. The quest for the aura continues

In my house on all the glassware and more specifically on the monitor of my computer, on the TV screen and on the small screen of the DVD player, just like everyone else, I see the reflection of the room when they are switched off. However, it's noteworthy that these reflections are either soft violet or blue. The glass surfaces work as reflectors of my aura, which fills the space, or at least that's the way I see it. Not everybody sees the same things at any given moment.

On my glasses and the glasses of others I see the dominant colour of their aura, or the colour of the internal situation prevalent in the room at that time. Often at work, my glasses reflect green light which reminds me of the way and the love that exists at that moment in space. Or they reflect blue light and sometimes purple, when a more intellectual discussion is taking place, or even yellow when I'm trying to convey intellectual information.

The band of the aura which touches everybody's skin is characterised by: the hue of the colour, the degree of the purity of the light (some aura bands I've seen are particularly hazy and others very clear), the width of the aura band (others are narrow and others wide) and the clarity or lack of clarity of the band's outline (some are fuzzy or have a completely vague outline).

Before I clearly see someone's aura, I perceive their soul with my instinct.  Then, the colour of this soul is also revealed visually. Nothing has surprised me except in one case where I expected to see blue light and I saw white with traces of pink. I shouldn't expect to see something in particular no matter what. I understand that I must remain open to everything that exists. And so it's revealed to me.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov...*