. We all line up and float in ... and I'm going to sit up front. Aru is smiling proudly at me. A few words are spoken by the masters who acknowledge how hard we have worked. Then our names are called.

Dr. N: Individually?
S: Yes ... I hear my name, "Iri"... I float forward to receive a scroll with my name printed on the front.

Dr. N: What else do these scrolls have on them?

S: (modestly) It's rather private ... about those achievements which took me the longest ... and how I overcame them.
Dr. N: So, in a way, this is more than a diploma. It's a testimonial record of your work.

S: (softly) Yes.

Dr. N: Is everyone wearing cap and gowns?

S: (quickly) No! (then smiling) Oh ... I see ... you are teasing me.

Dr. N: Well, maybe a little. Tell me, Iri, what takes place after the ceremonies?

S: We gather around to talk about our new assignments and I have the opportunity to meet with some of the souls who are in my specialty area. We will meet again in new classes that will make the best use of our abilities.

Dr. N: What will be your first assignment, Iri?

S: I will be nurturing the youngest souls. It's as if we will be raising flowers from the seedlings. You feed them with tenderness and understanding.

Dr. N: And where do you think these newer souls come from?

S: (pause) From the divine egg-the womb of creation-spun out like silken thread ... and then taken to the nursery mothers ... and then to us. It's very exciting. The responsibility will be so challenging.

Movement to the Intermediate Levels
I have had souls who were with their primary groups for some 50,000 years before they were ready to move on to the intermediate levels, while a much smaller percentage have achieved this state of development within 5,000 years. Once reaching level III, I find that souls begin to rise much more rapidly into the advanced levels. Souls develop at different rates while displaying a variety of talents along the way. I notice that when souls start to spend less time in recreation and socializing they are working harder and becoming more focused on perfecting certain skills that will contribute to the forces of cosmic consciousness.

The three principal elements I am most aware of for soul specialty selection are talent, past performance and personal desire.

These assemblages of more specialized souls are rather loosely knit at first. I have defined them as independent study groups. The training begins slowly on a periodic basis with different specialized teachers. This allows for an evaluation period for souls by their trainers. Independent study has a greater emphasis on self-direction by the soul in their tasks, which becomes even more pronounced as they develop into level IV and V proficiency.

A number of soul specializations have been listed in preceding chapters. In order of presentation, they have been described as the Dream-masters, Redeemers of Lost Souls, Keepers of Neutrality, Restoration Masters, Incubator Mothers, Archivist Souls, Animal Caretaker Souls, Musical Directors, and Gamekeepers. There seems to be an overlapping of certain specialties. For instance, Gamekeepers who train others in travel may also be Explorer Souls for new sites useful in R & R and the more serious planetary aspects of energy training. In this chapter, I will cite further examples of soul specialties. I am sure readers will recognize what specialty area might fit their own inclinations.

There does not appear to be a certain path that would ultimately lead souls to a seat on a council. The Elders seem to come from a background of many specializations.

When I discuss the topic of specialty areas during my lectures, a lot of people say they thought all souls were being groomed to be teacher-guides. I had the same idea in the early phases of my research. Eventually, I learned that while teaching is a leading specialty in the spirit world, this does not mean that most souls make great teachers. Because teaching is so vital to souls, I will begin with a category of this field I haven't covered before.

Nursery Teachers

Advanced souls who are brand-new teachers in training are called the Nursery Teachers, or caretakers of children, because the young souls they work with have not yet begun their incarnations. Earth is such a difficult school for training it is best that many new souls are allowed time in adjusting to planetary life as discarnates. This is illustrated by the following report from a subject:

"I remember when I was a very young soul and came to Earth for the first time with a couple of friends. As spirits we floated around to check our capacity and adaptability to this place while accompanied by our teacher. We were shown how to collect the magnetic vibrations of this planet and blend them with our own. We needed to feel what it would take for us to be in physical form here."

Teachers must be good communicators. Yet a skilled communicator who is able to motivate, for example, might not have the ability to work with a soul mind trying to integrate with many human egos in all their host bodies. Nursery Teachers who work with very young souls may not choose to become guides for the general population of souls for many reasons. Working with the child soul is challenging because many young souls do not seem to be able to move on with their reincarnations and will require remedial studies.
I have to keep on my toes with advanced clients, and questioning them about soul colors in their descriptions of settings is a big help. The man in case 55 is entering a level IV proficiency and had just finished telling me about the variety of yellow-blue lights in his own specialty group composed of three souls. I was ready to move on to something else when I thought of one more question, which opened up a whole new line of inquiry.

Case 55
Dr. N: Is that all the colors you see in this vicinity?

S: No, there are eleven kids-white lights-bunched together off to the left of us. Their energy is smaller, with a shorter energy pattern, and rather scattered. The young ones are very exuberant.

Note: At this point my subject became very excited when he recognized one of these souls as his child today. I let him enjoy this moment and then we continued.

Dr. N: Do you see any differences in light intensity from these eleven souls?

S: Not much. The very innocent and timid kids have dim lights. We don't have one of those right now.

Dr. N: What relationship do you have with these eleven souls?

S: I'm being assisted in their training by two colleagues whom I haven't known for very long because they come from other groups.

Dr. N: Did the three of you have a common background on Earth to prepare you for this initial teaching assignment?

S: Well, we were teachers, holy men, healers ... that kind of thing in our past lives. One must have sensitivity and great patience for this sort of work, (stops, then adds as an afterthought) You know, teachers can learn from students.

Dr. N: I'm sure that's true. Why don't you give me a sense of where you and these children are right now in the spirit world.

S: We are sent to neutral areas for training because it would be too inhibiting for these kids to be near the regular teaching classrooms.
Dr. N: What's going on at the moment?

S: (laughs) They are whizzing about in all directions, more interested in pulling pranks on each other than learning anything. Things will change when they start to incarnate.
My next quote is a condensation from the case of a woman who is working with souls that have just begun to incarnate:

"I have my hands full right now with seven goof-offs. They like being playboys and playgirls during their incarnations. They just want to stay as children and not take life seriously. They are overly fond of earthly pleasures and don't want to deal with the hard stuff. Their major interest is looking beautiful in the next life. Ulant, my senior guide, has left them with me and I don't see him very much. I'll admit my style is extremely lenient. I use lots of gentleness and love. Some of the other teachers say I spoil them outrageously. I know of teachers who express a lot of frustration and become stern with their young students, especially those with potential. The council is interested in my teaching methods. They want to test my theories of permissiveness rather than giving this class a mental spanking. My concept of teaching is that once these child souls do start to develop, the leap they will take into maturity will be more rapid because they won't have had their self-confidence shaken by too many hard lessons and setbacks too soon."

For a long time I considered the instruction of ethics to be part of all teaching rather than a specialty by itself. The next case is that of a twenty-six-year-old man from Detroit, a level V, whose spiritual name is Andarado. Initially, I tried to dissuade him from coming to see me. I normally do not take clients under the age of thirty. This is because I don't think the average young person has passed that many major forks in the road of life. Their amnesia blocks may be too firmly in place. There is also the increased possibility of obstructions by their spirit guides during hypnosis who might feel it is too early for their student to see certain karmic pathways. Andarado was an exception and I'm glad he overruled my concerns.

This client had sent me a letter stating, "I am anxious to experience my immortal identity because I have long felt I know things and have skills beyond what I should for my age." When I met Andarado, I was struck by his intensity, alertness and self-containment, which I found unusual for someone his age.

As his session progressed, I found that Andarado first came to Earth during the rise of Babylon, which I thought was rather late in Earth time for a blue light. He told me his incarnations began on a dark, quiet world with intelligent, although unemotional, life forms who were dying as a race. This was a world devoted to reason and logic. Eventually, Andarado asked for a transfer to a brighter world where he could incarnate into a more sensitive being. He was given Earth.
While reviewing his past experiences in a spiritual classroom, I learned of Andarado's interest in how planetary magnetic energy affects intelligent behavior on certain worlds. His latest assignment was creating brain tissue for a small feline creature. Andarado explained, "I set up a lattice of energy to screen and study patterns of behavior responses. I have to be careful not to hook up a 12-volt battery into a 6-volt system." I assumed he was studying to be a Master of Design. I was in for a surprise.

Case 56
Dr. N: Andarado, we have talked about your work in the spirit world with teaching students. You have also explained a little about your energy creation studies with the thought processes of lower forms of life. This leads me to conclude you are preparing to be a specialist in either teaching or design.

S: (laughs) Neither is true. I am training to be an Ethicist.

Dr. N: Oh? How about these two areas of your early studies we have just talked about?

S: They have been offered to me as prerequisites so I will be more effective as an Ethicist. This is my passion, working with the moral codes of intelligent beings.

Dr. N: But isn't the reviewing of morality, values and the standards of conduct basic to the work of all teaching guides?

S: Yes, but moral principles as they relate to objective values are so essential to human development one can specialize in that field. There is usually an Ethicist on every council.

Dr. N: Why did you spend so much time on another world before coming to Earth?

S: Being versed in the morality of other intelligent societies is good training for any Ethicist.

Dr. N: Okay, Andarado, tell me-how many student souls from Earth did they give you when you began working between lives on your true vocation?

S: Only a couple at first.

Dr. N: I suppose they were very young souls?

S: Yes, but then that changed and I now have eighteen middle-level souls.

Dr. N: Why are you allowed to be working with level s when you have not finished incarnating on Earth yourself?

S: This is exactly the reason for my current assignment. I'm not experienced enough to be helping the very troubled, less-developed souls. Because I am still unseasoned, they don't give me the really difficult cases. I can give advice to souls with more maturity because I was in their shoes not so long ago.

Dr. N: Do you work with your students both in the spirit world and while they are on Earth?

S: (firmly) Not during the periods when they are incarnating on Earth. That is the prerogative of their teaching guides. I work with them only in the spirit world.

Dr. N: How do you see ethics as a test for human society?

S: Primarily because it is so easy for human beings to drift away from moral behavior and to rationalize their actions.

Dr. N: Would you say this is because the average person is pragmatic in believing the end justifies the means in being perceived as individually successful?

S: Yes, and this appears to people to be in opposition to universalism.

Dr. N: Do you see any resolution in the conflict between universalism and rugged individualism in human attitudes?

S: Working for world betterment would eventually do away with intolerance against those who are different from us. The need for personal status and elitism is the conflict because it is equated with happiness.

Dr. N: So you see our dilemma as the conflict between placing a desire for personal happiness and individual goals above the alleviation of suffering among the human population?

S: For many on this planet that is the dilemma of selfishness.

Dr. N: Could you take this a bit further? Are you saying that humans by nature are not a race of egalitarian and charitable people?

S: The average human has this dilemma, although many do not think being self-centered is a problem for them. This is the great test for coming to Earth and why my work is so difficult here. The lesson of Earth, as far as morality and ethics are concerned, is for the soul to be encased in the body of a being whose instincts-whose very nature-cry out for personal survival. The plight of others is secondary.

Dr. N: You do not find a natural good in humans which is linked to the conscience of a soul?

S: Of course, that is a major part of my specialty, to develop this element of goodness so that eventually it will be a natural reaction to difficult circumstances on Earth.

Dr. N: Does the need for self-reliance have to be in opposition to a consideration for others on this planet?

S: Personal ideals and values can result in general happiness for society as a whole, if we become fully engaged with the righteousness of the soul mind as the core power of Self.

Dr. N: What is the most helpful advice you give your students before they come back to Earth?

S: (grins) They are like race horses, so I caution them to be patient and pace themselves. The energy that goes into controlling the human body must be parceled out carefully. They are at the stage of learning the fine balance of ethical behavior. When they live in a physical world as dense as Earth, they must guard against being absorbed by it in order to be effective.
There is a great need for Ethicist Souls. It can be said that there are reasons for the actions of some people turning out badly because of an underdeveloped soul co-existing with a disturbed human brain. Because of these conditions, our free will toward making good choices could be more inhibited. I have tried to show that in the spirit world souls do not use this argument as a valid excuse for the lack of control over emotions in a host body.

Harmonizer Souls

While I access the minds of so many people, I do see an interdependence and connection behind all soul specialties. Souls in the general category of Harmonizers often incarnate as communicators working in a variety of capacities. When they are discarnated beings, I am told they work as restorers of disrupted energy on the face of the Earth. Incarnating Harmonizer Souls might be statesmen, prophets, inspirational messengers, negotiators, artists, musicians and writers. Typically, they are souls who balance the energy of planetary events involving human relationships. They may be public or private figures who operate behind the stage of world events. These souls are not healers in the traditional mode of working with individuals because Harmonizers function on a larger scale in attempting to diffuse negative energy.
In my first book, I wrote about the Sages, who are highly advanced souls that are still incarnating on Earth even though it is unnecessary for their own personal development. I am told they are skilled linguists with the ability to phrase words in vibrational tones that deeply touch people. These wise beings are here because it is their mission to help humanity in a direct physical way. They are unobtrusive and may wish for no public attention. From what I can gather, they are not large in number. These highly evolved old souls among us are considered to be active observers of events. They report on human trends that they feel require special attention. For this reason, I place them under Harmonizer Souls.
It is evident to my subjects that the Sages are somehow connected to another group of Harmonizer specialists in the spirit world whom they call the Watchers. These beings do not incarnate but receive information from many sources about conditions on Earth and other worlds as well. Presumably, a Watcher provides information to other Harmonizers, who will act to moderate the affects of social and physical forces creating havoc on Earth. The case which follows is from a level V called Larian who is in training to be a Harmonizer.

Case 57
Dr. N: Larian, could you explain something about being in the specialty of harmonizing and what you do?

S: I am a raw recruit, but I will try. I am learning about harmonizing Earth's discordant energy to help people.

Dr. N: Do you mean with the geophysical elements of Earth, such as high winds, fire, earthquakes-that sort of thing?
S: I have friends in that pursuit, but this is not my area of study.

Dr. N: Well all right, then-before we get to your tasks, what are your friends learning?

S: These planetary restorers soften the destructive aftermath of natural physical forces, which cause large amounts of negative energy.

Dr. N: Why don't the powers that exist in the spirit world just prevent these natural disasters from happening in the first place and save people a lot of grief?

S: (shakes head) Then they wouldn't be natural catastrophes, which are intended to be part of the conditions of life on Earth. A planetary harmonizer would not interfere with these forces, even if they had the capability-which I don't think they do.

Dr. N: Then what is their function?
S: Spread the seeds of coherent energy into the disturbed, to neutralize large concentrations of negative energy. They work with polarity and magnetic force to assist in human recovery, (grins) We call them the vacuum cleaners.

Dr. N: Okay, Larian, where does your own work fit into the scheme of things?
S: I hope to make a contribution with catastrophic events directly created by people.

Dr. N: How many other trainees are in your section?

S: Four.

Dr. N: Do you and your associates plan to stop wars?

S: (perturbed) I don't think I am getting across to you. Our training is not designed to tamper with the minds of people who cause human suffering.

Dr. N: Why not? Are you saying as a Harmonizer Soul you would not want to intercede in some way with a Hitlerian psychopath bent on destruction?

S: The mind of the psychopath is closed to reason. I am in training to maintain positive energy around calmer heads who can make a difference in world events.

Dr. N: Isn't that tampering with free will, cause and effect, and the whole issue of natural karmic influences?

S: (pause) The conditions are already in place for the unfolding of cause and effect. We wish to allow for more rational thinking by sending waves of positive energy to the right people. We do not orchestrate resolutions. We offer a quiet atmosphere for dialogue.

Dr. N: You know, Larian, it seems to me you are fence-straddling between tampering and not doing so.
S: Then I am not getting through to you. Maybe if I explain more what I am doing at present you will see the difference. I am learning to adjust my energy beam to diffuse and rearrange the forces of negative human energy generated each day on Earth. It is like opening a dam to provide needed water to make the valley below fertile.
Dr. N: I don't know if I am convinced yet, but please continue.

S: (patiently) I go to a huge dome to practice with my small group. Arlett is there, she is our instructor-very accomplished- catches our mistakes at once. It is here we practice the art of balancing vibrational disharmony. Eventually, we hope to smooth out large masses of disruptive energy patterns on Earth.
Dr. N: What happens in the dome?

S: It provides a geometric base for certain oscillations and intervals to simulate erratic waves of human thought from large groups. It is deliberately stirred up for us. We are supposed to smooth it out.

Dr. N: Mmm ... to foster expressions of harmonic thought?
S: Yes, thought and communication. We also study vocal tones and analyze their meanings-anything which influences negative thought. We want to help people who wish to help themselves. This is not direct interference.

Dr. N: All right, Larian, but when you become proficient at being a Harmonizer Soul, what power will you possess?

S: We will become senders of recovering energy to combat mass disillusionment. The melody of a Harmonizer whispers through the corridors of Earth of better things to come. We are messengers of hope.

After listening to the explanations of a number of Harmonizer Souls, I have come to believe that those spiritual masters who designed this laboratory of chaos we call Earth did not set things in motion and then walk away. There are superior beings who care enough about our survival to watch over us.

Masters of Design
While this specialization is also multifaceted, to me it represents two major subdivisions of souls. Within a geophysical environment, there are purely structural specialists and those who create living things within these settings. The Master of Design trainees of my limited experience are assigned to work in a physical universe, frequently with uninhabited planets in the process of cooling after being formed out of stars. Those souls who are involved with the creation of life forms are engaged with worlds where new life is evolving.
I will begin by reviewing the activities of the structural souls who are in training to use energy for the designing of planetary geology. I think of them as architect-builders of topography who work with the component parts making up planetary surface features. This would include mountains, bodies of water, atmosphere and climate. Although structural specialists are associated with souls dedicated to landscaping with plants, trees and living creatures, that work is considered to be a separate classification of design. Structurally oriented souls are likely to begin their craft by constructing, in the spirit world, objects they knew in life.

Case 58
Dr. N: How many souls were in your original cluster group?

S: There were twenty-one ... most of us have been split up now.

Dr. N: Does that mean you don't see much of the original group?
S: (reflectively) No ... that's not it ... just that we are scattered around. Most of us don't work together anymore, (brightening) I do see my old friends at other times.

Dr. N: Did any members of the old group come with you?

S: Three ... and two stayed.

Dr. N: How many souls have been assigned to your new group?

S: Eight right now, and we hear one more is coming.

Dr. N: I am curious how this change in your endeavors came about. Can you explain what the transition out of your original group was like for you?

S: (long pause) Well, in the beginning I noticed another guide began dropping in on our study sessions. We learned his name was Baatak. He had been invited by my guide Eirow to observe us for a while.

Dr. N: Did Baatak drop in at random during all phases of your work activities at that time?

S: No, he came only during the structural periods.

Dr. N: And what was the nature of your structural work then?

S: Oh, you know, the use of energy in structural composition. I like to sculpt matter into utilitarian designs.

Dr. N: I see ... well, I'll come back to that. Tell me, did Baatak participate in your group activities during his visits to the old cluster?

S: No, he was an observer. He watched each of us carefully during the structural periods. Occasionally, he would ask one of us specific questions about how the work we were engaged in was coming along and if we felt an ... affinity toward the work.

Dr. N: Give me an idea of your feelings about Baatak at this time and his attitude toward you.

S: I took to him right away. I think he saw that I really enjoyed what we were doing.

Dr. N: Then what happened with you and Baatak?
S: After a while (three more lifetimes), a few of us were invited to go with him for short periods to a new group that was being formed. I remember wanting Hyanth to come ... so we could be together.

Dr. N: Is Hyanth someone important to you?

S: Yes, my soulmate.
Dr. N: And did she come with you into your new group?

S: No, Hyanth did not take to this concentrated structural work all that much ... and so she went to another group that was being formed.

Dr. N: What did Hyanth object to about your new group?

S: Let me put it this way. I enjoy carving and shaping energy, experimenting with the relationships between planes and geometrical solids as building blocks of matter.

Dr. N: And Hyanth?

S: (with pride) Hyanth is attracted to designing the beautiful aspects of environmental settings suitable for life. She is wonderful with scenery. While I might construct a fitting series of interconnecting mountains she would be more interested in the plants and trees growing on the mountain.

Dr. N: Let me understand something. Do you just go to a physical world and build a mountain, with someone like Hyanth concentrating on life forms such as the trees?

S: No, we work with physical worlds which are forming and set in motion the geologic forces which will build the mountain. My structural projects don't have to have life. Also, Hyanth doesn't create a forest of adult trees on worlds suitable for life. Her people would design the cells which might eventually grow into the trees they want.

Dr. N: Does this mean your group and Hyanth's are separated?

S: (deep sigh) No, she is working nearby.

Dr. N: What is it like being in a newly formed group?

S: I don't think I will ever be totally apart from my old bunch. We complemented one another in so many ways. For thousands of years we helped each other in all our lives. Now ... well, the mixture of new people is strange. We all feel the same way about our old groups. We come from different backgrounds and experiences, it takes some getting use to.

Dr. N: Would you go so far as to say there is rivalry between the members of your new soul group?
S: (grins) Nooo ... not really ... we all have the same motives to help each other make a contribution. The teasing and joking in our original groups is mostly gone. Everyone is serious. We each have our own talent, ideas and ways of doing things. We can see that Baatak is in the process of unifying us and we are learning to pay close attention to the abilities of each other. It is an honor to be here, but we still have weaknesses.

Dr. N: What is yours?

S: I am afraid of experimenting with my power. I like working in comfortable situations where I know I can design something perfectly. One of my new friends is just the opposite. He produces some good planetary stuff and then just jumps in and comes up with something wacky like screwing up the atmosphere so no life of any kind can breathe. He gets all tangled up with complex plans that are beyond his capabilities.

Dr. N: Can you explain to me how you personally start with a structural design project in class?

S: By first visualizing what I want. I carefully put it together in my mind to get a clear blueprint. With my new group we are learning how to use the proper quality of energy in proper composition to a large scale. With Eirow I worked in parts, while Baatak wants everything to be an interconnecting whole.

Dr. N: So the interrelation of energy elements is important to both the form and balance of your work?

S: Absolutely! Light energy begins the process but there must be a harmony to the design, and it should have practical applications. (bursts out laughing)

Dr. N: Why are you laughing?
S: I was thinking about a construction project with Hyanth. It was in our off time. Hyanth and I were kidding each other about being too self-important. She challenged me to build a small version of the elegant church where we were married in one of our lives. I was a stone cutter in that life. (in Medieval France)

Dr. N: Did you accept her challenge?

S: (still laughing) Yes, on the condition she would help me.
Dr. N: Was that fair? I mean, she is not a specialist in structure.

S: She isn't. Hyanth agreed to try and reproduce the stained glass windows and sculptures that she had loved. She wanted beauty and I wanted function. What a mess! I started by using flat beams of energy for the walls and was doing fairly well with the connecting arches, but the vaults and dome were a disaster. I called for Baatak and he fixed everything.

Dr. N: (an often-asked question) But this is all an illusion?

S: (laughing) Are you so sure of that? This building will stand for as long as we wish it to be here for us.

Dr. N: And then what?

S: It will disappear.

Dr. N: So where are you in your planetary studies?

S: I am involved with creating particles of energy for rock shapes on a full planetary scale.
Dr. N: Is this where most of your attention is directed now?

S: No, mostly I must still experiment alone with many smaller models of topography to learn how to integrate all the elements of matter. So many mistakes happen but I enjoy the training. It's just very slow.
Who gives souls the power to do what they do with matter? I have spent years debating with myself about creation while trying to incorporate fragments of information about the cosmos from the designer souls. I have come to the conclusion that intelligent energy waves create subatomic particles of matter and it is the vibrational frequency of these waves that causes matter to react in desired ways.

The Masters of Design have enormous influence on creation. I'm told they are capable of bridging universes that seem not to have a beginning or end, exacting their purposes among countless environmental settings. Carried to its logical conclusion, this would mean these masters-or grandmasters-would be capable of creating the spinning gas clouds of galactic matter which started the process of stars, planets and eventual life in our universe.

I am certain there is intelligent thought behind the formation of all animate and inanimate objects. This observation comes from souls who use their light energy for conceiving, designing, and then manipulating the molecules and cell structure of living matter which possess the physical properties they want in finished form.

I consider most people who gain experience in different environments outside the spirit world between lives to be a type of Explorer Soul. They may be souls whose personal development requires in-depth experience on different worlds or simply recreational travelers. I also have clients who engage in temporary work assignments between lives that involve travel. From the accounts I hear about, I picture a full-fledged Explorer Soul as a highly specialized, non-incarnating being who seeks out suitable training sites for the less-experienced souls and then eventually leads them to these regions.
Most of the souls I work with who explore other worlds are led by instructors. The Explorer Souls do not emphasize a polarity of light and darkness in their travels as much as other elements. These could include a restless or serene environment, thin or heavy density, physical or mental domains, and conditions lending themselves to what has been described as "purified or coarse intelligence." Traveler souls who move into different realms of cosmic consciousness must learn to align their energy with symmetry to local conditions within these demarcations.

Case 60
Dr. N: What activity are you most engaged in between lives when you are not reviewing karmic lessons with your soul group?

S: Well ... I do take trips ... ah ... but they are rather personal. I don't think I should talk about this sort of thing ...

Dr. N: I don't wish to make you uncomfortable with telling me things which you feel you shouldn't, (pause) Just let me ask if there is some exotic place you travel to between lives which gives you fond memories?

S: (reacts quickly with a broad smile) Oh, yes-to Brooel.

Dr. N: (lowering my voice) Is this a world where you incarnate?

S: No, I remain as a soul because I only go to Brooel to rejuvenate my spirit ... and it's fun to take trips here because it is like Earth with no people.

Dr. N: (in a reassuring tone) I see, so you mostly go for rest and recreation. Why don't you tell me about the physical aspects of Brooel compared to Earth.

S: It is smaller than Earth and colder because the sun is further away. It has mountains, trees, flowers and fresh water but no oceans.

Dr. N: Who brings you to Brooel?

S: Uh ... a Master Navigator by the name of Jhumu.

Dr. N: Would this be the same type of soul as an Explorer who is a specialist in travel, or someone like your own guide?

S: Jhumu is an Explorer all right, we call them navigators, (pause) But our guides can come with us too if they want.

Dr. N: I understand completely. Tell me, do you usually go alone or with other members of your soul group?

S: We could come alone but the navigators usually bring a few members of different groups.

Dr. N: What do you think of Jhumu?

S: (more relaxed) Jhumu likes being a tour director for those of us who are taking breaks from our normal activities. He says it gives us perspective.

Dr. N: That sounds interesting. I know you are anxious to explain why Brooel is great fun, so why don't we begin by my asking you about the animal life on this planet.

S: Ah ... no fish, frogs, snakes-no amphibians.

Dr. N: Oh? Why is that, do you think?

S: (pause and a little confused) I don't know, except those of us who come here want to be involved with a special land animal ... who is-.(stops)

Dr. N: (coaxing) An animal you remember?

S: (laughs) Our favorite ... the Arder. They are like a small bear with cat features all rolled into one. (wrapping her arms around her sides) The Arder is a wonderful, furry, cuddly, peaceful animal which is really not an animal as we know it.

Dr. N: What does this mean?

S: The Arder is very intelligent and affectionate.

Dr. N: How does their intelligence compare to humans?

S: That's difficult to say. It is not higher or lower than humans ... just different.

Dr. N: What is most different?

S: They have absolutely no need for conflict or competition among their kind. This is why we are brought to this peaceful setting-it gives us hope for a better future on Earth-what Earth could become if we all got our act together.

Dr. N: What do you and your friends do on Brooel?

S: We come and play with these gentle creatures, who seem to have a connection for souls from Earth needing rest. We materialize our energy in a minor way to interact with the Arders.

Dr. N: Can you be more specific about this process?

S: Well ... we assume transparent human shapes to hug them. We float into their minds ... so unearthly and subtle. After life on a hard physical world such as Earth, they heal us in this setting. The Arder is a soothing creature which motivates us to see what is possible with the human body.

If we have dreams of being tall giants, very short elfin-appearing beings, or having the bodies of water and air creatures, this could mean these dreams reflect unconscious memories of a prior incarnation on another world. However, it is also just as likely we were associated with this type of entity on R & R visits to some exotic world. Much of our mythology about strange creatures may also stem from these memories.

Sometimes a hybrid soul will tell me about being taken by an Explorer Soul between lives to a world similar to that of their first physical incarnations.

Between my lives on Earth, I visit a water world called Anturium, which is so restful after a difficult life on land. Anturium has only one land mass, the size of Iceland. I come with a few of my friends who also have an affinity to water. We are brought by an Explorer-guide who is familiar with this region. Here we join the Kratens, who look a little like whales. They are telepathic and a long-lived race who do not mind our coming and mentally connecting with them for a while.
Occasionally, they gather at certain locations to telepathically communicate with intelligent aquatic life forms who exist on two other planets (around stars in the galactic vicinity of Anturium). What I love about this place is the unity and harmony of thought with the Kratens which rejuvenates my mind and reminds me of my original planet.

Apparently, the Kratens have the ability to project their minds as beacons of unified thought away from Anturium to other worlds by knowing the points of confluence in the magnetic energy belt around their planet. These vortex areas seem to give the Kraten's telepathic power a boost and serve as conduits to better interstellar communication. From this case and hundreds of others, I have come to the conclusion that everything on Earth and in the universe is apparently connected by thought waves to and from the spirit world. This may also be true for other dimensions near us as well. The multiple progression of intelligence with all elements of matter represents a symphony of order and direction based upon a plan of universal consciousness.

In the last chapter, I explained how some recreational games are used as training vehicles for the souls attracted to exploration. The more adept engage in interdimensional travel. One of my Explorer-trainee clients said to me, "I was told that to become an Explorer I would have to experience many realities by beginning my travels to physical worlds, and then escalating to the mental existences and interdimensional travel."
In order to acquaint the reader with interdimensional life, I have chosen the strange case of a client from Japan who told me in deep hypnosis that his soul was originally from another dimension. His spiritual name is Kanno.

Case 61
Kanno is a Japanese scientist who, years ago, came to the U.S. for his advanced education. Today he prefers a life of relative isolation in laboratories. He suffers from a poor immune system, a common complaint among hybrid soul clients. These people are negatively influenced by too-little experience with the human body and too many alien imprints carried over from their former existences. As I have said, it may take the hybrid soul many generations of earthly incarnations before a complete memory cleansing of old body energy patterns will take place.
I began our session in my customary fashion, by regressing Kanno to the time when he was inside his mother's womb. This is a good place for a spiritual regressionist to start interacting with a client's soul. While inside his mother, my subject reported that he had trepidations about his coming birth stemming from his one prior life on Earth some 300 years ago in India. I continued the regression to Kanno's death scene in India and then we crossed into the spirit world. I will pick up the dialogue with Kanno when he meets his guide, Phinus.

Dr. N: What does Phinus say to you?

S: She says, "Welcome back, how did you like the ride?"

Dr. N: And what is your response?

S: Did it have to be so terrible?

Dr. N: Does she agree with your assessment of life in India?

S: Phinus reminds me that I volunteered to have a difficult opening life on Earth because I wanted to receive the full impact of a disruptive planet. I was the poorest of the poor in India and lived in squalor.

Dr. N: Did you want to suffer this much in your initial life?

S: The life was terrible and I didn't handle it well. When a childless family took my daughter against my will by paying the owner of the shack where I lived, I became so distraught I could not function. (Kanno jerks in his chair and emotionally relives the moments after his last death) WHAT KIND OF A PLANET IS THIS ANYWAY? PEOPLE SELLING CHILDREN!

Dr. N: (at this point I do not yet know about Kanno's hybrid origins and I make a wrong assumption) This does seem as though it was a very difficult first incarnation for a new soul on Earth.

S: Who said I was a new soul?

Dr. N: I'm sorry, Kanno. I just assumed that right now you are only in your second incarnation on Earth.

S: That's true, but I'm from another dimension.

Dr. N: (startled) Oh, then what can you tell me about this other dimension?

S: We had no physical worlds as you have in this dimension. My incarnations were on a mental world.

Dr. N: What did you look like on this world?

S: I had an elongated, flowing body-spongy, with no skeletal structure. We were rather transparent forms of silvery light.

Dr. N: Did you prefer a certain type of gender?

S: We were all hermaphrodites.

Dr. N: Kanno, please explain the difference between traveling to the dimension of your origins from the spirit world as opposed to coming into our universe.

S: In my dimension movement is like going through soft, translucent filaments of light. Coming into your universe is like plowing through thick, heavy, moisture-laden fog.

Dr. N: And being on Earth for the first time-what was that like compared to your home world?

S: Having concrete tied to your feet. The first thing you notice is the heavy weight of the dense energy here compared to a mental world, (pause) It isn't just heavy-it's coarse ... severe ... I was really jolted in that life in India.

Dr. N: Is all this a little better now-are you becoming acclimatized?

S: (without confidence) To some extent. It's still pretty difficult ...

Dr. N: I can see that. Kanno, what is the most troubling aspect about the human brain for you?

S: (abruptly) Ahh-it's the impulsive behavior-the physical reaction to things-without analytical thought. There is danger in connecting with the wrong kind of human being, too ... treachery ... I can't deal with this.

Dr. N: (Kanno is sweating profusely and I quiet him now a bit before continuing) Tell me about your mental world. Does it have a name?

S: (pause) It's a sound which I can't re-create with my voice, (begins reminiscing) We float in a sea of gentle mental currents ... soft ... playful ... so unlike Earth.

Dr. N: Then why come here?
S: (with a deep sigh) I am studying to be an Explorer-teacher. Most of my associates are satisfied to confine their efforts to one dimension. I finally told Phinus I wanted broader experience with a hard world in a completely different zone of existence. She told me she had a senior colleague who recommended another dimension with a strenuous physical world that had a reputation for producing vigorous, insightful souls (with a gallows laugh)- once you survive the lessons. This was Earth.

Dr. N: Did you get the impression there were other choices open to you?
S: (shrugs) Guides don't give you many choices in such situations. Phinus said that when I completed my work on Earth I would be strengthened in ways my friends who refused such assignments would not be. She said Earth would also be quite interesting and I accepted that.

Dr. N: Did any of your friends come with you into our dimension?

S: No, I was the only one who elected to go and I almost refused to return again in this life. My associates think I am very brave. They know if I make it, I'm going to be an effective traveler.

Dr. N: Let's talk about travel, Kanno. As an interdimensional traveler, you probably know if there is a finite number of dimensions around our physical universe.

S: (flatly) I do not know.

Dr. N: (cautiously) Well, is your home dimension next to ours?

S: No, I must pass through three other dimensions to get here.

Dr. N: Kanno, it would be helpful if you would try and describe what you see as you pass through these dimensions you are familiar with in your travels.
S: The first dimension is a sphere full of colors and violent explosions of light, sound and energy ... I think it is still forming. The next is black and empty-we call it the unused sphere. Then there is a beautiful dimension which has both physical and mental worlds composed of gentle emotion, tender elements and keen thought. This dimension is superior to my original dimension and your universe as well.
Dr. N: It's now your universe too, Kanno. Tell me, does the trip through the total of four dimensions take long?

S: No, quickly-like air particles passing through a filter.

Dr. N: Can you give me a sense of the structural design between these dimensions in relation to the spirit world? You described the dimensions as spheres. Why don't we start with that.

S: (long pause) I can't tell you much. Everything is ... in a circle around the center of the spirit world. Each of these universes appears to me to be an interlocking sphere with the next, as in a chain.

Dr. N: (after failing to gain more information) How are you getting on in our universe now, Kanno?

S: (rubbing his hand on his forehead) Better. I am learning how to discharge my energy in a steady, positive stream without depleting my reserve. It helps me to be away from people for long periods. I expect to really improve after a few more lives, but I am looking forward to completing my time here on Earth.

Before leaving the realm of the Explorer Soul, I should add that this sort of training involves learning about the texture of intelligent energy. I am frustrated in not being able to discover more about the properties of this energy in motion on mental worlds. Some information comes to me from those souls who have had experience on physical worlds which are also considered mental, as demonstrated by the following condensed quote:
"We visit the volcanic gas world of Crion to learn by assimilation. It is a mental world with outward physical attributes. Our group of Explorers float as blobs of fluid energy in a sea of gaseous substances. We are metamorphic and able to change shape and form into the tiny beings whose life is centered around pure thought. There is absolute vibrational uniformity here, unlike Earth."

Souls who travel interdimensionally explain that their movements appear to be in and out of curved spheres connected by zones that are opened and closed by converging vibrational attunement. Explorer trainees have to learn this skill. From the accounts I have heard, the interdimensional travelers must also learn about the surface boundaries of zones connecting universes as hikers locating trailheads between mountain ranges. Souls speak of points, lines and surfaces in multi-space which indicate larger structural solids, at least for the physical universes. I would think dimensions having geometric designs need hyperspace to hold them. Yet Explorer Souls travel so fast in some sort of hyperspace it seems to me the essence of speed, time and direction of travel is hardly definitive. Training to be an Explorer must indeed be formidable, as indicated by this quote from a client who travels through five dimensions between her lives:
"These dimensions are meshed with one another so that I have no sense of boundaries except for two elements, sound and color. With sound, I must learn to attune my energy to the vibrational frequency of each dimension, and some are so complex I can not yet go to them. With color, the purples, blues, yellows, reds and whites are manifestations of light and density for those energy particles in the dimensions where I travel."
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