42. We heal ourselves by connecting
with the Light

1 June 2002. I am sure that the wave of light is directly linked to the pulsation of someone's heart. It is directly linked to everything, but especially to the human heart and therefore has therapeutic properties. Light cures everything.

What is the most difficult of all things?
It's what seems easier to you:
to see with your own eyes,
what lies in front of your eyes. .


Goethe reminds us of the most difficult thing. By living, it's revealed to all of us how difficult it is to move on by following what's easiest, that which is before our very eyes, the greatness that has been revealed to us. We live, however, and know that by connecting with the Light we heal everything. This "connecting with the Light" is the great Art, the Art of Life.

Five years later I'm with a friend, who practices acupuncture. I observe acupuncture. Initially, and after she has inserted the needles into various parts of the body of the person who is having acupuncture done, I see all the energy emerging. Then, in a black background I see red spheres with thin outlines continuously and intensively vibrating. This lasts for some time. Finally I see all the colours of the aura appearing in their utmost clarity, the clearest I have seen so far. The energy is at its greatest rekindling and the field is regenerated. I understood that acupuncture clears and regenerates the aura, resulting in the regeneration of someone's material body as well.

The person who received acupuncture, got up after the whole process in a very lively state and in high spirits. I noted that acupuncture also is another way of connecting with light and its beneficial forces.