Spiritual Energy Restoration

Soul Energy
We cannot define the soul in a physical way because to do so would establish limits on something that seems to have none. I see the soul as intelligent light energy. This energy appears to function as vibrational waves similar to electromagnetic force but without the limitations of charged particles of matter. Soul energy does not appear to be uniform. Like a fingerprint, each soul has a unique identity in its formation, composition and vibrational distribution.
From years of study on how the soul interacts within a variety of human minds over many incarnations, and what it subsequently does in the spirit world, I have come to know something of its yearnings for perfection. This does not tell me what the soul is either. To fully understand soul energy, we would need to know all the aspects of its creation and, indeed, the consciousness of its source. This is a perfection that I cannot know, despite all my efforts investigating the mysteries of life after death.

Standard Treatment at the Gateway
When we cross over and are met by our guides, I find the techniques they use at initial contact fall into two general categories:

1. Envelopment. Here returning souls are completely cloaked by a large circular mass of their guide's powerful energy. As the soul and guide come together, the soul feels as though they both are encased in a bubble. This is the more common method, which my subjects describe as pure ecstasy.

2. The Focus Effect. This alternate procedure of initial contact is administered a little differently. As the guide approaches, energy is applied to certain points at the edges of the soul's etheric body from any direction of the guide's choosing. We might be taken by the hand or held by the tops of our shoulders from a side position. Healing begins from a specific point of the etheric body in the form of a brushing caress followed by deep penetration.

The choice of procedures depends on the preference of the guide and the condition of our soul energy at the time. In both instances there is an immediate infusion of potent, invigorating energy while we are projected forward. The more advanced souls, especially if they are undamaged, usually do not require assistance from a loving energy force.

Emergency Treatment at the Gateway
When souls arrive at the gateway to the spirit world with energy that is in a deteriorated state, some of our guides engage in emergency healing. One of my clients died in an auto accident in his last life where his leg was severed. He told me what occurred at the gateway as a result of this experience:

"When I reached the gateway, my guide saw the gaps in my energy aura and proceeded at once to push the damaged energy back into place. He molded it as clay to fill, reshape and smooth out the rough edges and broken intervals to make me whole again."

The etheric, or soul body is an outline of our old physical body which souls take into the spirit world. Essentially, it is an imprint of a human form we have not shed yet, like the skin of a reptile. This is not a permanent condition, although we might naturally create it later as a colorful, luminescent shape of energy. We know damaged body imprints from a past life can influence the current physical form of some people unless properly deprogrammed, so why not the reverse? There are souls who shed their body form completely at the moment of death. However, many souls with physical and emotional scars from life carry the imprint of this damaged energy back home.

My next case was a rather unusual one for me where a student guide was unable to handle damaged energy properly at the gate. My subject in this case had just come off a difficult life after being blown up in an artillery bombardment during a battle in World War I.

Case 19
Dr. N: As you pass into the bright light following your death in the mud and rain of this battlefield, what do you see?

S: A figure coming toward me dressed in a white robe.

Dr. N: Who is this figure?

S: I see Kate. She is a new teacher, recently assigned to our group.

Dr. N: Describe her appearance and what she is communicating to you as she comes closer.

S: She has a young, rather plain face with a large forehead. Kate radiates peace-I can feel it-but there is a concern too and ... (laughs) she won't come close to me.

Dr. N: Why not?

S: My energy is in bad shape. She says to me, "Zed, you should be healing yourself."

Dr. N: Why doesn't she help in this endeavor, Zed?

S: (laughs again loudly) Kate does not want to get near all my scrambled negative energy from the war ... and the killing.

Dr. N: I have never heard of a guide shying away from such responsibility with disassembled energy, Zed. Is she afraid of contamination?

S: (still laughing) Something like that. You have to understand Kate is still rather new at this sort of work. She is not happy with herself-I can see that.

Dr. N: Describe what your energy looks like right now.

S: My energy is a mess. It is in chunks ... black blocks ... irregular ... totally skewed out of alignment.

Dr. N: Is this because you didn't escape from your body fast enough at the moment of death?

S: For sure! My unit was taken by surprise. I normally cut loose (from the body) when I see death coming.

Note: This case and many others have taught me that souls often leave their bodies seconds before a violent death.

Dr. N: Well, can't Kate lend some assistance in rearranging your energy?

S: She tries ... a little . . . I guess it's too much for her at the moment.

Dr. N: So, what do you do?

S: I begin to take her suggestion and try to help myself. I'm not doing too well, it's so scrambled. Then a powerful stream of energy hits me like water from a fire hose and it helps me begin to reshape myself and push out some of the negative crap from that battle.

Dr. N: I have heard of a place where energy is showered upon newly returned, damaged souls. Is that where you are now?

S: (laughing) I guess so-it's from my guide, Bella. I can see him now. He is a real pro at this kind of thing. He is standing behind Kate, helping her.

Dr. N: Then what happens to you?

S: Bella fades away and Kate comes close to me and puts her arms around me and we start to talk as she leads me away.

Dr. N: (deliberately provoking) Do you have any confidence in Kate after she treated you like some sort of leper?

S: (frowns at me severely) Oh, come on-that's a mite strong. It won't be long before she gets the hang of working with this kind of messed-up energy. I like her a lot. She has many gifts ... right now, mechanics isn't one of them.

Regenerating Severely Damaged Souls
There are certain displaced souls who have become so contaminated by their host bodies that they require special handling. Contamination of the soul can take many forms and involve different grades of severity during an incarnation. A difficult host body might cause the less experienced soul to return with damaged energy where a more advanced being would survive the same situation relatively intact. Our thoughts, feelings, moods and attitudes are mediated by body chemicals which are released through signals of perceived threats and danger from the brain.

I have my own theory of madness. The soul comes into the fetus and begins its fusion with the human mind by the time the baby is born. If this child matures into an adult with organic brain syndromes, psychosis, or major affective disorders, abnormal behavior is the result. The struggling soul does not fully assimilate. When this soul can no longer control the aberrant behavior of its body, the two personas begin to separate into a dissociated personality. There may be many physical, emotional and environmental factors that contribute to a person becoming a danger to themselves and others. Here the combined Self has been damaged.

One of the red flags for souls who are losing their capacity to regulate deviant human beings is when they have had a series of lives in bodies demonstrating a lack of intimacy and displaying tendencies toward violence. This has a domino effect with a soul asking for the same sort of body to overcome the last one.

What happens to these disturbed souls when they return to the spirit world? I will begin with a quote from a client giving me an outsider's view of a place where severely damaged souls are taken. Some of my subjects call this area the City of Shadows:
"It is here where negative energy is erased. Since this is the place where so many souls are concentrated who have negative energy, it is dark to those of us outside. We can't go into this place where souls who have been associated with horror are undergoing alteration. And we would not want to go there anyway. It is a place of healing, but from a distance it has the appearance of a dark sea-while I am looking at it from a bright, sandy beach. All the light around this area is brighter in contrast because positive energy defines the greater goodness of bright light.
When you look at the darkness carefully, you see it is not totally black but a mixture of deep green. We know this is an aspect of the combined forces of the healers working here. We also know that souls who are taken to this area are not exonerated. Eventually, in some way, they must redress the wrongs they perpetrated on others. This they must do to restore full positive energy to themselves."
I understand there are souls whose acts in host bodies were so heinous they are not permitted to return to Earth. Souls are strengthened by regeneration with the expectation they can keep future potentially malevolent bodies in check. Of course, once in our new body, the amnesiac blocks of certain past life mistakes prevent us from being so inhibited we would not progress.

There are differences in the regeneration process between moderately and severely damaged souls. After listening to a number of explanations about kinds of energy treatments, I have come to this conclusion: The more radical approach of energy cleansing is one of remodeling energy while the less drastic method is reshaping. This is an oversimplification because there is much I don't know about these esoteric techniques. The fine art of energy reconstruction is handled by nonreincarnating masters who are not in my office answering questions. I work with the trainees. Case 20 will provide some insight into the mechanics of energy reshaping while case 21 will address remodeling.

Case 20
My subject in this case is a practitioner of chiropractic and homeopathic medicine who currently specializes in repolarizing the out-of-balance energy patterns of patients. This client has been a healer for thousands of years on Earth and is called Selim in the spirit world.

Dr. N: Selim, you have told me about your advanced healing group in the spirit world and how the five of you are in specific energy training. I would like to know more about your work. Would you begin by telling me what your advanced study group is called and what you do?

S: We are in training to be regenerators. We work to reshape ... to reorganize ... displaced energy in the place of the holding ground.

Dr. N: Is this place a designated area for souls whose energy has been disrupted?

S: Yes, the ones in bad condition. Those who will not be returning to their groups right away. They will stay in the holding ground.

Dr. N: Do you make this determination at the gateway to the spirit world?

S: No, I do not. I have not yet reached that status. This decision is made by their guides, who will call upon the masters who are training me.

Dr. N: Then tell me, Selim, when do you enter the picture after a severely damaged soul crosses back to the spirit world?

S: I am called by my instructor when it is felt I can assist in this energy healing. Then I move to the holding ground.

Dr. N: Please explain to me why you use the term "holding ground" and what this place is like.

S: The damaged soul is held here until their regeneration is complete so they are healthy again. This sphere is designed ... as a beehive structure ... covered with cells. Each soul has its own place to reside during the healing.

Dr. N: This sounds very much like the descriptions I have heard about the incubation of new souls after their creation and before they are assigned to groups.
S: That's true ... these are spaces where energy is nurtured.

Dr. N: So, are these beehive spaces all in the same place and used for the same purpose-both for regeneration and creation?

S: No, they are not. I work in the place of damaged souls. Newly created souls are not damaged. I can tell you nothing about those places.

Dr. N: That's fine, Selim, I appreciate learning about those areas where you do have knowledge and experience. Why do you think you were assigned this sort of work?

S: (with pride) Because of my long history in so many lives of working with wounded people. When I asked if I could specialize as a regenerator, my wish was granted and I was assigned to a training class.

Dr. N: And so when a severely wounded soul is returned to the holding ground, are you a soul who could be called to assist?

S: (shakes his head negatively) Not necessarily. I am only requested to go to the regeneration areas to work with energy that has been moderately damaged. I am a beginner. There is so much I don't know.

Dr. N: Well, I have a great deal of respect for what you do know, Selim. Before I ask you about your level of work, can you explain why a damaged soul would be sent to the holding ground?

S: They were overcome by their last body. Many are souls who have been repeatedly suppressed in previous lives as well. These are the ones who become stuck in life after life making no progress. Each body has contaminated them a little more. I work with these souls more than the ones who have had terrible energy damage, either from one life or many lives.

Dr. N: Do the souls whose energy has been gradually depleted ask for help, or are they forced to come to the holding ground?

S: (promptly) No one is forced. They cry for help because they have become totally ineffectual, repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Their teachers see they do not recover sufficiently between lives. They want regeneration.

Dr. N: Does the same cry for help come from souls who have been severely damaged?

S: (pause) Perhaps less so. It is possible that a life is so destructive it has damaged the ... identity of the soul.

Dr. N: Such as being involved with cruel acts of violence?

S: That would be one reason, yes.

Dr. N: Selim, please give me as many details as you can about what happens when you are called to the holding ground to work on a case with everely depleted or altered energy.

S: Before meeting the new arrival one of the Restoration Masters outlines the meridians of energy we will be regenerating. We review what is known about the damaged soul.

Dr. N: This sounds like you are surgeons preparing for a procedure with x-rays before the operation.

S: (with delight) Yes, this gives me an idea of what to expect in threedimensional imagery. I love the challenges involved with energy repair.

Dr. N: Okay, take me through this process.

S: From my perspective there are three steps. We begin by examining all particles of damaged energy. Then these dark areas of blockage are removed and what is left-the voids-are rewoven with an infusion of new purified light energy. It is overlaid and melded into the repaired energy for strengthening.

Dr. N: And does reweaving energy mean reshaping to you, as opposed to something even more radical?

S: Yes.

Dr. N: Are you personally involved with all phases of this operation?

S: No, I am being trained in the first step of assessment and can assist a little with the second step-where the modifications are not as complex.

Dr. N: Before you actually begin to work, what do you see when a soul's energy has been severely damaged?

S: Damaged energy looks like a cooked egg where the white light has solidified and hardened. We must soften this and fill the black voids.

Dr. N: Let's talk a moment about this blackened energy...

S: (interrupts) I should have added that the damaged energy can also create ... lesions. These fissures are voids themselves, caused by radical physical or emotional damage.

Dr. N: What are the effects of disrupted energy on the incarnated soul?

S: (pause) Where the energy is mottled-not distributed evenly-this is due to long-term energy deterioration.

Dr. N: You talked about rearranging and repairing old energy with new purified energy for healing. How is this done?

S: By intense charge beams. It is delicate work because you must keep your own vibrational tuning ... in matched sequences with that generated by the soul.

Dr. N: Oh, so this becomes personal. A master's own energy is used as a conduit?

S: Yes, but there are other sources of new purified energy that I don't use or know much about because of my lack of experience.

Dr. N: Selim, you have told me how warped energy is softened and allowed to flow back onto the right spaces, but introducing new purified energy concerns me. With all that reconfiguration aren't you changing the immortal identity of these souls?

S: No, we have ... altered ... to strengthen what is there ... to bring the soul close to its original form. We don't want this to happen again. We don't want them back.

Dr. N: Is there some way you can test your repair work after it is completed?

S: Yes, we can place a field of simulated negative energy around the regenerated soul-as a liquid-to see if this can filter through the structure of our repairs. As I said, we don't want them back.

Dr. N: One last question, Selim. When you are finished, what happens to the regenerated soul?

S: It varies. All of them stay with us a while ... there is healing with sound ... vibrational music ... light ... color. And when these souls are released, much care is taken with their next incarnations and the selections of bodies, (sighs) If the soul has been in a body that damaged others in former lives ... well ... we have fortified these souls to go back and begin again.

My next case is an example of severe remodeling. Case 21 involves a particular class of soul I call the hybrid soul. I believe the hybrid souls are especially prone to self-destruction on Earth because they have incarnated on alien worlds before coming here fairly recently. There are hybrid souls who have great difficulty adapting to our planet. If I find this to be true, it is probable their first incarnation here was within the last few thousand years. The others have already adapted or left Earth for good.

The hybrid is usually an older soul who, for a number of reasons, has decided to complete their physical lives on our planet. Their old worlds may no longer be habitable or they may have lived on a gentle world where life was just too easy and they want a difficult challenge with a world like Earth that has not yet reached its potential. Regardless of the circumstances for a soul leaving a world, I have found these former incarnations typically involve life forms which were slightly above, about equal, or slightly below the intelligence capabilities of the human brain. This is by design.
Hybrid souls who have formally incarnated on planets with civilizations possessing a much higher technology than Earth, such as those with space travel abilities, are smarter because they are an older race. Also, I have noticed that when I do have a hybrid soul as a client with former experience on a telepathic world, they tend to have greater psychic abilities than normal.

I think hybrid soul is an appropriate term for those souls among us of mixed incarnation origins. Such souls have developed from being in hosts that are genetically different than humans. I have seen gifted people in this life who started their development on another world. Nevertheless, there is a dark side to this experience, as a level V subject in training to be a Restoration Master will explain.

Case 21
Dr. N: Since you work with the severely damaged souls, can you give me a little more information about your duties?

S: I'm in a special section working with those souls who have become lost in a morass of evil.
Dr. N: (after learning this subject works only with those souls from Earth who have incarnated on other worlds before they came to Earth) In this section, are these the hybrid souls I have heard about?

S: Yes, in a restoration area where we deal with those who have become atrocity souls.

Dr. N: What a terrible name to call a soul!

S: I'm sorry you are bothered by this, but what else would you call a being associated with acts of evil that are so serious they are unsalvageable in their present state?

Dr. N: I know, but the human body had a lot to do with ...

S: (cutting me off) We don't consider that to be an excuse.

Dr. N: Okay, then please continue with the nature of your work.

S: I am a second-stage restorer.

Dr. N: What does that mean?

S: When these souls lose their bodies, they are met by their guides and perhaps one close friend. That first stage does not last long and then the souls who have been involved with horrible acts are brought here to us.

Dr. N: Why doesn't the first stage last as long as with other souls?

S: We don't want them to begin to forget the impact of their deeds-the harm and pain they caused on Earth. The second stage separates them from the uncontaminated souls.

Dr. N: This sounds like you are running a leper colony.

S: (abruptly) I am not amused by that remark.

Dr. N: (after apologizing) You are not saying that all souls who commit evil acts are hybrid souls, as you define them?

S: Of course not, that's my section. But you should understand some real monsters on Earth are hybrids.

Dr. N: I thought the spirit world was a place of order with masters of superior knowledge. If these hybrid souls are contaminated abnormalities in human form -souls with the inability to adjust to the emotional makeup of the human body- why were they sent here? This indicates to me the spirit world is not infallible.

S: A vast majority are fine, and they make great contributions to human society. You would have us deny all souls the opportunity to come to Earth because some turn out badly?

Dr. N: No, of course not. Let's move on. What do you do with these souls?

S: Others, way above me, examine their contaminated energy in light of just how the world of their earlier experience impacted on their human body. They want to know if this was an isolated case, or if other souls from that planet have had problems on Earth. If that is true, other souls from that world might not be permitted to come to Earth again.

Dr. N: Please tell me more about your section.

S: My area is not devoted to souls who have committed one serious act of wrongdoing. We work with habitually cruel life styles. These souls are then given a choice. We will do our best to clean up their energy by rehabilitation and if we think they are salvageable, they are offered a choice to come back to Earth in roles where they will receive the same type of pain they caused, only multiplied.

Dr. N: Could a salvageable soul be one who committed terrible atrocities in life but showed great remorse?

S: Probably.

Dr. N: I thought karmic justice was not punitive?

S: It's not. The offer represents an opportunity for stabilization and redemption. It usually will take more than one life to endure an equal measure of the same kind of pain they caused to many people. That's why I said multiplied.

Dr. N: Even so, I suppose most souls take this option?

S: You are mistaken. Most are too fearful that they will fall again into the same patterns. They also lack the courage to be victims in a number of future lives.

Dr. N: If they won't come back to Earth, then what do you do?
S: These souls will then go the way of those souls we consider to be unsalvageable. We will then disseminate their energy.

Dr. N: Is this a form of remodeling energy-or what?
S: Ah ... yes ... we call it the breaking up of energy-that's what dissemination means. Certainly, it is remodeled. We break up their energy into particles.

Dr. N: I thought energy could not be destroyed. Aren't you destroying the identity of these contaminated souls?

S: The energy is not destroyed, it is changed and converted. We might mix one particle of the old energy with nine particles of new fresh energy provided for our use. The dilution will make that which is contaminated ineffectual, but a small part of the original identity remains intact.

Dr. N: So, the negative badness energy is mixed with overdoses of new goodness energy to render the contaminated soul harmless?

S: (laughs) Not necessarily goodness but rather freshness.

Dr. N: Why would any soul resist dissemination?

S: Even though those souls who accept these procedures for their own benefit recover and eventually lead productive lives on Earth and elsewhere ... there are souls who will not stand for any loss of identity.

Dr. N: Then what happens to these souls who refuse your help?

S: Many will just go into limbo, to a place of solitude. I don't know what will eventually happen to them.

There are cases when a soul's energy damage is moderate, requiring special attention, but not to the degree where a Restoration Master is needed. The following quote is a report from a client about a gifted healing soul who works at a recovery station. I think of her as a combat nurse managing a field hospital and my client agrees:
"Oh, it's Numi-I'm so glad. I haven't seen her in about three or four lives, but her deprogramming and restoration energy techniques are just superlative. There are five others being attended to in this place whom I don't know. Numi comes over and clasps me to her. She gets inside me and blends my tired energy with her own. I feel the infusion of her stimulating vibrations and she performs a tiny bit of reshaping. It is as if I am receiving a gentle reaffirmation of that which created my own energy. Soon, I am ready to leave and Numi gives me a beautiful smile goodbye till next time."

Souls of Solitude
Souls who wish solitude are healthy souls who have been through the recovery process and yet they still strongly feel the effects of negative energy contamination. Here is a case in point:

"After every life, I go to a place of sanctuary for quiet reflection. I review what I want to save and integrate from the last body and what should be discarded. Right now, I am saving courage and getting rid of my inability to sustain personal commitment. For me, this is a place of sorting. What I decide to keep becomes part of my character. The rest is thrown off."

Often, they are more advanced souls who are more reflective if they are alone. This type of soul might be a natural leader who is drained of energy by defending other people. One such soul of this class is Achem, who is a soul devoted to causes for the betterment of others, often at his own expense.

Case 22
In this subject's past life he fought against the final subjugation of Morocco by the French military and was captured in 1934. As a resistance fighter, my client was taken from the Atlas Mountains into the Sahara Desert and tortured for information he did not give. After being staked to the ground, he was left to die a slow death in the hot sun.

Dr. N: Achem, please explain to me why you require such a long period of solitude after your life in Morocco?

S: I am a protector soul and my energy has still not recovered from the effects of this life.
Dr. N: What is a protector soul?

S: We try to protect those people whose innate goodness and intense desire to better the lives of large numbers of people on Earth must be preserved.

Dr. N: Who did you protect in Morocco?

S: The leader of the resistance movement against French colonization. He was more effective in helping our people fight for freedom because of my years of sacrifice.

Dr. N: This sounds demanding. Do you usually work with political and social movements in your lives?

S: Yes, and in war. We are warriors for good causes.

Dr. N: What attributes do protector souls have as a group?

S: We are noted for our enduring perseverance and calmness under fire while assisting others who are worthy.

Dr. N: If you challenge those who would seek to harm the people you want to protect, who decides if they are worthy? It seems to me this is a very subjective thing.

S: True, and this is why we spend time analyzing in advance where we can best be utilized to help people. Our work can be offensive or defensive in nature but we do not engage in any aggressive action lacking principle.

Dr. N: All right, let's talk about your energy drain after these endeavors. Why hasn't the shower of healing or some other restoration center returned you to normal?

S: (laughs) You call it a shower, I call this the car wash! It's an undulating tube which rubs you all over with positive energy, like the brushes of a car wash. I just took a few of my young students through it from the last life and they feel great.

Dr. N: So why didn't the car wash help you?
S: (more serious) It was not nearly enough, although the negative impurities are essentially gone. No, the core of my being has been affected by the cruelty of that life and the torture I endured.

Dr. N: What do you do?

S: I send the students away and go to the place of sanctuary where I can fully connect with myself.

Dr. N: Please tell me all you can about this place and what you do there.

S: It is a darkened enclosure-some call it a slumber chamber-where there are others resting but we do not really see each other. I sense there are about twenty of us now. We feel so washed out we have no desire to relate to anyone for a while. The Keepers attend to us.

Dr. N: Keepers? Who are they?

S: The Keepers of Neutrality are skilled at noninterference. Their talent lies in ministering to us with absolutely no intervention into our thoughts. They are the custodians of the slumber chambers.

Note: Apparently, the Keepers of Neutrality are a subspecialty within the ranks of Restoration Masters. They have other names but neutrality means they facilitate healing indirectly without any communication. My clients say these beings are devoted to absolute quietude for souls in their care.

Dr. N: What do these passive custodians look like?

S: (tersely) They are not passive. The picture I can give you is one of monks moving about a sanctuary. The Keepers have cloaks and a hood over their faces so they present no identity to us. Their thoughts are closed, but they are very watchful.

Dr. N: So they simply watch over you while you rest?

S: No, no-you still don't understand. They possess great skill in ministering to us. Their concern is the proper regulation and infusion of the energy which we have stored in the spirit world before going into a physical life.

Dr. N: I have heard a great deal about this attribute of the soul to divide itself. Why can't you just go to your own spiritual area and take the rest of your energy and meld with it? Or why not have a team of Restoration Masters regenerate your contaminated energy?

S: (takes a deep breath) I'll try to explain it. For us, all that is unnecessary. It is the effects of the impurities which we want healed by a slow, even return of our own purified, rested energy. The Keepers assist us in the restoring of our own energy.

Dr. N: Rather like getting a blood transfusion from your own blood bank?

S: Yes, exactly, now you are beginning to comprehend. We don't want it in a rush. We don't need major restoration either. We receive slow energy infusions of our own energy over a prolonged period for greater... elasticity. We want the strength we had before a rough life-and more-from having gone through the physical experience.

Dr. N: What's a prolonged period of time in Earth years for your recovery in this sanctuary?

S: Oh, that's hard to say ... 25 to 50 years ... we would always like it to be longer because the Keepers use their own vibrational frequencies to ... massage our energy-which is fantastic. They are very private beings though, who don't want to be seen or spoken to, but they know we are grateful for their care. They also know when it is time for us to rejoin our friends and get back to work, (laughs) Then we are pushed out.

It was from cases such as these that I learned one of the best ways to repair damaged energy is to receive it back slowly. Many souls of solitude are quite advanced and don't require restoration in the normal recovery areas. These vigorous souls can be too overconfident. Achem admitted that he only took about 50 percent of his energy to Morocco and should have "charged up" more before departing into that life.

The next section will address planetary healers who work in physical environments. Since these souls are generally still incarnating, my subjects do not consider them as masters. This would include the transformer souls mentioned in the next case. Planetary work is where our exposure to many specialties begins and is a basic training ground for developing souls.

Energy Healing on Earth
Healers of the Human Body
When I learned about souls who were specializing in restoring damaged energy in the spirit world, I was curious how these souls might apply their unconscious spiritual knowledge when they were working in physical form. My next case is a woman who works with many energy modalities, including reiki. However, until our hypnosis session, she had little idea of the source of her spiritual power to heal. Her spiritual name is Puruian and during our time together she explained how and why energy adjustments are necessary for incarnates as well as discarnates.

Case 23

Dr. N: Puruian, I would like to know if your spiritual training in soul restoration is used by you in your earthly assignments?

S: (subject evidenced some surprise as this information began to unfold in her mind after my question) Why ... yes ... I didn't realize how much until now ... only those of us who want to continue working in this way on Earth are called transformers.

Dr. N: What is the difference? How would you define a transformer?

S: (laughs in recognition) As transformers we do repair jobs on Earth-we are the cleanup crew-transforming bodies to good health. There are people on Earth who have gray spots of energy which cause them to get stuck. You see it when they make the same mistakes over and over in life. My job is to incarnate, find them and try and remove these blocks so they make better decisions and gain confidence and self-value. We transform them to be more productive people.

Dr. N: Puruian, I would like to clarify the differences in spiritual training, if any, between restoring souls in the spirit world and transforming energy on a physical world?

S: (long pause) Some parts of our training are the same but ... transformers are sent to other worlds between lives to study- those of us who like working with physical forms.

Dr. N: Describe the last training you had as a transformer before you came back to Earth.

S: (struck by my question, there is a dreamy response) Oh ... two light beings came from another dimension to work with the six of us. (Puruian's independent study group) They showed us how ... to keep our vibrational energy into a tight, beamed focus-not scattered. I learned to pinpoint my energy to be more effective.
Dr. N: Were these beings from a physical world?

S: (in a soft tone) More like a gas sphere where their intelligence exists in ... bubbles ... but they were so good. We learned ... oh ... we learned ...

Dr. N: (gently) I'm sure ... Let's return to the practical use of what you learned now that you are more aware of the origins of your skills. Tell me how you apply this spiritual knowledge in your energy work today as a transformer soul on Earth?

S: (a look of wonder) It's ... there now ... in my mind ... I see why it works ... (stops) ... the focused beam ...

Dr. N: (pressing) The focused beam ... ?

S: (earnestly) We use it as a laser-rather like a dentist would drill out a decayed tooth-to pinpoint and clean up gray energy. This is the fast way. It is harder for me to use a slow procedure which is longer lasting and even more effective.

Dr. N: Okay, Puruian, remember you are explaining to me how you use your spiritual training and earthly training in combination to heal energy. You have the memory right now of both aspects. Tell me about the slow method.

S: (takes a deep breath) I close my eyes and kind of go into a semitrance when I cup my hands near my patient's head. I see now that what I have learned in the spirit world helps me more than what I learned in my classes down here. I guess that doesn't matter, really.

Dr. N: We receive power to help others from many sources. Please go on about your healing by the slow method with your patients on Earth.

S: Well, I work with geometric shapes, such as spirals of energy, forming them in my mind to match the configuration of the particular trouble spot. Then I lay these energy structures around the gray areas. This sets up the areas to be repaired with my slow healing vibrations, like placing a hot pad on a sore muscle, (pause) You see, these souls were damaged on the way in and this ... infirmity ... only grows worse as the body develops on Earth.

Dr. N: (surprised) Back up a minute. What do you mean, "damaged on the way in"? I thought your work on Earth mostly involved contaminated energy from life's trials?

S: That's only part of the problem. When souls enter the human body on Earth they come into dense matter. Their host bodies, after all, contain primitive animal energy which is thick. The soul has a natural sort of pure, refined energy which does not easily blend with some human hosts. It takes experience to get used to all this. The younger souls especially can be damaged. They get knocked off their tracks early on and are ... twisted.

Dr. N: And you might project different energy configurations with different people who are your patients.

S: Uh-huh, that is the job of the transformer. Their damaged energy lines are so ... squiggly ... they must be rearranged to remove the toxic energy. These muddled souls are so unbalanced that a lot of our work must be directed at all the cells of the body where negative energy is trapping the free flow of the positive. When this is performed properly the soul is more fully engaged with the human brain.

Dr. N: This sounds very worthwhile, indeed.

S: It is gratifying although I still have a lot to learn, (laughs) We call ourselves psychic sponges for refined energy.

It is not surprising that case 25 uses reiki in her work on Earth. Reiki is an ancient art of healing by the hands. After evaluating and working on damaged energy, practitioners of this art close gaps in the human energy field with body alignments to bring symmetry. Negative energy blockages in our energy field do cause a reduction in functional capacity.
I am also disturbed by scientific articles debunking energy work with the hands, such as therapeutic touch, because I have seen the power of this kind of healing with the sick. It is often freely given by certain nurses in hospital settings out of a genuine concern to nurture and heal. Our bodies are composed of an energy field of particles that appears solid but is fluid and acts as a vibrational conductor. One of my transformer souls had this to say about her therapeutic touch methods:

"The secret to healing is removing my conscious self so as to avoid inhibiting the free flow of energy between us. My objective is to merge with the energy flow of the patient to bring out the highest good in that body. This is done with love as well as technique."

If the receiving party is resistant and inhibits the free-flowing passageways of chi, or life force, through their own mental negativism, they are perfectly capable of blocking the detection of their energy field by a healer.

Body energy and soul energy are adversely affected by vibrational resonances not in harmony with each other. Each person has their own fingerprint of natural rhythm. Body and soul must smoothly coexist for humans to be productive.

Healers of the Environment
Before my research into the spirit world, I had no idea of the special gifts of environmental healers on our planet. I have learned the Earth itself has its own vibrational rate and there are people capable of tuning into this ecological energy. One of the cases that opened my eyes was a woman who works for the Forest Service in the Pacific Northwest. In her letter requesting a session, she explained:
"In the last few years I have felt a tingling, sparking sensation in my hands whenever I am around heavy vegetation. It is not painful, but there is an urgency for something to be released during my work in the forests. Lately, I have dreams about lightning going out of my hands and my wanting to pull it back into a bottle to save it. These dreams seem to fulfill a need inside me and upon awakening I feel happy. Am I going crazy?"

I was glad to take this woman as a client after she agreed to see a physician to make sure there was nothing causing neurological problems with her hands. I will pick up the dialogue of this case at the point where we are discussing her participation in an advanced independent studies group in the spirit world.

Case 24
Dr. N: Why did the five of you come together in this study group?

S: Because we work with energy the same way. It helps raise our consciousness-our abilities-when we are together.

Dr. N: Please explain this to me.

S: Well, our situation right now is that individually we cannot sustain an energy flow of sufficient quality to last very long and have the necessary effect.

Dr. N: So you accomplish what you wish to do collectively?

S: Yes, to some degree. That's why we enjoy working together so we can throw energy out in unison and bottle it up in concentrated reserves. Working alone our energy is not as potent, not as refined-it goes in all directions.

Dr. N: Is this why you are having these dreams and feeling these hand sensations right now in your life?

S: (reflects) Yes, I see that it is a message for me. I must alter my life to include more energy work.

Dr. N: You mean to store and use energy to heal people?

S: (quickly responds to my wrong assumption) No, my study group works with energy differently. We are healers of plants, trees and the land. That is why we pick lives as caretakers of the environment.

Dr. N: Did you choose your current vocation for a specific reason related to your skills?

S: Yes.

Dr. N: How about other members of your spirit world study group?

S: (with a big grin) Two of them work with me in the forest service.

Dr. N: I would think as planetary healers you and your friends have your work cut out for you with all the environmental destruction going on around Earth.

S: (sadly) It's terrible and we are so needed here.

Dr. N: Tell me, have you and the members of your study group been involved with using energy environmentally in many past lives on Earth?

S: Oh, yes ... for a long time.

Dr. N: Give me an example.

S: In my last life I was an Algonquian Indian with the name of Singing Tree. My job was to insure our land would continue to supply us with food. I used to stand out in the forest for hours and hold out my hands. The tribe thought I was talking to the trees and the soil but actually I was exchanging energy with the land. It's an extension of mind and body with some help from our guides.

Before leaving the subject of our environment on Earth, and the manner in which people are able to tune into the energy vibrations of this planet, I should say a word about sacred sites. A number of researchers have reported on the fact that there are places in the world which give off intense pulses of magnetic energy. People standing in these places feel a heightened awareness and physical well-being. I have already spoken about vibrational energy layers which vary in density around the Earth.
Planetary magnetic fields do affect our physical and spiritual consciousness, and I find a curious similarity here with descriptions about the spirit world. My clients say the home ground of their cluster group is "a space within a space" whose non-solid boundaries have a specific vibrational concentration of energy generated by that particular group.
Perhaps certain human habitations on Earth, considered to be sacred by the ancients, contain vortexes of energy concentrations caused by what are called natural "ley lines." The places where these magnetic gridlines converge are said to enhance unconscious thought and make it easier to open our mental passages into spiritual realms. Knowledge of vortex locations are very useful to planetary healers.

Soul Division and Reunification
The capacity for souls to divide their energy essence influences many aspects of soul life. Perhaps soul extension would be a more accurate term than soul division. As I reported, all souls who come to Earth leave a part of their energy behind in the spirit world, even those living parallel lives in more than one body. The percentages of energy souls leave behind may vary but each particle of light is an exact duplicate of every other Self and replicates the whole identity. This phenomenon is analogous to the way light images are split and duplicated in a hologram. Yet there are differences with a hologram. If only a small percentage of a soul's energy is left behind in the spirit world, that particle of Self is more dormant because it is less concentrated. However, because this energy remains in a pure, uncontaminated state, it is still potent.

When I made the discovery of our energy reserve in the spirit world, so much fell into place for me. The grandeur of this system of soul duality impacts many spiritual aspects of our life. For example, if someone you loved died thirty years ahead of you and has since reincarnated, you can still see them again upon your own return to the spirit world.
The ability of a soul to unite with itself is a natural process of energy regeneration after physical death. A client emphatically told me, "If we were to bring 100 percent of our energy into one body during an incarnation, we would blow the circuits of the brain." A full charge of all a soul's energy into one human body would totally subjugate the brain to the soul's power. Apparently, this could happen with even the less potent, undeveloped souls. I suppose this factor of soul occupation in a host body was evaluated in the early stages of human evolution by those spiritual grandmasters who chose Earth as a planetary school.
Moreover, having all the soul's energy capacity in one body would negate the whole process of growth for the soul on Earth because it would have no challenge coping with the brain. By strengthening a variety of parts of a soul's total energy in different incarnations, the whole is made stronger.

Typically, a highly advanced soul will bring no more than 25 percent of its total capacity to Earth where the average, less confident soul has 50-70 percent. The energy of a more evolved soul is refined, elastic and vigorous in smaller quantities. This is why the younger soul must bring more energy into their early incarnations. Thus, it is not the volume of energy which gives potency to the soul but the quality of vibrational power representing a soul's experience and wisdom.

How does this information help us understand the combined force of soul and human energy? Every soul has a specific energy field pattern which reflects an immortal blueprint of its character, regardless of the number of divided parts. When this spiritual ego is combined with a more structured personality of a physical brain, a higher density field is produced. The subtleties of this symbiosis are so intricate I have only scratched the surface. Both blueprints of energy react to each other in an infinite number of ways to become one to the outside world. This is why our physical well-being, senses and emotions are so tied to the spiritual mind. Thought is closely associated with how these energy patterns are shaped and melded together and each nourishes the other in our bodies.
Emotional and physical trauma drains our energy reserves. We can lose shards of positive energy to people whom we give it to voluntarily, or by others who drain it out of us with their negativity. It takes energy to erect and maintain defence mechanisms to protect ourselves. A subject once said to me, "When I share my light with those I think worthy of receiving it, I can recharge it faster because it was given freely".
One of the best ways we revitalize our energy is through sleep. Once again, we can further divide the energy we brought with us and roam freely while leaving a small percentage behind to alert the larger portion to return quickly if needed. As I mentioned earlier, this capacity is especially useful when the body is in a state of illness, unconsciousness, or in a coma. Since time is not a limiting factor for a freed soul, hours, days, or weeks away from the body are all rejuvenating.
I might add that souls can also be recharged by loving spirits during a crisis. We interpret these energy boosts as profound revelations. A few hours' rest from the human body can do wonders for a soul as long as the remaining portion left behind is on cruise control and not coping with a complex dream analysis. That circumstance may cause us to wake up exhausted.

Since living parallel lives is another option for soul division, what are the motivations and effects from this decision? Since the energy drain is enormous, most souls who try parallel lives do so only a time or two before giving it up. Also, souls don't split their energy to incarnate as twins. Dividing your energy to be in a family with the same genetics, parental influence, environment, nationality and so forth would be counterproductive. Such lack of diversity would provide little motivation for living a parallel life.

People are curious about the origins of two souls in the bodies of identical twins. I had two sisters in their late twenties as clients, born one minute apart. The souls of these women are intimately connected in the same spirit group, however they are not strictly primary soulmates. Each has met and lives with their own male soulmate with whom they are deeply in love. These two souls have lived for thousands of years as close friends, siblings, parents and children of one another but not as mates. They have never been twins before and the reason for their doing so currently was two-fold. They had unresolved trust issues in their past life relationship, but they said the major reason was "together, our combined energy field is doubled, which makes us more effective in reaching other minds."
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