The Advanced Soul

People who possess souls which are both old and highly advanced are scarce. Although I haven't had the opportunity to regress many Blues in Level V, they are always stimulating to work with because of their comprehension and far-reaching spiritual consciousness. The fact is, a person whose maturity is this high doesn't seek out a regression therapist to resolve life-plan conflicts. In most cases, Level V's are here as incarnated guides. Having mastered the fundamental issues most of us wrestle with daily, the advanced soul is more interested in making small refinements toward specific tasks.

We may recognize them when they appear as public figures, such as a Mother Teresa; however, it is more usual for the advanced soul to go about their good works in a quiet, unassuming manner. Without displaying self-indulgence, their fulfillment comes from improving the lives of other people. They focus less on institutional matters and more on enhancing individual human values.

Nevertheless, Level V's are  also  practical,  and  so  they  are  likely  to  be  found  working  in  a  cultural mainstream which allows them to influence people and events.

I have been asked if most people who are sensitive, aesthetic, and particularly right-brained have advanced souls since individuals with these characteristics often appear to be at odds with the wrongs of an imperfect world. I see no correlation here. Being emotional, appreciating beauty, or having extrasensory impressions - including psychic talent - does not necessarily denote an advanced soul.

The mark of an advanced spirit is one who has patience with society and shows extraordinary coping skills. Most prominent is their exceptional insight. This is not to say life has no karmic pitfalls for them, otherwise the Level V probably wouldn't be here at all. They may be found in all walks of life, but are frequently in the helping professions or combating social injustice in some fashion. The advanced soul
radiates  composure,  kindness,  and  understanding  toward  others.  Not  being motivated by self-interest, they may disregard their own physical needs and live in reduced circumstances.

The individual I have chosen to represent the Level V soul is a woman in her midthirties who works for a large medical treatment facility specializing in chemical substance abuse. I was introduced to this woman by a colleague who told me of her skill in guiding recovering drug addicts into an improved state of self-awareness.
At our first meeting, I was struck by the woman's expression of serenity while surrounded by chaotic emergencies at her place of employment. She was tall and excessively thin, with flaming red hair which stuck out in all directions. Although warm and friendly, there was about her an air of impenetrability. Her clear, luminous gray eyes were those of one who sees small things unnoticed by ordinary folk. I felt she was looking into rather than at me.

My colleague suggested the three of us have lunch because this woman was interested in my studies of the spirit world. She told me that she had never been hypnotically regressed but there was the sense of a long spiritual genealogy through her own meditations. She thought our meeting was no accident on her own learning path and we came to an agreement to explore her spiritual knowledge. A few weeks later she arrived at my office. Clearly, this woman had no compelling desire for a long chronology of past life history. I decided to get a brief sketch of her earliest lives on Earth to use as a springboard into superconscious memories. She rapidly entered into a deep trance and made instant contact with her inner self.

Almost at once, I found this woman's span of incarnations staggering, going far back into the distant  past  of human  life on Earth. Touching on her earliest memories, I came to the conclusion her first lives occurred at the beginning of the last warm interglacial period which lasted from 130,000 to 70,000 years ago, before the last great Ice Age spread over the planet. During the warmer climate of the middle Paleolithic period of Earth's history, my subject described living in moist, sub-tropical savannas near hunting, fishing, and plant-gathering areas. Later, some 50,000 years ago, when continental sheets of ice had again changed Earth's climate, she spoke of living in caves and enduring bitter cold.
Leaping rapidly  over  large  blocks  of  time,  I  found  her  physical  appearance changing from a slightly bent to a more erect posture. As we moved forward in time, I directed her to look into pools of water and feel her body while reporting back to me. Her sloping forehead became more vertical over thousands of years in different bodies. Supraorbital ridges above the eyes grew less pronounced as did body hair and the massive jaws of archaic man. In her many lives as both men and women, I was given enough information on habitat, the use of fire, tools, clothes, food, and ritualistic tribal practices for rough anthropological dating.

Paleontologists  have  estimated  Homo  erectus,  an  ape-like  ancestor of  modern humans, appeared at least 1.7 million years ago. Have souls been incarnating on Earth for this long, utilizing the bodies of these primitive bipeds we call hominids? A few of my more advanced clients declare that highly advanced souls who specialize in seeking out suitable hosts for young souls, evaluated life on Earth for over a million years.
My impression is these examiner souls found the early hominid brain cavity and restricted voice box to be inadequate for soul development earlier than some 200,000 years ago.

Archaic Homo sapiens, whom we call humans, evolved several hundred thousand years ago. Within the last 100,000 years, we find two clear signs of spiritual consciousness and communication. These are burial practices and ritualistic art, as found in carved totems and rock drawings. There is no anthropological evidence that these practices existed on Earth before Neanderthal peoples. Souls eventually made us human, not the reverse.

One of my advanced subjects remarked, "Souls have seeded the Earth in different cycles." A composite of information collected from a wide range of clients suggests to me that the land masses we know today deviate from earlier continents, drowned, perhaps, by cataclysmic volcanic or magnetic upheavals. For instance, the Azores in the Atlantic Ocean have been said to represent the tops of mountains of the submerged continent of Atlantis. Indeed, I have had subjects discuss being in ancient lands on Earth that I cannot identify with modern geography.

Thus, it is possible souls existed in bodies more advanced than Homo erectus, who died out about a quarter of a million years ago, with the fossilized evidence hidden from us today by geological change. However, this hypothesis means the physical evolution of humans was an up, down, up affair, which I think is unlikely.

I now moved my subject into an African life around 9,000 years ago, which she said was an important milestone in her advancement. This was the last life she was to spend with her guide, Kumara. Kumara was an advanced soul herself at the time of this life, counseling a benevolent tribal chief as his influential wife. I tentatively located their land as the highlands of Ethiopia. Apparently, my subject had known Kumara in a number of earlier lives covering thousands of years during Kumara's final  incarnations on Earth. Their association in human form ended when my subject died, saving Kumara's life on a river boat, by throwing herself in front of an enemy spear.

Full of love, Kumara still appears to this subject as a large woman, with skin of polished mahogany and a shock of white hair crowned by a headdress of feathers. She is practically nude, except for a strip of animal hide around her ample middle. On Kumara's neck hangs a garish bunch of multi-colored stones, which she sometimes jiggles in my subject's ear to get her attention during dreams in the middle of the night.

Kumara teaches by a technique of flashing symbolistic memories of prior lessons already  learned in past  lives.  Old  solutions  to  problems are  mixed  with  new hypothetical choices in the form of metaphoric picture puzzles. By these means, Kumara  tests  her  student's  considerable  storehouse  of  knowledge  during meditations and dreams.

I glanced at my watch. There was no more time for background information if I was going to allow for exploration of this woman's after life experiences. Rapidly I took her into superconsciousness, anticipating some interesting spiritual disclosures. She would not disappoint me.

Case 23

Dr. N: What is your spiritual name?

S: Thece.

Dr. N: And your spiritual guide kept her African name of Kumara?

S: For me, yes.

Dr. N: What do you look like in the spirit world?

S: A glowing fragment of light.

Dr. N: What exactly is the color of your energy?


Dr. N: Does your light have flecks of another color in it?

S: (pause) Some gold ... not much.

Dr. N: How about Kumara's energy color?

S: It's violet.

Dr. N: How does light and color identify the quality of a soul's spiritual attainment?

S: The intensity of mental power increases with the darker phases of light.

Dr. N: Where does the highest intensity of intelligent light energy originate from?

The knowledge by which the energy of darker light is extended to us comes from the source. Our light is attached to the source.

Dr. N: When you say source - you mean God?

S: That word has been misused.

Dr. N: How?

By too much personalizing, which makes the source less than it is.

Dr. N: What's wrong with us doing that?

S: It takes the liberty of making the source too ... human, although we are all part of its oneness.

Dr. N: Thece, I want you to reflect on the source as we talk about other aspects of
soul life and the spirit world. Later, I will ask you more about this oneness. Now,
let's go back to the energy manifestations of souls. Why do spirits display two black
glowing cavities for eyes when not showing their human forms? It seems so spooky
to me.

(laughs and is more relaxed) That's how Earth's legends of ghosts came about-from these memories. Our energy mass is not uniform. The eyes you speak of represent a more concentrated intensity of thought.

Dr. N: Well, if the myths about ghosts are not so fanciful after all, then these black eye sockets must be useful extensions of their energy.

Rather than eyes ... they are windows to old bodies ... and all the physical extensions of former selves. This blackness is a ... concentration of our presence. We communicate by absorbing the energy presence of each other.

Dr. N: When you return to the spirit world, do you have energy contact with other souls who may look like ghosts?

Yes, and appearance is a matter of individual preference. Of course there is always a multitude of thought waves around me - mingling with my returning energy, but I avoid too much contact.

Dr. N: Why?

S: It is not necessary for me to make attachments here. I will be alone for a while to contemplate and sort out any mistakes from my last incarnation, before talking to Kumara.

: This statement is typical of advanced souls returning to the spirit world, mentioned earlier in Case 9. However, this soul is so advanced she will have no deliberations with her guide until much later, and upon her request.

Dr. N: Perhaps we should talk about older souls for a minute. Does Kumara incarnate on Earth any more?

S: No, she doesn't.

Dr. N: Do you know others like Kumara who were here during the early times on Earth and don't come back any more?

S: (cautiously) A few... yes ... many got on Earth early and got off before I came.

Dr. N: Did any stay?

S: What do you mean?

Dr. N: Advanced souls who keep coming back to life on Earth when they could stay in the spirit world.

S: Oh, you mean the Sages?

Dr. N:
Yes, the Sages - tell me about them. (this is a new term for me, but I often pretend to know more than I do with advanced souls to elicit information)

S: (with admiration) They are the true watchers of Earth, you know ... to be here and keep watch over what is going on.

Dr. N: As highly advanced souls who continue to incarnate?

S: Yes.

Dr. N:
Don't the Sages get tired of still hanging around Earth?

S: They choose to stay and help people directly because they are dedicated to Earth.

Dr. N: Where are these Sages?

S: (wistfully) They live simple lives. I first came to know some of them thousands of years ago. Today it's hard to see them ... they don't like cities much.

Dr. N: Are there many of them?

No, they live in small communities, or out in the open ... in the deserts and mountains ... in simple dwellings. They wander about, too ...

Dr. N: How does one recognize them?

S: (sighs) Most people don't. They were known as the oracles of truth in earlier times on Earth.


Dr. N: I know this sounds pragmatic, but wouldn't these old, highly developed souls be more useful helping humankind in positions of international leadership rather than being hermits?

S: Who said they were hermits? They prefer to be with the common people who are most affected by the movers and shakers.

Dr. N: What is the feeling one gets when meeting a Sage on Earth?

Ah ... you feel a special presence. Their power of understanding and the advice they give you is so wise. They do live simply. Material things mean nothing to them.

Dr. N: Are you interested in this sort of service, Thece?

S: Hmm ... no, they are saints. I welcome the time when I can stop incarnating.

Dr. N: Perhaps the word Sage could also be applied to souls like Kumara, or even with the entities to whom she turns for knowledge?

(pause) No, they are different ... they are beyond the Sages. We call them the Old Ones.

Note: I would place these beings beyond Level VI.

Dr. N: Are there many Old Ones working with souls at Kumara's level and above?

S: I don't think so ... compared to the rest of us ... but we feel their influence.

Dr. N: What do you feel in their presence?

(pensive) A ... concentrated power of enlightenment ... and guidance ...

Dr. N: Could the Old Ones be embodiments of the source itself?

S: It is not for me to say, but I don't think so yet. They must be close to the source. The Old Ones represent the purest elements of thought ... engaging in the planning and arranging of ... substances.

Dr. N: Could you clarify a bit more what you mean by these highly placed souls being close to the source?

S: (vaguely) Only that they must be close to conjunction.

Dr. N: Does Kumara ever talk about these entities who help her?

S: To me - only a little. She aspires to be of them, as we all do.

Dr. N: Is she getting close to the Old Ones in knowledge?

S: (faintly) She ... approaches, as I approach her. It is slow assimilating with the source, because we are not complete.

Once the duties of a guide are fully established for the advancing soul, it is necessary for these entities  to  juggle  two balls.  Besides completing their own unfinished business with continued (though less frequent) incarnations, they must also help others while in a discarnated state. Thece talks to me about this aspect of her soul life.

Dr. N: When you are back in the spirit world and come out of your self-imposed isolation, what do you ordinarily do then?

S: I join with members of my company.

Dr. N: How many souls are in your company?

S: Nine.

Dr. N: (jumping to the next conclusion too quickly) Oh, so the ten of you are a group of souls under the leadership of Kumara?

S: No, they are my responsibility.

Dr. N: Then, these nine entities are students whom you teach?

S: Hmm ... you could say that ...

Dr. N: And they are all in one group (cluster) - which, I assume, is your company?

S: No, my company is made up of two different groups.

Dr. N: Why is that?

S: They are in ... different progressions (levels).

Dr. N: And yet, you are the spiritual teacher for all nine?

S: I prefer to call myself a watcher. Three of my company are also watchers.

Dr. N: Well, who are the other six?

S: (matter-of-factly) People who don't watch.

Dr. N: I want to clarify this using my terms, if you will, Thece If you are a senior watcher, three of your company must be what I would call junior guides?

S: Yes, but the words senior and junior - that portrays us as authoritarian, which we are not!

Dr. N: My intention is not to denote rank, for me it is just an easy identification of responsibility. Consider the word senior as meaning an advanced teacher. I would call Kumara a master teacher or possibly an educational director.

S: (shrugs) That's okay, I suppose, as long as director doesn't mean dictator.

Dr. N: It doesn't. Now, Thece, cast your mind to a place where you can see the energy colors of all your company. What do the six souls who are not watchers look like?

S: (smiles) Dirty snowballs!

Dr. N: If they are white in tone, what about the rest?

S: (pause) Well ... two are rather yellowish.

Dr. N: We are one short. What about the ninth member?

S: That's An-ras. He is doing quite well.

Dr. N: Describe his energy color.

S: He is ... turning bluish ... an excellent watcher ... he will be leaving me soon ...

Dr. N: Let's go to the opposite end of your company. What member are you most concerned about and why?

S: Ojanowin. She has the conviction from many lives that love and trust only bring hurt. (musing) She has fine qualities which I want to bring out but this attitude is holding her back.

Dr. N: Ojanowin is developing more slowly than the rest?

S:  (protectively) Don't misunderstand, I am proud of her effort. She has great sensitivity and integrity, which I like. She just requires more of my attention.

Dr. N: As a watcher-teacher, what is the one quality which An-ras has acquired which you want to see in Ojanowin?

S: (no hesitation) Adaptability to change.

Dr. N: I am curious if the nine members of your company advance in a rather uniform way together under your teaching.

S: That's totally unrealistic.

Dr. N: Why?

S: Because there are differences in character and integrity.

Dr. N: Well, if learning rates are different between souls because of character and integrity, how does this equate with the mental capabilities of the human brain a soul selects?

S: It doesn't. I was speaking of motivation. On Earth we use many variations of the physical brain in the course of our expansion. However, each soul is driven by its integrity.

Dr. N: Is this what you mean by a soul having character?

S: Yes, and intensity of desire is part of character.

Dr. N: If character is the identity of a soul, where does desire come in?

S: The drive to excel is internal to each soul, but this too can fluctuate between lives.

Dr. N: So where does a soul's integrity fit into this?

S: The extension of desire. Integrity is the desire to be honest about Self and motives to such an extent that full awareness of the path to the source is possible.

Dr. N: If all basic intelligent energy is the same, why are souls different in their character and integrity?

S: Because their experiences with physical life change them and this is intentional. By that change new ingredients are added to the collective intelligence of every soul.

Dr. N: And this is what incarnation on Earth is all about?

S: Incarnation is an important tool, yes. Some souls are driven more than others to expand and achieve their potential, but all of us will do so in the end. Being in many physical bodies and different settings expands the nature of our real self.

Dr. N: And this sort of self-actualization of the soul identity is the purpose of life on our world?

S: On any world.

Dr. N: Well, if each soul is preoccupied with Self, doesn't this explain why we have a world of self-centered people?

S: No, you misinterpret. Fulfillment is not cultivating Self for selfish means, but allowing for integration with others in life. That also shows character and integrity. This is ethical conduct.

Dr. N: Does Ojanowin have less honesty than An-ras?

S: (pause) I'm afraid she does engage in self-deception.

Dr. N: I wonder how you can function effectively as a spiritual guide for the nine members of your company and still incarnate on Earth to finish your own lessons.

S: It used to affect my concentration to some extent, but now there is no conflict.

Dr. N: Do you have to separate your soul energy to accomplish this?

S: Yes, this capacity (of souls) allows for the management of both. Being on Earth also permits me to directly assist a member of my company and help myself at the same time.

Dr. N: The idea that souls can divide themselves is not an easy thing for me to conceptualize.

S: Your use of the term divide is not quite accurate. Every part of us is still whole. I'm only saying it does take some getting used to at first, since you manage more than one program at a time.

Dr. N: So your effectiveness as a teacher is not diminished by having multiple activities?

S: Not in the least.

Dr. N: Would you consider the major thrust of your instruction to be on Earth with your human body or in the spirit world as a free entity?

S: They are two different settings. My instruction is diversified but no less effective.

Dr. N: But your approach to a company member would be different depending upon the setting?

S: Yes, it would.

Dr. N: Wouldn't you say the spirit world is the main center for learning?

S: It is the center for evaluation and analysis, but souls do rest.

Dr. N: When your students are living on Earth, do they know you are their guide and are with them always?

S: (laughs) Some more than others, but they all sense my influence at one time or another.

Dr. N: Thece, you are on Earth with me right now as a woman. Are you also able to be in contact with members of your company?

S: I told you, yes.

Dr. N: What I am getting at is this - isn't teaching by example difficult when your Earth visits are rather infrequent these days?

S: If I came too often and worked with them directly as one human being to another I would be interfering with their natural unfolding.

Dr. N: Do you have the same reservations about interference as a teacher operating from the spirit world in a discarnate state?

S: Yes, I do ... although the techniques are different.

Dr. N: For mental contact?

S: Yes.

Dr. N: I would like to know more about the ability of spiritual teachers to contact their students. What exactly do you do from the spirit world to comfort or advise one of the nine company members on Earth?

S: (no answer).

Dr. N: (coaxing her) Do you know what I am asking? How do you implant ideas?

S: (finally) I'm unable to tell you.

Note : I suspect blocking here, but I can't complain. So far, Thece has been liberal with information and so has her guide. I decide to stop the session for a minute to appeal directly to Kumara. It is a speech I have given before.

Dr. N: Kumara, permit me to reason with you through Thece. My work here is intended for good. By questioning your disciple, I wish to add to my knowledge of healing and bring people closer to the higher creative power available within themselves. My larger mission is to combat the fear of death by offering people understanding about the nature of their souls and their spiritual home. Will you aid me in this endeavor?

S: (Thece answers me in an odd tone of voice) We know who you are.

Dr. N: Then would you both assist me?

S: We will talk to you ... at our discretion.

Note: This tells me if I exceed the undefined boundaries of these two guides with an intrusive question, it won't be answered.

Dr. N: All right, Thece, on the count of three you will feel more comfortable talking to me about how souls function as guides. Begin by telling me in what way a company member on Earth can signal to get your attention. One, two, three! (I snap my fingers for added effect)

S: (after a long pause) First, they have to calm their minds and focus attention away from their immediate surroundings.

Dr. N: How would they do this?

S: By silence ... reaching inward ... to fasten on their inner voice.

Dr. N: Is this how one calls for spiritual help?

S: Yes, at least to me. They must expand upon their inner consciousness to engage me on a central thought.

Dr. N: On you, or the specific problem which is bothering them?

S: They must reach out beyond what is troubling them in order to be receptive to me. That's difficult when they don't remain calm.

Dr. N: Do all nine company members have about the same abilities to reach you for help?

S: No, they don't.

Dr. N: Perhaps Ojanowin has the most problems?

S: Mmm, she is one of those that does ...

Dr. N: Why?

S: For me, getting the signals is easy. It's harder for people on Earth. The energy of directed thought must override human emotion.

Dr. N: Within a spirit world framework, how do you pick up the messages of just your company out of billions of souls who are sending out distress signals to other guides?

S: I know instantly. All watchers do because people send out their own individual patterns of thought.

Dr. N: Like a vibrational code in a field of thought particles?

S: (laughing) You could describe an energy pattern that way, I guess.

Dr. N: Okay, then how would you reach back to someone in need of guidance?

S: (grins) By whispering answers into their ear!

Dr. N: (lightly) Is that what a friendly spirit does with a troubled mind on Earth?

S: It depends ...

Dr.  N:  On what? Are  teacher-spirits  rather  indifferent  with  the  day-to-day problems of humans?

S: Not indifferent, or we wouldn't communicate. We gauge each situation. We know life is transitory. We are more ... detached because without human bodies we are unencumbered by the immediacy of human emotion.

Dr. N: But when the situation does call for spiritual guidance, what do you do?

S: (gravely) As watchers in the stillness, we recognize the amount of ... turbulence ... from the wake of troubled thought. Then we carefully merge with it and gently touch the mind.

Dr. N: Please describe this connection process further.

S:  (pause) It's a slip-stream of thought which is usually turbulent rather than smooth, from someone in distress. I was awkward at first and I still don't have Kumara's skill. One must enter with subtlety ... to wait for the best receptivity.

Dr. N: How can a watcher be awkward, you have had thousands of years of experience?

S: Communicators are not all the same. Watchers too have a variety of abilities. If one of my company is in crisis - physically hurt, sad, anxious, resentful - they send out great amounts of uncontrolled negative energy which alerts me, but exhausts them. This is the challenge of a watcher, to know when and how to communicate. When people want immediate relief, they may not be in the proper mode for reflection.

Dr. N: Well, in terms of abilities, can you tell me how you were awkward as an inexperienced guide?

S: I wanted to rush in too fast to help without coordinating the patterns of thought we talked about. People can go numb. You don't get through to them when they have intense grief,  for  example.  You  are  shut  out  of a  cluttered  mind when attentions are distracted and thought energy is scattered all about.

Dr. N: Do the nine members of your company sense your intrusion into their minds following a cry to you for help?

S: Watchers are not supposed to intrude. It's more of a ... soft coupling. I implant ideas - which they assume is inspiration - to try and give them peace.

Dr.  N:  What  single  thing  do  you  have  the  most  problem  with  during communications with people on Earth?

S: Fear.

Dr. N: Would you enlarge on that?

S: I have to be careful not to spoil my people by making life too easy for them ... to let them work out most of their difficulties without jumping right in. They only suffer more if a watcher moves in too quickly before this is done. Kumara is an expert at this ...

Dr. N: Is she ultimately responsible for you and your company?

S: Well yes, we are all under her influence.

Dr. N: Do you ever see any of your own peer members around? I'm thinking of associates at your level of attainment with whom you can confer about teaching methods.

S: Oh, you mean with those I grew up with here?

Dr. N: Yes.

S: Yes ... three in particular.

Dr. N: And do they lead company groups themselves?

S: Yes.

Dr. N: Are these more advanced souls responsible for about the same number of souls as you?

S: Uh ... yes, except Wa-roo. His company is more than double my own. He is good. Another company is being added to his work load.

Dr. N: How many superior entities do you and your friends who are company leaders go to for advice and direction?

S:  One.  We all  go  to  Kumara  to  exchange  observations  and  seek  ways  of improvement.

Dr. N: How many souls like you and Wa-roo does Kumara oversee?

S: Oh ... I couldn't know that ...

Dr. N: Try and give an estimate of the number.

S: (after reflection) At least fifty, probably more.

Additional inquiries into Kumara's spiritual activities were fruitless, so I turned next to Thece's creation training. Her experiences (which I have condensed) take us a little  further than those training exercises described by Nenthum in the last chapter. To those readers with a scientific bent, I want to stress that when a subject is reporting to me about creation their frame of reference is really not grounded in earth science. I have to make the best interpretations I can from the information provided.

Dr. N: The curriculum for souls seems to have great variety, Thece. I want to go into another aspect of your training. Does your energy utilize the properties of light, heat, and motion in the creation of life?

S: (startled) Uh ... you know about that ...

Dr. N: What more can you tell me?

S: Only that I am familiar with this ...

Dr. N: I don't want to talk about anything which will make you uncomfortable, but I would appreciate your confirmation of certain biological effects resulting from the actions of souls.

S: (hesitates) Oh ... I don't think ...

Dr. N: (I jump in quickly) What creation have you recently done which makes Kumara proud of you?

S: (without resistance) I am proficient with fish.

Dr. N: (I follow up with a deliberate exaggeration to keep her going) Oh, so you can create a whole fish with your mental energy?

S: (vexed) ... You must be kidding?

Dr. N: Then where do you start?

S: With the embryos, of course. I thought you knew...

Dr. N: Just checking. When do you think you will be ready for mammals?

S: (no answer)

Dr. N: Look Thece, if you will try to cooperate with me for a few more minutes, I promise not to take long with my questions on this subject. Will you agree to that?

S: (pause) We will see ...

Dr. N: Okay, as a means of basic clarification tell me what you actually do with your energy to develop life up to the stage of fish.

S:  (reluctantly) We give instructions to  ... organisms  ... within the surrounding conditions ...

Dr. N: Do you do this on one world or many in your training?

S: More than one. (would not elaborate except to say these planets were "earth types")

Dr. N: In what kind of environment are you working now?

S: In oceans.

Dr. N: With basic sea life such as algae and plankton?

S: When I started.

Dr. N: You mean before you worked up to the embryos of fish?

S: Yes.

Dr.  N:  Then  when  souls  start  to  create  forms  of  life,  they  begin  with microorganisms?

S: ... Small cells, yes, and this is very difficult to learn.

Dr. N: Why?

S: The cells of life ... our energy cannot become proficient unless we can direct it to ... alter molecules.

Dr. N: Then you are actually producing new chemical compounds by mixing the basic molecular elements of life by your energy flow?

S: (nods)

Dr. N: Can you be more explicit?

S: No, I can't.

Dr. N: Let me try and sum this up, and please tell me if I am on the wrong track. A soul who becomes proficient with actually creating life must be able to split cells and give  DNA instructions,  and  you  do  this  by  sending  particles  of  energy  into protoplasm?

S: We must learn to do this, yes - coordinating it with a sun's energy.

Dr. N: Why?

S: Because each sun has different energy effects on the worlds around them.

Dr. N: Then why would you interfere with what a sun would naturally do with its own energy on a planet?

S: It is not interference. We examine new structures ... mutations ... to watch and see what is workable. We arrange substances for their most effective use with different suns.

Dr. N: When a species of life evolves on a planet, are the environmental conditions for selection and adaptation natural, or are intelligent soul-minds tinkering with what happens?

S: (evasively) Usually a planet hospitable to life has souls watching and whatever we do is natural.

Dr. N: How can souls watch and influence biological properties of growth evolving over millions of years on a primordial world?

S: Time is not in Earth years for us. We use it to suit our experiments.

Dr. N: Do you personally create suns in our universe?

S: A full scale sun? Oh no, that's way over my head ... and requires the powers of many. I generate only on a small scale.

Dr. N: What can you generate?

S: Ah ... small bundles of highly concentrated matter... heated.

Dr. N: But what does your work look like when you are finished?

S: Small solar systems.

Dr. N: Are your miniature suns and planets the size of rocks, buildings, the moon-what are we talking about here?

S: (laughs) My suns are the size of basketballs and the planets marbles ... that's the best I can do.

Dr. N: Why do you do this on a small scale?

S: For practice, so I can make larger suns. After enough compression the atoms explode and condense, but I can't do anything really big alone.

Dr. N: What do you mean?

S: We must learn to work together to combine our energy for the best results.

Dr. N: Well, who does the full-sized thermonuclear explosions which create physical universes and space itself?

S: The source ... the concentrated energy of the Old Ones.

Dr. N: Oh, so the source has help?

S: I think so ...

Dr. N: Why is your energy striving to create universal matter and more complex life when Kumara and the entities above her are already proficient?

S: We are expected to join them, just as they wish to unite their accomplished energy with the Old Ones.

Creation questions always evoke the issue of First  Cause.  Was the exploding interstellar mass which caused the birth of our stars and planets an accident of nature or planned by an intelligent force? When I listen to subjects such as Thece, I ask myself why souls would be practicing the chain reactions of energy matter with models on a small scale if they were not intending to make larger celestial bodies. I have had no subjects in Levels VI and above to substantiate how they might carry the forces of creation further.
It would seem if souls do progress, then entities at this level could be expected to involve themselves with the birthing of planets and the development of life forms capable of higher intelligence suitable for soul use.

After pondering why less-than-perfect souls are associated with creation at all, I came to the following conclusion. All souls are given the opportunity to participate in the development of lower forms of intelligent life in order to advance themselves. This principle could also be applied to the reason why souls incarnate in physical form. Thece suggested that the supreme intelligence she calls the source is made up of  a  combination of creators  (the Old Ones) who fuse their energy to spawn universes. The thought has been expressed to me in different ways by other subjects when they describe the combined power of non-reincarnating old souls.

This concept is not new. For instance, the idea we have no single Godhead is the philosophy of the Jainist sect in India. The Jains believe fully perfected souls, called Siddhas, are a group of universal creators. These souls are fully liberated from further transmigrations. Below them are the Arhats souls, advanced illuminators who still incarnate along with three more lower gradations of evolving souls.
To the Jams, reality is uncreated and eternal. Thus, the Siddhas need no creator. Most Eastern philosophies deny this tenet of Jainism in favor of a divine board of directors created by a chairman. This conclusion is more palatable to the Western mind as well.

With certain subjects it is possible to pursue a wide range of topics in condensed periods. Earlier, Thece had alluded to intelligent life existing on other worlds when she talked about a soul's cosmic training. This brings up another aspect about soul life which may be hard for some of us to accept. A small percentage of my subjects, usually the older advanced souls, are able to recall being in strange, non-human intelligent  life-forms  on  other  worlds. 
Their  memories  are  rather fleeting and clouded about the circumstances of these lives, the physical details, and planetary location relative to our universe. I wondered if Thece had any such experiences long ago, so I opened up this line of inquiry for a few minutes to see where it might lead.

Dr. N: A while back you remarked about other physical worlds besides Earth which are available to souls.

S: (hesitant) Yes ...

Dr. N: (casually) And, I assume, some of these planets support intelligent life which are useful to souls wishing to incarnate?

S: That's true, there are many schoolyards.

Dr. N: Do you ever talk to other souls about their planetary schoolyards?

S: (long pause) It's not my inclination to do so - I'm not attracted to them - the other schools.

Dr. N: Perhaps you could give me some idea of what they are like?

S: Oh, some are ... analytical schools. Others are basically mental worlds ... subtle places ...

Dr. N: What do you think of the Earth school by comparison?

S: The Earth school is insecure, still. It is filled with resentment of many people over being led and antagonism of the leaders toward each other. There is so much fear to overcome here. It is a world in conflict because there is too much diversity among too many people. Other worlds have low populations with more harmony. Earth's population has outpaced its mental development.

Dr. N: Would you rather be training on another planet, then?

S: No, for all Earth's quarreling and cruelty, there is passion and bravery here. I like working in crisis situations. To bring order out of disorder. We all know Earth is a difficult school.

Dr. N: So, the human body is not an easy host for souls?

S: ... There are easier life forms ... who are less in conflict with themselves ...

Dr. N: Well, how would you know this unless your soul had been in another life form?

After I had provided this suitable opening, Thece began talking about being a small flying creature in an alien environment on a dying world where it was hard to breathe. From her descriptions, the sun of this planet was apparently going into a nova stage. Her words were halting and came in short, rapid breaths.

Thece said she lived on this world in a humid jungle with a night sky so densely packed with stars there were no dark lanes in between. This gave me the impression she was located near the center of a galaxy, perhaps our own. She also said her brief time on this world was spent as a very young soul and Kumara was her mentor. After the world could no longer support life, they had come to Earth to continue working together. I was told there was a kinship in the mental evolution of life on Earth and what she had experienced before. This flying race of people began afraid, isolated,  and  dangerous to each other. Also,  like  Earth,  family alliances were important, representing expressions of loyalty and devotion. While I was concluding this line of questioning, there was a further development.

Dr. N: Do you think there are other souls on Earth who also had physical lives on this now-dead world?

S: (pause, then unable to restrain herself) Actually, I have met one.

Dr. N: Under what circumstances?

S: (laughs) I met a man at a party a while ago. He recognized me, not physically, but with the mind. It was an odd meeting. I was caught off balance when he came up to me and took my hand. I thought he was pushy when he said he knew me.

Dr. N: Then what happened?

S: (softly) I was in a daze, which is unusual for me. I knew there was something between us. I thought it was sexual. Now, I can see it all clearly. It was ... Ikak. (this name is spoken with a clacking noise from the back of her throat) He told me we were once together from a place far away and there were a couple of others here ...

Dr. N: Did he say anything more about them?

S: (faintly) No ... I wonder ... I ought to know them ...

Dr. N: Did Ikak say anything else about your former physical relationship on this world?

S: No. He saw I was confused. I didn't know what he was talking about then anyway.

Dr. N: How could he consciously know about this planet when you didn't?

S: (puzzled) He is ... ahead of me ... he knows Kumara. (then, more to herself than me) What is he doing here?

Dr. N: Why don't you finish telling me about him at the party?

S: (laughs again) I thought he was just trying to pick me up. It was awkward because I was drawn to him. He said I was very attractive, which is something men don't usually say to me. There were flashes in my mind that we had been together before ... as fragments in a dream sequence.

Dr. N: How did your conversation end with this man?

S: He saw my discomfort. I guess he thought it best to have no further contact, because I haven't seen him since. I've thought about him though, and maybe we will see each other again ...

I believe souls do come across time and space for each other. Recently, I had two subjects who were best friends and came to me at the same time for regression. Not only had they been soulmates in many former lives on Earth, but were also mated as fish-like intelligent beings in a beautiful water world.
Both recalled the enjoyment of playing underwater with their strong appendages and coming up to the surface, "to peek." Neither subject could recall much about this planet or what happened to their race of sea creatures. Perhaps they were part of a failed Earth experiment long before a land mammal developed into the most promising species on Earth for souls. I suspect it was not Earth because I have had others who tell of living in an aquatic environment they know was unearthly. One of these subjects said, "My water world was very warm and clear because we had three suns overhead. The total lack of darkness underwater was comforting and made building our dwellings much easier."  I  have  often  wondered if the  dreams we have at night about flying, breathing underwater, and performing other non-human physical feats relate to our earlier physical experiences in other environments.

In the early days of my studies of souls, I half-expected that those subjects who could recall other worlds would say they had lived in our galaxy with in the neighborhood of the sun. This assumption was naive. Earth is in a sparse section of the Milky Way with only eight stars that are ten light years from the sun. We know our own galaxy has more than two-hundred billion stars within a universe currently speculated at one-hundred-billion galaxies.
The worlds around the suns which might support life are staggering to the imagination. Consider, if only a small fraction of one percent of the stars in our galaxy had planets with intelligent life useful to souls, the number would still be in the millions.

From what I can gather  from  subjects  willing  and  able  to  discuss  former assignments, souls are sent to any world with suitable intelligent life forms. Out of all the stars which are known to us, only four percent are like our sun. Apparently this means nothing to souls. Their planetary incarnations are not linked to Earthtype worlds or with intelligent bipeds who walk on land. Souls who have been to other worlds tell me they have a fondness for certain ones and return to them (like Earth) periodically for a succession of lives. I have not had many subjects who are able to recall specific details about living on other worlds. This maybe due to lack of experience, a suppression of memory, or blocks imposed by master guides to avoid any discomfort from flashbacks in non-earthly bodies.

Those subjects who are able to discuss their experiences on other worlds tell me that before coming to Earth, souls are frequently placed in the bodies of creatures with less intelligence than human beings (unlike Thece's case). However, once in a human body, souls are not sent back down the mental evolutionary ladder. Yet, physical contrasts can be stark and side trips away from Earth are not necessarily pleasant. One mid-level client of mine expressed it this way. "After a long series of human lives, I told my guide I needed a break from Earth for a while in another kind of environment. He warned me, "You might not like this change right now because you have become so accustomed to the attributes of the human mind and body."
My client persisted and was duly given life on what was described as, "A pastel world living among a race of small, thickly-set beings. They were a thoughtful but somber people with tiny chalk-white faces which never smiled. Without human laughter and physical flexibility, I was out of sync and made little progress". The assignment must have been particularly difficult for this individual when we consider that humor and laughter is such a hallmark of soul life in the spirit world.

I was now approaching the final phase of my session with Case 23. It was necessary to apply additional deepening techniques because I wanted Thece to reach into the highest recesses of her superconscious mind to talk with me about space-time and the source.

Dr. N: Thece, we are coming to the end of our time together and I want you to turn your mind once again to the source-creator. (pause) Will you do that for me?

S: Yes.

Dr. N: You said the ultimate objective of souls was to seek unification with the supreme source of creative energy-do you remember?

S:... The act of conjunction, yes.

Dr. N: Tell me, does the source dwell in some special central space in the spirit world?

S: The source is the spirit world.

Dr. N: Then why do souls speak of reaching a core of spiritual life?

S: When we are young spirits we sense power around us everywhere and yet we feel we ... are on the edge of it. As we grow older there is an awareness of a concentrated power, but it is the same feeling.

Dr. N: Even though you have called this the place of the Old Ones?

S: Yes, they are part of the concentrated power of the source which sustains us as souls.

Dr. N: Well, lumping this power together as one energy source, can you describe the creator in more human terms?

S: As the ultimate selfless being which we strive to be.

Dr. N: If the source represents all the spirit world, how does this mental place differ from physical universes with stars, planets, and living things?

S: Universes are created - to live and die - for the use of the source. The place of spirits ... is the source.

Dr. N: We seem to live in a universe which is expanding and may contract again and eventually die. Since we live in a space with time limitations, how can the spirit world itself be timeless?

S: Because here we live in non-space which is timeless ... except in certain zones.

Dr. N: Please explain what these zones are.

S: They are ... interconnecting doors ... openings for us to pass through into a physical universe of time.

Dr. N: How can time-doors exist in non-space?

S: The openings exist as thresholds between realities.

Dr. N: Well, if the spirit world is non-dimensional, what kind of reality is that?

S: A constant reality state, as opposed to the shifting realities of dimensional worlds which are material and changing.

Dr. N: Do past, present, and future have any relevance for souls living in the spirit world?

S: Only as a means of understanding succession in physical form. Living here ... there is a ... changelessness ... for those of us not crossing thresholds into a universe of substance and time.

Note : A major application of time thresholds used by souls will be examined in the upcoming chapter on life selection.

Dr. N: You speak of universes in the plural. Are these other physical universes besides the one which contains Earth?

S: (vaguely) There are ... differing realities to suit the source.

Dr. N: Are you saying souls can enter various rooms of different physical realities from spiritual doorways?

S: (nods) Yes, they can - and do.

Before concluding the session with this highly advanced subject, I should add that most people who are in deep hypnosis are able to see beyond an Earth reality of three-dimensional space, into alternate realities of timelessness. In the subconscious state, my subjects experience a chronology of time with their past and present lives which resembles what they perceive when conscious. There is a change when I take them into superconsciousness and the spirit world. Here they see the now of time as one homogeneous unit of past, present, and future. Seconds in the spirit world seem to represent years on Earth. When their sessions are over, clients will often express surprise at how time in the spirit world is unified.

Quantum mechanics is a modern branch of physics which investigates all subatomic movement in terms of electromagnetic energy levels where all things in life are thought to be ultimately non-solid and existing in a unified field. Going beyond Newton's physical laws of gravity, the elements of action on time are also considered to be unified by light wave frequency and kinetic energy. Since I show that souls do experience feelings of the passage of time in a chronological fashion in the spirit world, doesn't this contradict the concept of oneness for past, present, and future?

No, it does not.

My research indicates to me that the illusion of time progression is created and sustained for those souls coming to and from physical dimensions (who are used to such biological responses as aging), so they may more easily gauge their advancement. Thus, it makes sense to me when the quantum physicists hypothesize that time, rather than being an absolute of three phases, is only an expression of change.

When my subjects speak of traveling as souls on lines which curve, I think of the space-time theories of those astrophysicists who believe light and motion are a union of time and space curving back on itself. They say if space is bent severely enough, time stops. Indeed, when listening to my clients talk about time zones and tunnels of passage into different dimensions, I think about the similarities here to current astronomical theories of physical space being warped, or twisted, into cosmic loops creating "mouths" of hyperspace and black holes which may lead out of our threedimensional  universe.  Perhaps  the  space-time  concepts  of  astrophysics  and metaphysics are edging closer together.

I have suggested to my subjects that if the spirit world seems round to them, and appears to curve when they travel rapidly as souls, this could represent a finite, enclosed sphere. They deny the idea of any dimensional boundaries yet offer me little  else  except metaphors. Case 23 says the spirit world itself is the source of creation. Some have called this place the heart, or breath, of God. Case 22 defined the space of souls as "fabric" and I have had other subjects give the spirit world a quality of "the folds of a seamless dress swishing back and forth." They sometimes feel the effects of a gently "rippling" motion from light energy which has been described as "waves (or rings) rolling outward from a disturbed pool of water."

Normally, the geography of soul spaces has a smooth and open consistency to people in superconsciousness, without displaying the properties of gravity, temperature, pressure,  matter,  or a time clock associated with a chaotic physical universe. However, when I attempt to characterize the entire spirit world as a void, people in trance resist this notion.

Although my cases are unable to fully explain the place where their souls live, they are all outspoken about its ultimate reality for them. A subject in trance doesn't see the spirit  world as being either near or far away from our physical universe. Nevertheless, in a curious way, they do portray spiritual substance as being light or heavy, thick or thin, and large or small, when comparing their experiences as souls to life on Earth.

While the absolute reality of the spirit world appears to remain constant in the minds of people in hypnosis, their references to other physical dimensions do not. I have the sense that universes other than our own are created for the purpose of providing environments suitable for the growth of souls with beings we can't even imagine. One advanced subject told me he had lived on a number of worlds in his long existence, never dividing his soul more than twice at one time. Some adult lives lasted only months in Earth time for him, due to local planetary conditions and short life spans of the dominant life form.
While speaking of a "paradise planet," with few people and a quieter, simpler version of Earth, he added this world was not far from Earth. "Oh," I interrupted, "then it must only be a few light years from Earth?" He patiently explained that the planet was not in our universe, but closer to Earth than many planets in our own galaxy.

It is important for the reader to understand that when people do recall living on other worlds they seem not to be limited by the dimensional constraints of our universe. When souls travel to planets intergalactically or interdimensionally, they measure the trip by the time it takes them to reach their destinations through the tunnel effect from the spirit world. The size of the spatial region involved and the relative position of worlds to each other are also considerations. After listening to references about multiple dimensional realities from some of my subjects, I am left with the impression they believe there is a confluence of all these dimensional streams into one great river of the spirit world.

If I could stand back and take apart all these alternate realities seated in the minds of my cases, it would be like peeling an artichoke of all its layers down to one heart at the core.

I had been questioning Thece for quite a while and I could see she was growing tired. Few subjects can sustain this level of spiritual receptivity for very long. I decided to end the session with a few questions about the genesis of all creation.

Dr. N: Thece, I want to close by asking you more about the source. You have been a soul for a long time, so how do you see yourself relating to the oneness of creation you told me about earlier?

S: (long pause) By sensations of movement. In the beginning there is an outward migration of our soul energy from the source. Afterward, our lives are spent moving inward ... toward cohesion and the uniting ...

Dr. N: You make this process seem as though a living organism was expanding and contracting.

S: ... There is an explosive release ... then a returning ... yes, the source pulsates.

Dr. N: And you are moving toward the center of this energy source?

S: There really is no center. The source is all around us as if we were ... inside a beating heart.

Dr. N: But, you did say you were moving back to a point of origin as your soul advanced in knowledge?

S: Yes, when I was thrust outward I was a child. Now I'm being drawn back as my adolescence fades ...

Dr. N: Back where?

S: Further inside the source.

Dr. N: Perhaps you could describe this energy source through the use of colors to explain soul movement and the scope of creation.

S: (sighs) It's as if souls are all part of a massive electrical explosion which produces ...  a  halo effect. In this ... circular halo is a dark purple light which flares out ... lightening to a whiteness at the edges. Our awareness begins at the edges of brilliant light and as we grow ... we become more engulfed in the darker light.

Dr. N: I find it hard to visualize a god of creation as cold, dark light.

S: That's because I am not close enough to conjunction to explain it well. The dark light is itself a  ... covering, beyond which we feel an intense warmth ... full of a knowing presence which is everywhere for us and ... alive!

Dr. N: What was it like when you were first aware of your identity as a soul after being pushed out to the rim of this halo?

S: To be ... is the same as watching the first flower of spring open and the flower is you. And, as it opens more, you become aware of other flowers in a glorious field and there is ... unbounded joy.

Dr. N: If this explosive, multi-colored energy source collapses in on itself, will all the flowers eventually die?

S: Nothing is collapsing ... the source is endless. As souls we will never die - we know that, somehow. As we coalesce, our increasing wisdom makes the source stronger.

Dr. N: Is that the reason the source desires to perform this exercise?

S: Yes, to give life to us so we can arrive at a state of perfection.

Dr. N: Why does a source, who is ostensibly perfect already, need to create further intelligence which is less than perfect?

S: To help the creator create. In this way, by self--transformation and rising to higher plateaus of fulfillment, we add to the building blocks of life.

Dr. N: Were souls forced to break away from the source and come to places like Earth because of some sort of original sin or fall from grace in the spirit world?

S: That's nonsense. We came to be ... magnified  ... in the beautiful variety of creation.

Dr. N: Thece, I want you to listen to me carefully. If the source needs to be made stronger, or more wise, by using a division of its divine energy to create lesser intelligence which it hopes will magnify - doesn't this suggest it lacks full perfection itself?

S: (pause) The source creates for fulfillment of itself.

Dr. N: That's my point. How can that which is absolute become more absolute unless something is lacking?

S: (hesitates) That which we see to be ... our source ... is all we can know, and we think what the creator desires is to express itself through us by ... birthing.

Dr. N: And do you think the source is actually made stronger by our existence as souls?

S:  (long pause) I see the creator's perfection  ... maintained and enriched ... by sharing the possibility of perfection with us and this is the ultimate extension of itself.

Dr.  N: So the source starts  out  by  deliberately  creating  imperfect  souls  and imperfect life forms for these souls and watches what happens in order to extend itself?

S: Yes, and we have to have faith in this decision and trust the process of returning to the origin of life.  One has to be starving to appreciate food, to be cold to understand the blessings of warmth, and to be children to see the value of the parent. The transformation gives us purpose.

Dr. N: Do you want to be a parent of souls?

S: ... Participation in the conception of ourselves is ... a dream of mine.

Dr. N: If our spirits did not experience physical life, would we ever know of these things you are telling me about?

S: We would know of them, but not about them. It would be as if your spiritual energy were told to play piano scales with only one note.

Dr. N: And do you believe if the source didn't create souls to nurture and grow, its sublime energy would shrink from a lack of expression?

S: (sighs) Perhaps that is its purpose.

With this last prophetic statement by Thece, I ended the session. As I brought this subject out of her deep trance, it was as though she were returning to me from across time and space. As she sat quietly focusing her eyes around my office, I expressed my appreciation for the opportunity of working with her on such an advanced level. Smiling, the lady said if she had any idea of the grilling in store for her, she might well have refused to work with me.

As we said goodbye, I thought about her last statements concerning the source of life. In ancient Persia the Sufis had a saying that if the creator represents absolute good,  and  therefore  absolute  beauty,  it  is  the  nature  of  beauty  to  desire manifestation.