33. A systematic observation of the aura

January 2002. My friend is concentrating on a particular person and is sending him energy. I see these half circles moving away from the front of her face in the formation shown in the sketch. They're "flying" in a geometric formation, at equal distances. It reminds me of the flights of birds. They're moving diagonally through the room and then disappear. Soon after, a new "flight" appears again, following the same route. As long as my concentration lasts, this continues.

The colour of the half circles is very dark mauve and has a blue outline. I notice that the colours of these forms are similar to the two dominant colours of my friend's aura, which I had seen originally. It seems that this happens when someone sends energy.

I read in Bezant's and Leadbeater's book "Thought-Forms", (see images on the left and below): "The (images) were the results of a systematic attempt to send helpful thoughts by the friend who has furnished us with the sketches. A definite time was given each day at a fixed hour.

The forms were in some cases unseen by the transmitter, but in all cases were perceived by the recipient, who immediately sent rough sketches of what was seen by the next post to the transmitter, who has kindly supplied the following notes regarding them: (...) In the coloured drawings enclosed the blue forms appeared to represent the more devotional element of the thought.

The yellow forms accompanied the endeavour to communicate intellectual fortitude, or mental strength and courage. The rosy pink appeared when the thought was blended with affectionate sympathy. (...) In this way many details can be checked and compared looking from opposing perspectives while the nature of the effect in communication offers yet another confirmation...

These few drawings give but a slight idea of the varied flower-like and geometric forms seen, but neither paint nor crayon seems capable of representing the glowing beauty of their living colours."

I continue observing the aura and the confirmation of what I see.